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Fu Yao didn't know how she managed to walk out of the winery with the contract, but the moment she saw Xiao Ming Yuan, her sealed memories for the past three months surged out, and she couldn't block it even if she wanted to.

Those eight years of bloody battles seemed to be playing again and again in front of her eyes.

Xiao Ming Yuan was hiding at the back door of the winery, and when he saw her eyes lit up, he knew that the person he saw just now was him. Just as he was about to go over, a person dropped from the sky holding a gunny sack, and directly placed it on his head.

Who was it? Before he could even finish his sentence, Feng Man Lou had already knocked him unconscious.

"What do we do now?" Feng Man Lou said helplessly, how could he be so unlucky? He was immediately enslaved by Ren Yun Xing the moment he arrived, "If we don't let Fu Yao reveal his position, we can't bury him, right?"

"I think it's not bad. Bury him."

"No way, are you crazy?" Feng Man Lou opened his eyes wide, "No matter what, we still have a friendship, so why are you so ruthless?"

"Mm, clean up." A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Ren Yun Xing's eyes.

"No problem. I'll help you one last time, hurry up and pull out the person who took over your position. I don't want to clean up your mess in the future." Feng Man Lou carried Xiao Ming Yuan and walked towards a dark corner.

When Fu Yao heard that, she raised her head and saw Ren Yun Xing giving her a foolish smile, "Have you sold your wine?"

"I sold it."

"Then let's go home."

Ren Yun Xing looked at Xiao Ming Yuan who was being dragged away, and he had to quickly carry out his plan.

"I still have to buy some things."

When he returned home, Fu Yao smiled, "Feng Er, big sis is back."

"Sis, you're finally back. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Mhmm, stay here obediently, I'll go discuss something with mom."

Fu Yao walked into Fujimori's room. She was actually practicing walking by herself on the bed, her condition had recovered by a lot.

"Mom, don't be too tired." Fu Yao placed her on the chair, "Mother, I have something to discuss with you."

Fujimori's heart thumped, her expression abnormal: "What thing?"

"I see that you have more or less reached the end of your life. I've earned some silver from selling the wine. I want to find someone to repair the house."

"This is a big deal, do we have that much silver?" The Fujimori heaved a sigh of relief. She had thought that Fu Yao would say that she was going to be married to the footman.

Fu Yao was already big, and even if she had her own way of thinking, with Ren Yun Xing's footman status in the village, it would be bad news to hear.

"Yes, I sold the wine. It was a hundred taels of gold. I could expand the building and renovate it on the side without any problem."

"This, you decide." Fujimori lied on the bed for a long time with her mouth agape. The deposit was one hundred gold, a sum she had never heard of before.

Her little girl was really capable.

"Then I'll have to trouble mother to stay at Aunt Wang's home for a few days. I've already found the person that will be coming tomorrow."

"That's fine too."

Fu Yao made up her mind and immediately went to talk to Zhen Niang, but she did not expect her to just in time.

"Sister Yao, are you home? The clothes are ready for you! " Zhen Niang hesitated for a while, before whispering at the door.

"It's Zhen Niang, quickly come in, your clothes are going too fast, right?" Fu Yao opened the door and smiled, "You came at the right time, I have something that I need your help with."

"Not very fast either." Zhen Niang laughed awkwardly, she glanced around the courtyard once, but there were no men, she then stepped in, "If there's anything you want to say, just say it."

"Tomorrow, I plan to build a house. My mother will stay in your house for a few days, I'm afraid that this house will disturb her rest."

"Build a house?" Where did she get the silver from, could it be that the footman gave it to her, this way Fu Yao would definitely be scolded to death by the whole village.

Fu Yao did not plan to explain the sequence of events, after all, the less people knew about her selling the wine, the better.

"That's right, we'll find someone to start tomorrow. Ah, your cooking skills are really good. There are even flowers embroidered on it." Fu Yao received the set of clothes, it was extremely delicate, and she had obviously spent a lot of effort on it. She called out to the little girl who was practicing on the side, "Feng Er, come over here quickly, thank you big sister Zhen'er for making you a set of clothes."

"Thank you, Sister Zhen." Fu Feng put down the wooden stick and ran over to raise her face.

"So cute! Quickly go and try on some clothes. I want to talk to your sister for a bit." Zhen Niang embarrassedly touched Fu Feng's head.

Mother said that Fu Yao brought a man back to the village, but did not let everyone have a proper chat. Seeing that Fu Yao had helped them, she decided to give some pointers.

A woman living in a house ? The footman was truly not right, they were from a good family.

"What are you trying to say to me? Sit down and we'll talk. "

The more magnanimous Fu Yao was, the more Zhen Niang did not know where to start. She lowered her head, unable to open her mouth.

"Why? Didn't you have something to say to me? Why didn't you say anything? "

Zhen Niang lowered her head, and her voice low and deep: "Sister Yao, I know that these words are not suitable for me to say, but my mother insisted that I say it, but my family definitely does not have any objections to you, it's because, because, because the words of the villagers are so unpleasant to the ears, I ? ?"

Fu Yao immediately understood what she was about to say, and held her hand while saying sternly: "I know what you want to say, I know that people in the village are spreading rumors about me, guessing what I've been doing for the past eight years, it's so unpleasant to listen to, and they even said that I brought a footman back home without any shame, right?"

"You know, you still ?" Zhen Niang wanted to say something but hesitated. Since he knew it, why did he bring it back?

The woman's reputation was particularly important.

Fu Yao laughed, she naturally knew about this, and it was only because of Fu Yao that she was forced to death, the ancient people had always been strict with the girls, and always followed the rules.

She had also seen many women being forced to their deaths, and she had seen too many of them for the sake of reputation and integrity.

"Are you trying to say that this is a woman's festival? But Zhen Niang, you know, even if I don't bring the young duke back, my reputation is still not good. I was in love with other men, I ran away from marriage, and all this gossip was enough to crush me. If I say that I've never done any of these before, would you believe that someone was plotting against me? "

"I do. My mother said that you were timid and would not do anything proper, but everyone in the village says that." Zhen Niang raised his head and looked at Fu Yao.

Truly, she did not believe that Fu Yao could do such a thing. But what's the use of her not believing it? The others did.

"Yeah, that's what the villagers say, but you don't believe it when you believe it. Those people wouldn't investigate the right and wrong of things. They only wanted to see me in their rumors, unable to raise my head and live a bad life. Only then would they become the topic of conversation, the warning to the next generation. But no, I want to live a better life. Zhen Niang, why would you care about those people who do not understand me at all and casually criticized me? "

Zhen Niang was startled, you don't care about people who don't understand me and casually criticize me? I don't care, does it mean I don't care?

Rumors were stronger than tigers, they could kill people without them noticing.

"You don't understand, how can a person not care about reputation and reputation when he is still alive. Do you know how much pain you have left to your mother by doing this? How many people in the village stabbed her in the spine? You can't just live freely and unrestrainedly, you're being too selfish by doing this." Zhen Niang roared out for the first time, but she didn't dare agree with what Fu Yao had said.

She clenched her left hand, because that hand, she was attacked by countless people, her family was attacked, how could she not care?

"Did you ask yourself?" Are you so your parents won't be stabbed in the spine? Do you think those people will stop hurting you just because you've lived a miserable life? "Don't be so naive. As long as you're strong enough, no one will poke your parents in the back." Fu Yao didn't want to force her.

However, if she did not break through these shackles, Zhen Niang would probably live under the shadow with regret for the rest of his life.

Fu Yao had wanted to tell Zhen Niang these words a long time ago. In her opinion, Zhen Niang was really outstanding, strong and kind.

This kind of person should have their own world, and not be scolded and scolded by others.

Fu Yao grabbed Zhen Niang's left hand, removed the palm of her hand, and forced her to look at the line in her palm. "This is a broken palm, and is rumored to be the broken palm of a woman who has broken all ties with her father, but I didn't notice, that this is your own fate, why must the heavens decide it for you?"

Zhen Niang seemed to have gone crazy. She wanted to retract his hand, but the thing she disliked the most was letting others see her hand, and she was unable to retract it no matter what.

But I ? I really killed my husband and father because of me falling from the roof. This is all my fault, my fault, if it weren't for me, father would have been fine, mother wouldn't have injured her body and given birth to a child, and my family wouldn't have been defamed like this. Zhen Niang wanted to pull back his hand, but he was held tightly by Fu Yao.

In the end, he could not do anything about it.

Because she lost her hand, she used scissors to draw many lines on it, trying to look normal. Every time she grew better, she would draw it again, over and over again. There were scars on it, but they were not palm lines.

She hated herself for letting her parents be talked about. She once thought it would be great if she could die, but if she died, who would take care of her parents?

Fu Yao pursed her lips, she had seen this kind of situation too many times, criticizing herself, criticizing the Heavens for making things difficult for them, being smashed by rumors to the point of being a complete failure, she had saved so many people.

"You should not have buried yourself, but so what, why do you have to believe the rumors about the Kefauk father, those are just accidents, people have their own destinies, not something you can control, even if it is you who has harmed them, you should still bear the responsibility, the Wu's arm is broken, the aunt's body is weak, and you are the only one left, do you still want to continue complaining like this and wait for the loss of everyone before starting to work?"

"Can I really?" Zhen Niang's tears fell down her face. She was used to cowardice, so how could she stand up straight?

"Of course you can, because you have no choice! Just like me, I have to carry it. " Fu Yao wiped away her tears. Since no one could help her, she could only become stronger herself.

"Ahh ?" Zhen Niang's shouts were getting louder and louder, completely venting all the anger she had suppressed for the past fourteen years.

Fu Yao hugged her and cried out, crying out all of her grievances.

She had to get stronger, she had to be the only one in the family, she had to hold up the day so that everyone who talked about her could shut up.

In truth, she was the one who had always been the one to harm Zhen Niang the whole time. She had always been instigating these thoughts in her, to the point where even she, an old woman, could not see through it as clearly as Fu Yao.

Those rumors were nothing. She had to shut the door and live her life, not live for her.

Leaning on the doorstep, Ren Yun Xing unwittingly smiled. No matter where she went, he would always be Fu Yao, the only Fu Yao in the world that he could feel her dreams moving ?

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