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Ren Yun Xing came out wearing the inner clothes. Seeing Fu Yao cutting the firewood, he held onto his outer robes and stretched lazily.

He had a good night's sleep, especially when he was teasing her when she disturbed him. It was a good night, but when he got angry, he had to endure it himself. Not good.

"Why are you not wearing clothes?" Fu Yao hacked the axe down, causing the wood to split into two. When she looked up, she saw the hedonistic brat playing with his head in front of her, and she immediately thought of his good figure.

"Yesterday was a grape on my back. My clothes were all stuck together and I couldn't wear it. You, go wash it for me." Ren Yun Xing immediately threw the outer garment at Fu Yao's face. The first step was to let this woman familiarize herself with him and accept him.

That was the principle of getting close to the water and getting the moon first.

"Any!" Yun! "Sure!" Fu Yao pulled off his shirt and threw it angrily on the ground, "The reason I took you in is to let you work for me, not for me to wash your clothes."

Even if he wanted her to wash him, she should have bent her knees and done her best to curry favor with him.

"I know, but I don't know racetrack clothes." Ren Yun Xing's face was full of innocence, "I won't do these clothes alone since you want me to hunt firewood and carry items on my back."

Previously, the secret guard came to report that Fu Yao said that the reason she loved women and men was because of him.

Fu Yao closed her eyes and endured the pain. He was the young duke, and thus did not do any farming work.

He opened his eyes again and forced a smile, "Then you should also say please, please."

"Then please, trouble, please help me wash my clothes, please, trouble, please, find me another piece of clothes, I still need to catch some fish later, thank you." After Ren Yun Xing finished speaking, he sat on the chair with a smile on his face.

Fu Yao took a deep breath. She had been looking for her since early in the morning, but she couldn't say anything about it. She really shouldn't have kept her, so she angrily threw away the axe and ran back to Fujimori's room.

Fujimori looked at her as she rummaged through the drawers to find the tiniest of clothes, "Why are you looking for clothes?"

Fu Yao rummaged through the boxes and found a piece of his father's clothes. They were sackcloth and were filled with patches, "A Niu's clothes are dirty, let me find him a set of clothes."

"These clothes are too tattered. Your father still has another good item. Take that piece, it's right at the back of the closet."

"There's no need, I'll just ruin it for him."

Fu Yao was very satisfied with the clothes she was wearing. She would not believe it if she relied on clothes to ride her horse. If Ren Yun Xing wore a tattered set of clothes, how could he possibly wear the appearance of a Heavenly Immortal?

She hated these silkpants who looked pretty good. She hated them for not giving her a beautiful face when she wore them.

When Fu Yao walked out of the door, she saw Ren Yun Xing sitting on a low stool. Even though he was wearing inner clothes, his noble air was completely out of place with this, so he couldn't help but ask, "Is this really the idiotic Little Marquis who fought over the wild chicken with her?"

Ren Yun Xing impatiently kicked it away. It shamelessly stuck itself up to him again, salivating with its tongue, wanting to get close to him.

He was kicked aside one time after another, until he finally cried out in dissatisfaction.

This stupid dog really had no future. It stuck everything on her body, and its owner was her. She had also fed it food, so why hadn't it seen this stupid dog rub against her and get close to her?

"Your clothes." Fu Yao snappily threw the clothes over to her. In the future, she would definitely not let that stupid dog have any food.

Ren Yun Xing weighed the patched clothes in his hand and frowned, "Is this the only clothes you have in your house?"

"Look at the walls and walls of my house, what good clothes do I have? Do you like to wear them or not?"

"Wear it."

Fu Yao picked up the clothes on the ground and forcefully threw them into a basin. A splash and she could still wash the clothes.

Ren Yun Xing sighed, Fu Yao had done it on purpose, when did he provoke this woman? No matter how she thought about it, she couldn't think of anything.

Until later he found out that women, who bled for seven days without dying, would sometimes lose their temper even if you didn't make them angry.

At that time, he definitely had to tighten his grip on her tail. He was very glad that he did not continue to anger her.

"Then I'm going to catch some fish." Ren Yun Xing was dressed in patched clothes with a large chunk of his sleeves. It was kind of funny, but it couldn't hide his noble aura.

Although the saying goes, people rely on their clothes to ride on their horses, but there will always be a few lucky ones who are favored by the heavens. No matter how their clothes don't fit their body, they still look glorious.

Seeing this, Fu Yao became even angrier, her rough wood hemp clothes made her look like a village girl, angry to the point of hacking firewood apart.

God isn't fair!

After he left, he threw the axe towards the few chestnuts on the black ball and grabbed its ears, "Idiot dog, I'm your master. I wag my tail the moment I see a stranger, I'm here to buy you to come back and take care of the family, not for you to shake your tail and pity others."

Even a dog would like Ren Yun Xing, it really angered his the whole morning. Recently, her temper had been so bad that it would be best if she didn't offend her ?

Ren Yun Xing pulled on his clothes as he walked.

Heh, this little woman is really vindictive, she's only washing clothes.

The sky was bright, and smoke was rising from the houses. The mountain in the distance was shrouded in clouds, making it look like a paradise. They built a courtyard here, and lived together with Fu Yao.

He slept on the rock by the shore for a while. It would not be good if Fu Yao could sense that he had caught it too quickly.

When the hour was almost up and there was no one around, Ren Yun Xing picked up a few stones and accurately knocked out the fish that had just popped out of the water.

When he was done, he went down into the river and picked up about 10 fish. He was satisfied with the amount of fish he had. There was enough for him to eat.

He was prepared to go back and claim credit, but after some thought, he sat down in the water without any hesitation and flopped around for a while. His entire body was wet, and the clothes that did not fit him were stuck to his body, making them seem even more unfitting.

He carried a few fish in his hand and walked back leisurely.

"If there's no man in the house, then she has to fetch water herself. Those stinking men said they would bring water for her, and they would help her with every single one of them. Next time, don't even think about getting into my bed." Widow Sun carried the bucket and left the house while cursing.

From afar, he could see a person's wet appearance, "Which family's unlucky bastard fell into the water? Serves you right, stinking man."

When he got closer, he realized that it was Fu Yao's little lover. His clothes were sticking tightly to his body, revealing his strong body and sturdy arms.

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