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"If you call me a flower chicken tonight, then leave the canal to me." Feng Man Lou immediately patted his chest and said.

In the past few days, he had been talking about Flower Chicken quite a few times, but Fu Yao acted as if he did not hear it.

"You said it. I'll leave it to you. I'll call you a flowery chicken tonight."

How could he not agree to such a good thing?

At that time, Feng Man Lou threw down his hoe and went to the back of the mountain to catch 4 or 5 wild chickens.

However, Fu Yao's culinary skills were not just for show.

Fu Yao was helpless, she cleaned all the chickens and wrapped them with a banana leaf, then covered them with a thick layer of soil and buried them under the furnace ashes.

"This is called Flower Chicken? So soon? " Feng Man Lou felt that this was a very novel idea.

Ren Yun Xing nodded his head, it was indeed this dirt ball. At that time, he thought that someone had placed the dirt ball on the table and accidentally broke it.

"Let's go down then. I'll give you an explanation of the blueprints. When the time comes, I'll leave it to you to do." Fu Yao said.

Feng Man Lou felt that he had been scammed, and thought that calling for a chicken required a total of ninety-one processes to be made, and that it was done in such a short period of time, it was much simpler than frying vegetables.

"Will it taste good just like that?"

"You'll know soon enough." Fu Yao entered the house and took out a wooden frame, preparing to go out. She gave each of them one each, "Let's go to the back of the mountain to pick mushrooms.

"You really don't allow me to rest?"

"Do you want to eat chicken?"

Feng Man Lou was speechless. In the end, he had to carry his and head to the rear mountains to pick mushrooms.

Fu Yao used the money to buy the land. Since she did not have any food at home, it would be hard to endure this winter.

Now she had the misconception that no amount of silver was enough.

After being picked outside the mountain for a long time, it was still not much. This autumn had arrived, and the village women would often come to pick it. The supply had long since exceeded the demand.

It was late and they had to return home.

"Sister Yao, are you home?" Zhen Niang was about to enter the door with his clothes, but when he saw an unfamiliar man, he subconsciously turned around and was about to leave.

"Zhen Niang."

Only then did Zhen Niang turn her head, holding a few sets of clothes in her hands: "Sister Yao, I've made the clothes, see if it's suitable or not."

"It's appropriate, how could it be inappropriate for Zhen Niang to take action? Wait a moment, don't leave, I'll treat you as a flower chicken." Fu Yao was extremely confident in Zhen Niang's culinary skills.

Feng Man Lou was unhappy, he had already distributed all of these chickens, what was he going to eat?

"Let me introduce you, this person is called Feng Man Lou, he is A Niu's friend, and this is Zhen Niang, my little sister." Fu Yao pulled Zhen Niang and said.

"Yes." Zhen Niang nodded and lowered her head.

Feng Man Lou scratched his head. He didn't do anything to this girl, why did she keep her head down?

Fu Yao knew but she did not stop him. After all, Feng Man Lou's martial arts was still not bad, so it would be best if she did not go out and make a fool of herself.

"I won't learn." Fu Feng did not move.

"You must learn." Feng Man Lou looked at Fu Feng and was filled with rage. If they were to teach him, he would already be old.

Even if he didn't learn, he would still learn.

"Why?!" Fu Feng raised his head, "I need to recite. I will be taking the exam in a while, I'm not free."

He had to become a disciple of the Mr. Liu and properly bring honor to his sister's mother.

Feng Man Lou was flustered and exasperated, was a child so arrogant?

"It's fine if you don't want to learn, since you have your sister's protection, then Fu Chun Hua wouldn't dare to be impudent." Ren Yun Xing said calmly.

Fu Feng heard the two words, Fu Chun Hua, and clenched her fists tightly. She was the only one who couldn't defeat her all these years.

I can't let my sister protect me for the rest of my life.

"I'll learn."

"You still have a way." Feng Man Lou said.

He understood one thing, it was fine if he just pushed the blame onto Fu Yao, it was just too bad that he was unhappy about it.

"Ren Yun Xing, go get some water." Fu Yao opened the water vat, only leaving him with a foundation. He looked around the courtyard and saw that Ren Yun Xing had nothing to do, he mumbled, "I do need to get a well, otherwise it will be too troublesome."

"You said the Fu Yao family is so poor, and they even have silver to fix the roof?"

"I think it was given to me by the footman. It looks like a rich master."

"Of course, otherwise, how could the days of the Fu Clan be so good, for the past few days, has been bringing food to Wai Gong to his house, how could his days not be good?"

"Humph, even if it's good, it's sold. What's there to brag about? I think they should be called brothels."

"Widow Sun, you finally said the right thing." It was rare for Fu Chun Hua to join hands with her ?

Ren Yun Xing took the water bucket and walked out. Coincidentally, Widow Sun and Fu Chun Hua were by the river washing clothes.

"Look at that footman, he looks really good. If I were you, I would have made my move." Fu Chun Hua said sourly from the side, "Fu Yao is still a brothel girl, how could you be considered an ordinary girl?"

Widow Sun saw that Ren Yun Xing was getting closer and closer. With a jade-like face, his heart was on fire, and that Fu Yao was just average in looks. His skin was dark, and the dirt he wore made his family poor.

Although she was not as young as Fu Yao, she had been maintained extremely well. Her skin was white and tender, and she looked to be around the same age.

No matter what, it was still better than Fu Yao by a hundred times. Even if she was standing together with Fu Yao, most people would choose her, and Ren Yun Xing was definitely not an exception.

Thinking of this, his mind began to stir.

Seeing her like that, Fu Chun Hua laughed coldly in his heart, and said with a smile, "Why don't I give you an idea?"

"What idea?"

"Pick up your ears..."

"You're still smart." Widow Sun smiled shyly.

Widow Sun carried the basin and staggered over to Ren Yun Xing's side. Just as he walked over to's side, he intentionally twisted his legs and splashed water on him.

Unexpectedly, he dodged it.

Widow Sun sat on the ground. Seeing that he was not even touched by the water, his clothes that had just been washed fell to the ground.

Ye Zichen looked at the dust on the hem of his clothes with his sharp eyes, then grabbed onto the corner of his clothes, "Sorry to dirty your clothes, I've washed your clothes."

"No, miss." Ren Yun Xing frowned, pushing away the girl that was always sticking on him.

Taking a step back, could it be that all the women in the countryside were very open-minded and directly pounced on him?

"Girl? "You actually called me lady, am I that young?" Widow Sun held his face which did not look young and laughed heartily.

The Widow Sun was actually only about twenty years old. His husband had died without any children, and had no one to rely on. Many men in the village bullied her.

In the past, it was easy for a person to get used to resisting. However, after being bullied for a long period of time, one's body and heart would no longer be able to resist.

The corner of Ren Yun Xing's mouth twitched, and he merely called out politely. His thoughts were only big words, shameless and full of the concept of not causing trouble, "Aunt, you are?"

The Widow Sun looked at the face of the young Marquis Ren with all his heart, but how could he have heard him change his way of addressing her, he immediately said: "My name is Sun Yue Xiang, I know you, you are Fu Yao's little lover, whatever that little girl wants is good, it doesn't matter. Look at how I don't have to be as strong as her, besides, everyone in the village knows where she has been for the past eight years, she has gone to a brothel, so she definitely doesn't have a clean body."

Widow Sun blinked his eyes dubiously. A girl that had been left alone in the outside world for eight years must have done something despicable. Although no one in the village said it, they knew in their hearts.

Furthermore, since Fu Yao had brought back a footman, everyone guessed that Fu Yao had been sold to a brothel and escaped back home.

"Say it again." Ren Yun Xing's sinister face, sharp and ice-cold eyes, directly pierced into the hearts of others.

's heart trembled, "What did you say?"

"What does the last sentence mean when you sell it to a brothel?"

"Ah, you don't know? Eight years ago, Fu Yao had a secret relationship with someone and her husband broke off the engagement. The village could not tolerate her, so she ran off. After that, she went to the county to be a brothel girl, and she only recently returned, so you better not be tricked by her. She's not some good woman. " Widow Sun spoke mysteriously.

Fu Yao was sure that she would not tell footman about this, which was why she lied to him.

I can't let Fu Yao deceive such a beautiful person.

There were people in the village who knew about it, and there were even people who said they had met Fu Yao in a city. Furthermore, tell him that she would definitely object to Fu Yao, wouldn't she have a chance then?

Brothel Mistress, if Fu Yao knew that she had been spread like this by the villagers, how sad would she be?

Although he did not personally witness Fu Yao's eight years, after that battle with the northern barbarian, he suffered numerous casualties. Fu Yao saved him.

It was an honor and a shame to allow a weak girl to charge into the fray and let him be saved by a woman.

Ever since then, he kept paying attention to Fu Yao, listening to the Dark Guard reporting on how many bones she had buried, listening to the Dark Guard saying that she sang a song on the grave, and listening to the Dark Guard saying how many scars she drew on the badge.

Ren Yun Xing took a step forward, and laughed coldly, forcing Widow Sun to retreat. His eyes were extremely cold: "So that's what you guys said about her? Brothel Mistress? "

"Yeah, that's what a lot of people say. Tell me, how could she have the face to live? If it was me, I would have already committed suicide." Widow Sun said in disdain.

In these three days, Fu Yao's return was discussed by the villagers, but no one talked about it in front of her. But who didn't hate her, and even brought a man back, isn't that even more obvious?

"Is that so? If that were the case, you could have committed suicide long ago! Do you know what she's been doing these past eight years? Do you know how many scars there are on her body, how many heroes she buried with her own hands, how many bloodshed she shed, how many heroes of this country you all call brothels? "Ignorant village woman!"

"What kind of joke is this? How can a woman go out to battle?" You must have been tricked by her. Fu Yao has been loose and dissolute since he was young, so everyone in the village knows about it. Widow Sun immediately shook his head, did she not know who Fu Yao was?

"Eyes are blind." Ren Yun Xing grabbed her neck.

He was infuriated to the extreme. It turned out that the rumors were spread out from such a person's mouth. How laughable.

If he did not live in the Apricot Village, how would he know that someone would call him Fu Yao? A country that had experienced hundreds of battles was called a brothel girl. It was the greatest joke in the world.

She had lost all her titles. Was merit really evaluated by ignorant villains?

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