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Only after Fu Yao took care of Ren Yun Xing for two days did he improve slightly. From today onwards, she had made a very important decision, which was to never eat fish again.

Too tired.

It's not that catching fish is tiring, it's that taking care of someone is tiring.

"Are you going to sell wine in the county today? I'll go with you! " When Ren Yun Xing heard this, he hurriedly put on his clothes. It had already been three days, but he did not know if Xiao Ming Yuan was in the market or not.

They could never meet.

"Are you well now?" Fu Yao snorted, she felt that Ren Yun Xing was pretending to be sick, but when she saw his pale face, she couldn't help but feel that he was pretending.

"Alright, my body is extremely strong." Ren Yun Xing snatched over Fu Yao's basket and slung it over her shoulder.

"You're not afraid of your grandmother getting you married?"

"She can't catch me."

Fu Yao raised her eyebrows.

The two of them went out together, and when they passed by Wu's house, Zhen Niang was making clothes.

"Zhen Niang, you woke up so early, be careful of your eyes." Fu Yao waved her hand and said. She liked Zhen Niang a lot, but she was a little timid.

When Zhen Niang saw her, she was startled. She pursed her lips and quickly went into the house.

Fu Yao awkwardly raised her hand and slowly retracted it.

She shrugged and walked towards the market. Fujimori would be able to get out of bed in a few days, in a few days she planned to renovate the house.

"I'll take a look at the wine shop later."

"You might as well sell those to me."

"If you have money, I'll sell it to you!" Fu Yao snorted, "I'll just give you one cup, and you're still thinking about it. I can't even bear to drink it myself."

"You don't believe me when I say I'll buy it? I'll definitely give it to you when I get home. Give me as much as you want." Ren Yun Xing gave her the entire thing, it wasn't enough for her to earn more.

"Who knows when you'll return home. I need silver right now."


There had been a few people secretly following them ever since Fu Yao entered the county. Fu Yao took a glance at them from the corner of her eyes and estimated that there were four of them.

"Someone is following us." Fu Yao poked Ren Yun Xing, and said softly, "Could it be your enemy?"

"How could I have an enemy? They probably have their eyes on your wine. It smells so good that it has lured the thief over."

Fu Yao hugged the jar and was speechless, "Don't lie to me, your grandmother must have caught you and brought you back for the wedding. Don't hurt me."

"Sigh, this is indeed my grandmother's way of doing things. Let's split up and see you at the winery." Ren Yun Xing handed the basket over to her, "Be careful by yourself."

Fu Yao nodded her head. Still, she kept quiet and didn't want to cause her trouble.

"Come out, you've followed me for so long." Ren Yun Xing stood with his back against the wall and the few black-clothed men instantly knelt in front of him.

"Where is he?"

The man in black looked at each other, then lowered his head. "I don't know."

"Is that so?" Ren Yun Xing laughed lightly and snatched a few darts from the black clothed man's hands, flying towards the upper left corner of the roof with a "whoosh" sound. He saw a silver light, and with two thumps, the dart was bounced back.

A man wearing a blue robe came from the rooftop, holding a sharp knife in his hand, "Bastard, hand over your life. If you don't die today, then I'll die."

"Feng Man Lou, do you need to be so exaggerated?" Ren Yun Xing put his hands behind his back and nimbly dodged his attacks.

"Cut the crap. Take out your strength. Your father will personally kill you today." Feng Man Lou said as he gnashed his teeth.

All these years, he had been tired like a dog. He was alone and free, not caring about anything else.

"Are you serious?" Ren Yun Xing raised his eyebrows, "If you can't beat me, you still have to take over the Seven Killing Pavilion, what do you think?"

Feng Man Lou heard and lost his will to fight. He immediately stopped his steps, threw his sword onto the ground and pointed at his nose and scolded, "Not much, Ren Yun Xing, you have enslaved me for three years and you still want to enslave me. I'll tell you, there's no way.

Back then, he had been forced to take care of things like this for three years, but now, he was gone. Seven thousand mouths were waiting for food, and he was almost drained dry.

The men in black lying innocently on the ground raised their heads, expressing their dissatisfaction. They were not stupid.

"Is this why you're angry? "Everyone has always said that the people at the castle are magnanimous, so why did it change so suddenly?"

"Don't provoke me here, I won't be fooled." Feng Man Lou tilted his head and snorted.

Ren Yun Xing looked at the three fools lying on the ground, and kicked them one by one: "Scram, didn't you guys see how infuriated your pavilion master is, why are you still waiting for a meal?"

The black clothed man looked at Feng Man Lou and then looked at Ren Yun Xing. The three black clothed men jumped on and disappeared.

"Since when have I agreed to let you be the pavilion master of your Seven Killing Pavilion?" Feng Man Lou was so angry that her eyes rolled up, being tricked once was enough.

"Haha, good brother, what's the point of talking so indiscriminately? Go drink a cup."

"Stop trying to establish a relationship here, laozi is not your brother." huffed and puffed, it was really enough, he had the misfortune of not knowing Ren Yun Xing for eight lifetimes.

In all these years, which one of them hadn't been tricked by him?

Three years ago, he had silently abandoned the Seven Killing Pavilion and ran out to play. If he did not have the information, he would have thought that Ren Yun Xing's soul had returned to hell.

"No need for that, I just let you watch for three years."

"Three years, you make it sound so light, if you have the ability then go take care of my Feng Family Castle for three years, I think you will have to run in three days."

Ren Yun Xing said in embarrassment: "So that's why, didn't you say you don't want to see Seven Killing Pavilion? "I've already found someone to take over. As long as he takes over, you can leave without a hitch."

"You really found it?" Feng Man Lou said suspiciously, he did not know what the fox was trying to do this time.

"Of course, we gave him the thumb ring, but you have to help him with the last task. You don't want to see the river and mountain that we took disappear just like that, right?"

Feng Man Lou carefully deliberated over his words, and said distrustfully: "Why not just teach yourself, are you trying to trick me again?"

"I found her."

"She? Who is it? Fu Yao? " Feng Man Lou said casually, and then looked at him with a serious expression: "Damn, you really found it?"

"Well, I'm staying at her place." Ren Yun Xing laughed.

Feng Man Lou could not help but frown, "So what if you live in her house? What certainty do you have that you can stay with her for eight years? Do you think there's any hope for her to live with that person for eight years? "

"If you want to give it a try, you'll know." Ren Yun Xing smiled. Fu Yao was determined to win.

Feng Man Lou knew Ren Yun Xing very well. As long as he wanted to do something and no one was able to stop him, for the past three years, he had been constantly asking about Fu Yao. That person was very protective of Fu Yao.

Seeing that there was a gap between them, he could no longer be called brother if he did not help Ren Yun Xing.

In the end, Feng Man Lou compromised and said, "Okay, I will help you, but how long do I have to help you train that guy for? At most not more than a year, that is my limit! "

"Good brother, when the time comes, I'll lead you to meet him." Ren Yun Xing smiled strangely, and punched him on the shoulder ?

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