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Fu Yao sent Zhen Niang home. Aunt Wang was just about to start cooking, and when she saw her, he immediately put down what he was doing.

Zhen Niang lowered her head and entered the kitchen.

Aunt Wang looked back and grabbed Fu Yao's hand and said gratefully: "Thank you. I heard everything you said to Zhen Niang. Sigh, forget it, forget it, let's not talk about it anymore.

"Auntie, what is there to ask or not, just say it. All these years, you have taken care of my mother, so I can't thank you in time."

"Ah, good, good. Aunt hopes that you can enlighten Zhen Niang a bit more, that girl has had a hard time these past few years." "When Aunt Wang said these words, his tears fell without care for his life," Although my family only has this little girl who is held in the palm of my hand, there were still many gossips in the village.

These people finally understood that although Fu Yao was told by the villagers, she was still alive and well, and her days were over.

With me here, I will definitely give a good lesson to Zhen Niang, but I need aunty to help me find a few village bricklayers. I want to fix the roof. "

Your Wu's younger brother, Wu Xiao Liu, is a bricklayer right here. Later on, tell me about it.

"Thank you, auntie. I reckon my mother and brother will be staying at your house for a few more days."

The aunt looked at Fu Yao and found it difficult to say: "Your uncle is also a bricklayer, if you find someone else, that Fu Chun Hua would definitely come to cause trouble."

"She dares!" Fu Yao sneered, "Back then, it was because Li Dazhu did not fix the roof that my father fell down. If she comes, I will use a stick to drive her out."

The Aunt Wang nodded, with Fu Yao's words, it was fine. However, even if she managed to contact her big brother, there would be more problems.

When he arrived at Wu Xiao Liu's house two days later, Wu Xiao Liu had a look around Fu Yao's house. Both sides had finalized the wages and needed materials, and planned to start construction tomorrow afternoon. After a few more days, the harvest would be very busy, and at that time, no matter how high the wages would be, everyone would not be willing to work.

"Thank you, Auntie."

"What are you thanking me for? He's just a country bumpkin." The Aunt Wang laughed and said, when she saw Fu Yao and Wu Xiao Liu discussing, she felt that Fu Yao was not an ordinary person.

He wanted to get close to her, but more importantly, it was for his daughter.

The morning of the second day, Fu Yao made Fujimori stay with Fu Feng at Zhen Niang's home, and she and Ren Yun Xing went to the county to buy a large carriage, which cost two taels of silver.

Their house had been damaged to the point where it was deformed. These were the lowest expectations.

"You might as well build a new house." Ren Yun Xing pushed the carriage with all his might, "Your house has already been broken like that."

"I definitely need to build a house. Now that I don't have enough money, I need to build a luxurious courtyard. No, it's a second floor villa with a swimming pool."

"Villa? What is that thing? "

"It's just a very big yard. You'll know when it's ready, but right now, I have to keep a low profile and work hard to earn money."

When they got home, the bricklayer had already begun to fix the roof.

"It's been hard on you all, let's drink some water." Fujimori looked at the busy people and excitedly called out to them. Aunt Wang also helped to clean up the broken tiles that was thrown down.

When Fu Yao entered the room, she saw that Fujimori was walking back and forth with heavy objects still in her hands. She couldn't help but ask, "Mother, why are you up?

"I've been lying down for too long, I want to stretch my muscles and bones. Since I have nothing to do, I came over to take a look." The Fujimori said with a smile.

"That still won't do. Hurry up and rest. It's not easy to recover from your injuries, you can't be tired." Fu Yao pressed the Fujimori back without a doubt.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll go back now." Fujimori was full of smiles.

A good life was better than anything else.

"Bro, big brother, busy yourself first, I'll go cook for you." Fu Yao carried the meat, glanced at Ren Yun Xing, and said, "What are you leaning on, go and take a look at how those people are building the roof, when that time comes, if you are dared to come out, then you can be considered to have some skills, right?"

What kind of craftsmanship was this, even if Ren Yun Xing was chased out, he would still be able to live a comfortable life.

They obediently climbed up to the roof, and when the men saw that Ren Yun Xing was obviously startled, they all lowered their heads and worked. It was not that they had not heard of the rumors in the village, but many people said that the Fu Clan was rich, and that Fu Yao would be ranked on the footman.

Look at his fine skin and his meaty appearance. This is the material for working. He is clearly a supervisor.

As a result, she became unsatisfied with Fu Yao. Since she didn't believe them, why should she let them work?

He worked in silence.

Ren Yun Xing first stopped to watch what they were doing, how they were going to place the tiles. After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he squatted down and started off with a new line of work at a very fast speed.

The few of them were stunned at first, and looked at him one after the other. Wu Xiao Liu opened his eyes wide, not expecting that the thin skin could dry up and work, it was not even a little bit worse than his.

"Brother, are you a bricklayer as well?" It was the first time Wu Xiao Liu spoke with Ren Yun Xing. Previously, he did not speak with him because he felt shameless.

Shake a man's face.

"No, not a bricklayer, first time."

"You did so well the first time?" Wu Xiao Liu cried out in alarm, he had only learned this set of skills after learning for a year.

"It's not that difficult."

Wu Xiao Liu was startled, it was not difficult, he had learned for an entire year, and after speaking for a while, Ren Yun Xing had already done half of it, almost catching up to him.

"Brother, it's yours." Wu Xiao Liu gave a thumbs up and returned back to his work.

Ren Yun Xing squatted on the roof, looking at Fu Yao out of the corner of his eyes. He was washing the vegetables, chopping the vegetables, and cooking the vegetables, and his hands and feet were extremely nimble.

Since she wanted to live a normal life, he would accompany her. The person who controlled the East Mausoleum had never thought that there would be a day when she would start farming.

This time, Fu Yao was finally able to show off her skills. Honestly speaking, being used to cooking in a large group, cooking for a few people was not easy.

The pot was boiling hot, and when the cabbage was poured in, a fire sputtered out. Fu Yao was not surprised at all as she poured the vinegar over the pot, and got bored of it.

"Sister Yao, my mother asked me to come and help you." Zhen Niang walked in and very obediently helped Fu Yao.

She liked Fu Yao a lot, she really liked him a lot.

"Alright, help me bring the dishes up. I'll make another dish." Fu Yao was not courteous either, he busily scooped up the food and cleaned the wok, then continued with his meal.

A fragrance drifted out, and the several people working on the roof stopped. "Who's cooking? It's so fragrant."

"It's right in front of your eyes. Who cooked it for you?" Wu Xiao Liu laughed, smelling the scent and his stomach turned hungry.

Fu Yao's cooking skills were so good, that when looking from afar, there was meat and steamed buns. Usually, people's lunches were made with coarse pastries and a few side dishes. Meat was quite rare.

"Time to eat." Fu Yao shouted, and everyone immediately let go of their work and rushed down.

He only ate a few pieces of meat during festivals. What was there to eat? Seeing meat was like seeing gold, and his eyes shone brightly.

Wu Xiao Liu was the first to lie down, but seeing that Ren Yun Xing had already sat down, he turned his head to look at the roof, how did he get down? Wasn't it right behind him? He couldn't help but glance at him a few more times.

This footman did not seem to be the same as the ones rumored in the counties.

Being able to work, and even being smart, he seemed to know martial arts.

A few of them sat together and gave Fu Yao their chopsticks, rolling their eyes at him. They ate so happily, they didn't even walk down the stairs, and directly jumped down.

"Little girl Yao, you've invested a lot today." Wu Xiao Liu said.

"Of course, I hope that you can quickly repair it. Can I even get a place to stay?" Fu Yao laughed and said, "Quickly eat and go back to work."

"Just based on your meal, I'll make you half of it today." Old Li said.

How could these people who had been working as a bricklayer all year round not know about the weight of Fu Yao's meal? They would give him a reasonable wage and eat well, if she did not work hard, would he still be able to find them next time?

Before they could even talk about eating, Ren Yun Xing swept a sixth of it off.

When the few of them saw that they had lost all their meat, they quickly took off their chopsticks and crazily pushed the meat into their bowls.

After Fu Yao returned from delivering food to the Fujimori, all the food had been swept away. She stared at the few people in shock.

This was too powerful.

Wu Xiao Liu rubbed his stomach, "Remote girl, your food is so delicious, hiccups ~"

"That's right, I've never even eaten such delicious food before. Compared to you, what's my wife's cooking like?"

"I'm a bit full from eating so much, are we still going to eat like this tomorrow?" Old Li asked.

The few of them laid them out on the chairs, and accidentally ate until their throats went dry. The food that Fu Yao cooked was too much and too oily, even if they ate until they were full, they would still want to eat.

"I guess so..."

If she continued to eat like this, wouldn't she suffer a loss?

After Ren Yun Xing finished eating, he sat upright and upright, he was obviously different from these people. Those people couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, Ren Yun Xing was more or less the same as them, but why was there no reaction at all?

He was about to die from holding it in.

After their lunch break, they continued with their work. Fu Yao calculated that at this rate, four days would be enough for them to finish working. Sigh, they really wanted to build a house.

But they would have to wait for now. After the fall, there would be more things to do, and wine to brew would be very important.

I wonder how my study is progressing ?

"Fu Yao, you come out for me, you shameless little hoof, and you find someone else to help you, all the bricklayers in the village call you, but they don't call you uncle, what do you want to do?" Fu Chun Hua bellowed at the door with her hands on her waist, she was about to explode with anger, she did not look for relatives but for outsiders instead.

Furthermore, I heard just now that Fu Yao bought a lot of meat and vegetables, giving him a daily wage of eighty gold coins.

This was already a sky-high price, why didn't he give her a man?!

Fu Yao was helpless, was she being too merciful to Fu Chun Hua? That fat woman was looking for trouble again ?

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