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Fu Chun Hua returned home and angrily beat Li Dazhu up, "Fu Yao you little b * tch, you actually dare to bully me, this old lady is not done with you! Otherwise, where did she get all this money from? All the ghosts and walls we met previously were made out of people, and they were trying to scare me, what a good Fu Yao, just you wait, if I don't kick you out of Apricot Village, I won't be finished with you! "

"Stop, stop." Li Dazhu shrunk into a ball and howled with all his might.

After Fu Chun Hua finished venting, she was still not comfortable enough. That Second Master Li had turned towards Fu Yao, otherwise, she would have to make a plan with that Widow Sun, didn't she have her eyes on that footman ?

The next day, someone came out just as Fu Yao finished preparing breakfast. This shocked her to her core.

"What's going on?" Fu Yao pointed at the sudden stranger. She didn't even know when he had come.

Ren Yun Xing sat at the side of the table and ate his breakfast.

Fu Yao glared at Ren Yun Xing, was she someone he knew? Hmph hmph, even I am living under someone else's roof and I even brought someone back. Do you really think that she is a relief agency?

"You must be a supporting girl. Aiya, aiya, it's better to meet than to hear about it after so long. Let's sit down and talk about it." Feng Man Lou shamelessly sat down, the fragrance of the food had long lured out the gluttony in his stomach.

"You've heard of me?" Fu Yao raised her eyebrows and looked at him in alarm.

"Of course, I met him the day before yesterday. He said that you cook very well, so why didn't you come personally?" Feng Man Lou shamelessly said.

Fu Yao still did not believe it, the tiger's mouth was full of calluses, it was obvious that she had trained in it for many years, a cultivator from the martial arts world.

How could this playboy know such a person?

Before Feng Man Lou could place Fu Yao's tableware in front of him, Ren Yun Xing grabbed his wrist and said, "Take it."

"I'll go."

"I'll go with you." Feng Man Lou followed beside her, "Miss Fu Yao, when did you start being called Flower Chicken? It's the one that was made for A Niu. "

When he heard that Fu Yao had named Ren Yun Xing A Niu, he was elated for a long time. Finally, he started calling him A Niu.

"When did I ever call him a chick?" Fu Yao frowned, she had never done this ever since she came back.

"The past."

"Never done it before." Fu Yao shook her head.


Fu Yao suppressed the puzzlement in her heart and sat on the stool. She thought for a long time but couldn't figure out when she would call Ren Yun Xing a flower chicken.

Feng Man Lou was like a reincarnated hungry ghost, snatching it away from Ren Yun Xing and turning the meal into a battlefield.

In the end, Fu Yao put down her chopsticks and said, "If you don't want to eat, then go out."

The two of them obediently never fought again.

After finishing his meal, Feng Man Lou was eating in the courtyard.

Only then did Fu Yao get the chance to ask: "Is that your friend? Why did you come to my house? "

"Send me some silver." Ren Yun Xing took out a silver bag from his waist pouch, "I will give all of these to you, he will probably be staying here for a while."

Feng Man Lou was furious. How was that a gift from him, it was clearly from him.

Fu Yao's eyes widened as she took the money bag. She counted the money, which was fifty silver, and in the end, returned it back to him, "There's no need. Since you guys came here to collect money, then just don't cause trouble for me."

It was better not to provoke the people in the martial arts world. It was better to live there. She was very busy after all, worrying about the lack of labor.

"Don't worry, if he dares to cause trouble, I will throw him out. Aren't you short on money?" "Why didn't you accept it!"

"Yes, but you don't want to accept other people's money for no reason at all. You should keep it for yourself." Fu Yao resolutely shook her head. She and Ren Yun Xing were not related, even if she were to live at her house, taking the money would not be appropriate.

"Alright then."

Fu Yao watched as he took the purse. You bastard, why don't you say another word or two?

But even if he did, she wouldn't take it.

The summer was about to pass, and it was also the days of harvest. However, this had nothing to do with Fu Yao, the ten acres of sand that Fu Chun Hua gave him had nothing to grow.

He could only go up the mountain to pick grapes every day until he had almost finished picking the grapes. After brewing them into wine in batches, it was necessary to plant grapes. The wild grapes in the mountains were all gone.

If ten acres of desert was planted with grapes, the maximum production would be two hundred catties of grapes. And if the grapes were brewed into wine, she intended to store them and increase their value.

"Second Master Li, are you there?" Fu Yao brought the wild rabbit to their house.

"It's little girl Yao, come in." The moment Fu Yao entered, he saw Second Master Li sitting on a short chair and smoking. "Old granny, bring a stool."

"You don't have any long hands, so what if you move?" Second Aunt Li walked out of the house reluctantly.

He moved the chair house beside Second Master Li's feet to the side of Fu Yao.

Fu Yao and Second Master Li sat in the courtyard, and went straight to the point, "Second Elder, I came here to ask you a question, is there any land in the village that is free?

"Buy land?"

"Yeah, my house is too small."

"That's not impossible, but all the fertile land in the village is gone, and all that is left is sand. If you want it, you might as well not want it."

"Is it all sand? I want them all! " Fu Yao's eyes lit up, there were good and bad aspects to wine, the more barren and barren the desert the better the wine would be.

On the contrary, it was the fatty soil that produced the grapes that tasted slightly worse.

"You really want it? Don't you think about it? That place is even more barren than the land that Fu Chun Hua gave you. " After all, there were very few people who would buy those lands, and even if they used them to grow grain, they wouldn't be able to do so much.

Every year, the imperial government would issue out a mission. How many acres of land would each village need to plant? Those fifty mu had just been developed, and basically, no one wanted them. This was also the reason why he was extremely worried.

"Of course, Second Master Li, how many lands like that are there? The more barren, the better."

"Close to fifty mu, in a row behind your house on the mountain." The Second Master Li frowned. Why was Sha Sha, Fu Yao, so happy?

If you want to plant flowers, they won't bloom. If you don't want to plant willow trees, you'll grow shade.

Fu Yao had planned to buy some fertile land with its high grapes yield and poor taste, but if it was fifty mu, she suddenly felt that all the money in the sky was silver.

"Second Master Li, how much would it cost to buy all these?"

"Fu Yao girl, why don't you discuss it with your mother? "It would be fine if the farmland was settled so quickly, but the sand is so sandy, there's not much food to be found even if you meticulously cultivate it every year." Seeing Fu Feng's face, he had to mention her a bit.

"I'm the one in charge of Second Master's house. I don't grow food in these lands, so you can rest assured." The sand was cheaper than the fertile land. It would be foolish of her not to buy it.

"No other plants would yield much." The Second Master Li thought that Fu Yao had a bad brain and wanted to fight with her.

"What I plant doesn't need production, it needs quality. That land is just right, I definitely won't lose anything."

"Fine, since you've made your decision, I won't say anything. Fifty mu of land for fifty silver taels is not considered expensive." Seeing that she was insistent, the Second Master Li did not say anything else.

"Sure, I'll give you the silver tomorrow and then go back to write the land deed."

Second Master Li asked again: "Are you really sure? You're really not thinking about it anymore? "

"I don't want to. I'll come back tomorrow." Fu Yao shook her head. She remembered a piece of barren land at the back of the mountain.

Fifty acres to build a vineyard.

Fu Yao handed the half-dead rabbit over to Second Master Li. Second Master, I beat up a lot of rabbits in the back mountains.

Second Master Li had helped her before, she remembered her kindness.

"Hurry up and take it back. Isn't this slapping me in the face?" The Second Master Li refused.

"How can this be called slapping your face? Feng Er often told me that the Second Master took care of him, and he even picked a big rabbit for me to send over to the Second Master. You must have it."

"Old man." Second Aunt Li secretly glared at him, indicating that he should accept it. It had been a long time since his family had any meat, and yet he was still so generous.

"Is it really what Feng Er said? "Alright, alright, alright. I'll take it. I didn't love that brat for nothing." Second Master Li nodded his head. He just said that Fu Feng was a good guy.

After Fu Yao left, Second Master Li held the rabbit and showed off to Second Aunt Li, "Look, you often say that people eat for free, you don't think of us just because of this."

"Yes yes yes, I must be petty. Look at how happy you are."

The next day, Fu Yao spread the news to the villagers that Fu Yao was sick. Spending fifty silver coins to buy fifty mu of desert, it would be better to buy ten mu of fertile land.

Fu Yao held the land deed, 50 mu of land. When the time came, she would build a big vineyard and brew the wine. She would be able to soak in the wine vat every day.

"Yao'er, you really bought fifty acres of sand?" Fujimori sighed, she did not know what Fu Yao was thinking either.

"Don't worry mother, the reason I bought this wine was to grow grapes. The poorer the land, the better it tastes."

Fujimori shook her head, she didn't understand anyways. Fu Yao had grown up and had her own way of thinking.

After buying the land, Fu Yao was very busy. After burning all the weeds and composting them, he was just waiting for spring tomorrow to grow the land.

She did not plan to touch the fifty mu of land for the time being. The main thing was to tidy up the ten mu of sand in front of her, and then prepare slowly. Fortunately, Fu Chun Hua had already turned the land over once.

It was just that she had nothing to grow, saving her some trouble.

"Can you really grow grapes like this?" Ren Yun Xing squatted on the ground and used all his strength to overturn the floor with the plough.

cut grapes on the ground.

"Of course you can. Grape is a vine, so it's easy to take root here."

"What kind of joke is this? If I can grow this, I'll cut my head off and give it to you." Feng Man Lou stood at the side, obviously disbelieving. He had never heard of grapes being harvested.

"Then prepare to cut your head off." Ren Yun Xing said, he believed that as long as Fu Yao said it, it would definitely work, "Help."

It took the three of them four days to finish cutting all the grapes. It was impossible to say that they were not tired, but it was worth it to be tired while looking at the low, small branches of the grapes.

"Using water like this everyday isn't really a good idea. I have to make a channel to draw the water over." Fu Yao held onto her old waist. Although grapes were resistant to drought, this place was huge, so she was sure that she had to die from exhaustion.

"A canal?" You still want to work? " When Feng Man Lou heard that, he immediately threw the hoe away, "I don't want to work anymore, I'm so tired."

"Didn't you want to eat a flowery chicken? I'll make it for you when the ditch is done! " Fu Yao said. She remembered that she had once saved a person and was called Flower Cock.

But it had been too long. She didn't know if it was true or not, but it wasn't good to hit her head ?

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