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Yue Lai Wine House. With such a big entrance, the shopkeeper definitely did not lack money.

"Waiter, is your owner here?" Fu Yao walked in with the basket on her back.

The waiter saw that she was dressed in coarse hemp clothing and was carrying a large box in her hands. With one glance, he could tell that she was a poor person. He pursed his lips and said, "My shopkeeper doesn't have time to see you. Tell me what you want."

"Since you don't have the time, then forget it." Fu Yao laughed, to be able to teach such a waiter, she did not hold much hope for the shopkeeper.

Just as he walked out of the door, he saw a man alighted from the horse carriage. Fu Yao was startled and immediately turned to hide at the door.

He peeked his head out and peeked outside. Xiao Ming Yuan was walking this way, was he being seen?

He looked around for a place to hide, then carried the jar and ran to their backyard.

"Miss, you can't go in, you can't go in then." The waiter hurried up. It was a rule of the winery to not let women in.

He couldn't afford to take on such a responsibility. He immediately went to stop Fu Yao, but he did not expect to be late.

Just as Fu Yao opened the curtain, she saw a man wearing a moon-white robe standing in front of her.

"Young Master, it's this girl who insisted on barging in." The waiter came up and complained. If he was discovered by the young master, his job would be ruined.

"It's too late for me to dodge." Fu Yao was extremely anxious, she turned and saw that Xiao Ming Yuan was jogging towards them, she did not want to see them right now.

"It's fine, take the young lady to the back hall and entertain her well." Wang Yuan Lang said warmly.

The waiter was stunned for a moment. The wine shop regarded women as unclean. If a woman entered, not only would she ruin the feng shui, but she would also offend the Wine Dragon King.

"But, Young Master, you know ?"

Wang Yuan Lang interrupted the waiter's words, "I understand, if anything happens, I will be in charge of it. Hurry and bring Miss over."

Even though the waiter was discontented, he had no choice but to obey. Immediately, he respectfully said, "Miss, please come this way. I was sorry for the offense just now."

"It's nothing, it's nothing. Hurry up and bring me away." Fu Yao carried the frame and walked in, she did not leave any message behind and left, she just did not want to see her old friend.

Especially Xiao Ming Yuan, that guy was extremely difficult to deal with.

Xiao Ming Yuan came in hastily and went to the back door. Just as he got off the carriage, he seemed to have seen Fu Yao, why did she disappear in the blink of an eye?

"Isn't this Young Master Xiao?" Wang Yuan Lang clasped his hands together, "Nice to meet you."

Xiao Ming Yuan kept looking at the back door, not sure if it was Fu Yao, but at this moment, he was blocked by Wang Yuan Lang, he could only smile at him: "So it's Young Master Yu Lang, I just saw a woman entering your wine shop, could you let me take a look?"

The Wang family had moved their family into the capital, and Wang Yuan Lang was someone that the princess valued highly, so the two of them had met each other a few times.

"Young Master Xiao, are you seeing things? You also know that there has always been a rule that women are not allowed to enter the winery, otherwise, you will offend the Liquor Dragon King. Do you think that a woman will be able to do this business if you spread the news that she came to the backyard of my winery?" Wang Yuan Lang calmly stood in front of him.

"I clearly saw someone enter, and it was a woman." Xiao Ming Yuan wanted to go in and find out if it was actually Fu Yao.

Wang Yuan Lang's warm smile turned cold and he shouted sternly: "Young Master Xiao! I've said it before, we definitely won't allow women into our winery. Don't tell me you want to ruin my reputation? Since Young Master Xiao does not believe it, then forget it.

"Sorry, that's not what I meant, I just ?"

"See the guests out." Wang Yuan Lang turned and walked towards the inner hall.

Xiao Ming Yuan frowned and sighed. Indeed, the wine shop did not allow women to enter, so Wang Yuan Lang was smart enough to not take this as a joke.

Did he really see wrongly?

He walked out of the wine shop in disappointment. In this vast world, where had Fu Yao hidden herself?

Fu Yao held onto the bottle, and waited for Wang Yuan Kang to appear and ask anxiously: "How is it, has he left?"

"It's fine. Don't worry, they've already left."

"That's good, that's good." Fu Yao was finally relieved, "Thank you, Young Master."

"You're welcome, it's no big deal." Wang Yuan Kang smiled and poured her a cup of tea.

Fu Yao looked at him from the corner of her eyes. This person looked very familiar, and her voice sounded very familiar as well, but she couldn't remember his name. She couldn't help but feel a little dejected, as her brain was always good or bad, and couldn't remember anything.

"You're the Crown Prince?" Fu Yao remembered that the second son said that.

"Mm, what's that in your hand? I think I smelled alcohol, but I'm not sure either." Wang Yuan Lang pointed to the jar, "There's the fragrance of grapes, and also the smell of fermentation."

"Your nose is really sharp?" This is a wine that I brewed myself, it's very fragrant, would you like to try it? "

"Wine? A grape wine? " Wang Yuan Lang was suspicious, could grapes brew wine too? Is it not usually just food that brews wine?

"Yeah, it tastes really good, and it can even nourish one's face." Fu Yao poured the tea that he had just poured out out and placed the wine that she had poured out in front of him, "The flavor of the fruit is suitable for young and old."

Wang Yuan Lang lifted the teacup, and after hearing the wine, he said, "The color is beautiful, and the taste is sweet and refreshing. This is the first time I've seen this kind of wine."

"Understand?" Fu Yao could not help but praise the wine. In this place, there was only food wine and there were very few wines, "Don't look at it as fruit wine, the strength behind the wine is definitely not inferior to wine, it is only suitable for slow products. It also has a cosmetology function, allowing the skin to become white and watery without any stimulation. "

"Is it that magical?"

"Of course there is. The red wine can also help you sleep." It would also help a couple, but of course she wouldn't say such things.

Wang Yuan Lang's interest was piqued, he took a sip, the flavor was fragrant, it was not as strong and spicy as the white wine, but there was still a lingering fragrance in his mouth, a good wine.

Most of the rich kids liked fresh wine, so they asked, "How much are you selling?"

"I'm not selling!" Fu Yao shook his head, "Sir, you want to sell this to someone with status in Yunxian, this jar of wine is far from enough. Just now, Sir, thanks for your help, why don't we work together?

"Don't you think so? You can totally make them yourself, and open a shop to sell them. Why would you let me have this half? " Wang Yuan Lang explained. All the merchants hoped that one side would be independent and big, giving others a share of the spoils for free. This was truly against common sense.

Fu Yao lowered her eyes, "I just want to live a quiet life, and be a normal boss.

The conflict between business and the imperial government was unrelenting, even if it involved scheming and scheming.

Wang Yuan Lang was not stupid, he knew that Fu Yao was unwilling to talk about it, so he did not ask, and only looked at her quietly: "Since it's like that, then I might as well obey, and take this advantage."

"How could I take advantage of you? Selling wine is much more troublesome than making wine. However, I only have one request. The recipe for this red wine was sold to you. It has nothing to do with me."

How could someone as astute as Wang Yuan Lang not know what she was thinking, "I was the one who bought the recipe, I brewed this wine at the wine shop happily. What do you think?"

"Up the road."

Wang Yuan Lang immediately took out a pen and paper to draw up a copy of the agreement, and only gave one point to Fu Yao, "This agreement is not convenient for me, so no one can find out about it from you, don't worry, this is my private seal, only the Wang family knows about it, everyone will admit to it."

Fu Yao held onto the piece of paper and looked at the three words Wang Yuan Lang. Only then did she remember the young man who looked like jade when Wu broke her arm ?

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