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Fu Yao carried the chicken and happily went down the mountain. Some people even picked some wild fruits and mushrooms while others were still in a good mood after breathing out the air.

The chicken was fat enough. Without oil, they could only stew a mushroom chicken soup. A few white flour steamed buns. It was truly perfect.

Before she could walk to the door, she heard the sound of crying and crying. At the door, there were some village names standing there to watch the commotion.

"Eldest Aunt, if you want to sell it then sell it to me, let Feng Er go, Feng Er is so young, you can't be so ruthless to sell him off." Fujimori's eyes were filled with tears, she laid on the ground and hugged the fat woman's thighs, begging for her help.

Fu Feng continued to spank his, and shouted in a heart-wrenching voice: "Mother, mother, let me go, you bad girl! Let me go!"

The fat woman spat on the ground, the fat on her face piled up together as she said fiercely: "Pei, with that sickly look of yours, no one wants you even if you stuck close to the ground. It's been three years since you owe me ten taels of silver. Don't think that if second brother died, you would want to go back on your word, I'll tell you then, if you don't pay me back today, I will sell Feng Er to the human race and pay back my debt. "

"What?" Ten taels of silver? I only asked you to lend me five taels! " Fujimori sat on the ground as if she had lost her soul. Forget about 5 taels of silver, she didn't even have a single copper coin.

"When second brother asked me to lend it to him, he said that he would borrow five to pay ten taels of silver. Why is it that second sister still wants to deny it?" The fat woman's face was overbearing, "On account of our relatives, I didn't urge them to do so in the past few years. But my family's Big Treasure is going to school now, and my family's Old and Little are going to eat. If you don't pay me back, how will I live my life?"

"Young mistress Chun Hua, it's not that I don't want to return the money, but look at my pitiful self. You've taken quite a lot of things and I really don't have any money. Can't you spare me a few more days?"

"How many days? I have already given you a few days' leave, just one sentence today, return the money or I will sell Feng Er. " On Fu Chun Hua's fat face, her eyes were squinted into a slit, looking very sarcastic.

A few years ago, Fu Feng was too young to sell it for much silver, but now that he was seven years old, if he entered the palace in a clean body, he could give her 15 taels of silver and earn an extra 5 taels of silver.

He carried Fu Feng and walked out. Thinking of the silver in his hand, his heart blossomed with joy.

"Stop." Fu Yao rushed in and saw this scene. This fat woman looked a little familiar, this wasn't Fu Yao's big aunt, but Fu Chun Hua. She was the same mother as her uncle Fu Chunming, both of them looked similar.

Her mother had been bullied by her ever since she married into the family. She was mean, lackadaisical, and had a heart of her own.

"Who are you? Scram to the side. It's not your turn to interfere." Fu Chun Hua frowned as she looked at Fu Yao, but he didn't recognize her.

"Why is it not my turn to interfere? Aunt, did you forget about your niece?" Fu Yao laughed coldly as he stood in front of her.

When she was thrown into the army camp, this fat old woman did her best to ruin her marriage and marry her daughter to the family she was engaged to.

This brother and sister were both more vicious than the last, they could not even vent their anger after being chopped into minced meat.

"You are Fu Yao? You're still alive? " Fu Chun Hua frowned, he took a long time to recognize her.

"What did aunt say? Could it be that you want me to die?" Fu Yao glanced over and snatched Fu Feng away from him. He patted his back and comforted him softly, "Feng Er is good and not afraid. With big sister here, no one would dare to sell you out."

That year, Fu Yao's reputation was not good, and she secretly ran off with someone. For an entire eight years, they thought that she had died, but they did not expect that she had still come back alive.

Fu Chun Hua was startled for a moment, then remembered something important, "It's good that you came back, your mother owes me 10 silver coins, but she will have to pay me back the debt with your brother."

"Auntie, I respectfully address you as aunt. For the sake of money, you even sold your nephew?" Fu Yao coldly snorted.

He didn't know why Fu Chun Hua's skin was so thick, even though he had done something shameful to her, her face was still red and her heart was beating fast.

"We are relatives after all, how can they be so forceful. After all, Fu Feng called you Aunt for seven years, no matter what, their friendship still exists."

"That's right, the spring flowers have been overdone."

"Although silver is very important, one shouldn't be this selfish. One must go to hell."

"When Fu Chun Hua saw the surrounding villagers all criticizing her, gritting her teeth in anger, and when she saw Chen Gang Jin who had almost killed his way out, he couldn't help but lower her voice and say," Aunt also didn't want to do this, Aunt was poor, Second Sister-in-law had borrowed three years' worth of silver and still hasn't returned it, Big Treasure is going to school, and there are still seniors at home, so I was forced to do nothing. "Take a look and see if there is any evidence from Second Sister-in-Law. We agreed to return the money today, or else I will punish you as I please."

She took out a piece of paper and waved it in front of the villagers with a pitiful look on her face.

The villagers all sighed as this made sense. No one would be able to accept the fact that they had not returned the money in three years.

Fu Yao could not help but feel disgusted when she saw her act. "Ten silver coins right?

She put Fu Feng down and went back to her room to open her bag. After searching for a long time, she only found one tael of silver. She couldn't help but feel vexed. Originally, she had a hundred silver taels, but she left them all to her brothers.

Who would have expected such a thing to happen!

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