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"Wasting so much time just to get a bucket of water?" Fu Yao glanced at Ren Yun Xing when she returned, "I thought you'd fall into the water again."

"That's right, I've already finished a chicken." Feng Man Lou leisurely held onto the chicken leg, and gnawed at it happily.

The call chicken tastes really good, much better than the roast chicken.

The cold air in Ren Yun Xing's body poured water into the water bucket, even Fu Yao's mental state seemed to have detected that something was amiss.

"What's the matter with you?" Fu Yao stepped forward, "Isn't it just that I didn't wait for you to come back and eat the chicken? So angry? "Okay, okay, I'll give you the chicken leg."

She generously handed it over. There were even bite marks on it.

Ren Yun Xing threw the water bucket over and took it. Fu Yao was shocked, "You really want to eat it? That's something I've eaten before. "

"It's not like I despise you. Why are you opening your mouth so much?" Ren Yun Xing's gloomy mood calmed down, "Or do you not want to give it to me?"

"Eat, eat." Fu Yao said, it was not like she was going to swallow other people's saliva.

Feng Man Lou shook his head as he chewed, he took the chicken and continued to chew, he was afraid that he would be sour and sour about it.

Before they could finish the chicken in their hands, they heard deafening shouts, curses, and voices approaching.

Fu Yao was puzzled. Other than cursing and cursing in the village, there did not seem to be any other entertainment in the village, right? They should have brought the dance floor over so that these aunties could live happily.

"Fu Yao and your footman, get the hell out here! You're killing people, is there some justice to this?"

Fu Yao pointed at Ren Yun Xing and said, "footman is referring to you? What's the point of calling us? "

Ren Yun Xing's expression turned solemn, would the widow dare to come knocking on his door?

Suddenly, the door was kicked open. Fu Yao's heart ached, if this continued, the door would eventually break.

"Second Master Li, why are you here too?" Fu Yao asked. There were a lot of people behind him, Widow Sun was standing at the front, drenched in sweat, with a terrifying pinch on his neck. His face was swollen.

"What happened?"

"Ask your footman what he did!" Second Master Li's expression was unhappy. Although Widow Sun was disrespectful, but he was still a part of Apricot Village and could not be bullied by outsiders.

Fu Yao turned his head and asked: "What did you do to the Widow Sun?"

"Nothing, she was just fetching water by the river. She fell into the water for some reason. I only saved her." Ren Yun Xing was very innocent.

"Really?" Fu Yao did not believe it.

"Of course it's true."

"Nonsense, it was you! You were the one who wanted to take advantage of me, not only did I not get pushed into the water from you, I even almost strangled you!" Widow Sun stood there weakly with tears streaming down his face.

The chicken leg in Feng Man Lou's hand dropped to the ground as he laughed heartily, "A Niu, when did you have such bad eyes?

Widow Sun heard the sound and walked over. He then saw another elegant young master and wondered in his heart, where did this person come from?

"His insight is indeed poor." Fu Yao nodded his head, not to mention his family, just by looking at his appearance, he could not possibly be that thirsty for Widow Sun.

Widow Sun was trembling in anger. What's wrong with her appearance?

Suddenly, Fu Chun Hua gave her an idea.

He immediately choked: "Second master, look at what Fu Yao has said, I've been bullied but my looks are different, all you Apricot Village people are just bullying me because I don't have a man, they are targeting me everywhere, I don't want to live anymore, no, I want to go report to the officials, I do not believe that, there is no law in this world."

Second Master Li's face darkened, "Fu Yao, is there really such a thing?"

"Ren... A Niu will not bully you, it must be because you want to take advantage of him but didn't succeed, that's why you chose to cause trouble. "

A faint sound came from the crowd, but it was loud enough for anyone to hear.

Fu Yao turned her head around and saw Zhen Niang standing behind Ren Yun Xing, tightly hugging a lump of dirt.

"Oh? How can you say something so fair without saying anything at all? Not bad." Feng Man Lou said to Zhen Niang as she lowered her head again.

It was a waste of time.

The villagers who came to see the commotion were somewhat in agreement, "I also think that we know very well what kind of trash you, Sun Yue Xiang, is up to, why would A Niu fall for you?"

"Fu Yao looks several times better than you. I think it was you who forced him to stay put and fell into the water." Wu Xiao Liu said, "I have been helping the family the past few days, I see that A Niu has a good job."

"Nonsense, since you took Fu Yao's silver, you must speak up for her." Widow Sun cried in grievance: "If I, Sun Yue Xiang, wanted to be like him, I would take advantage of him. Look at my face, my neck, I was almost pushed to the ground by A Niu to drown in the water, righteously, you have to avenge me, it's all my fault that my man died young, and got bullied like this, my dear sir, I don't want to live anymore, I'll go down and look for you now."

She was just about to smash onto the ground, but luckily, she was held back by Fu Chun Hua and didn't fall down.

When Fu Yao saw Fu Chun Hua and the other two, she immediately understood what was going on. It was definitely one of their demon tricks, did Fu Chun Hua remember to eat or to fight?

"Stop messing around and get out of here." Second Master Li roared, acting like he did not know, and used this move every single time.

If it weren't for the fact that her man had shown kindness to the village, she wouldn't have been so impudent.

"Master Er, you have to avenge me, or else I will die here today." Widow Sun cried. "My man has done so many things for the village, if he knew that his wife was bullied like that, he would definitely crawl out from the ground in anger."

She had lost something outside earlier and was then beaten up. How could she endure this?

She didn't let any of them go.

"Did you really hit her?" Fu Yao asked.

"No, she fanned herself and insisted on jumping into the river. She couldn't even pull him back." Ren Yun Xing said.

At that time, Ren Yun Xing only wanted to teach her a lesson, but he didn't expect Sun Yue Xiang to still dare to resist, so he kept on being rude. He could only use violence to push her into the water until she stopped scolding Fu Yao.

In the end, she was the one who knelt on the ground and slapped herself. She kept apologizing for gossiping, but now she still dared to come over.

"Is that so?"


Fu Chun Hua took a step forward, "Second Uncle, this is true. At that time, Yue Xiang and I were by the river washing our clothes, who would've thought that A Niu would almost drown in Yue Xiang. A Niu, as an outsider, actually dares to bully our Apricot Village.

Second Master Li frowned, he had never liked Fu Yao's way of doing things. Now that she allowed his lover to do whatever he wanted, wasn't this just slapping him in the face?

"Men, grab A Niu and bring him to the ancestral hall for interrogation."

"Second Master Li, we still don't know what happened here, how can we casually capture him? I believe that A Niu will definitely not violate the Widow Sun. " Fu Yao blocked in front of him.

Every village had their own rules and regulations. He wasn't worried about Ren Yun Xing, but rather worried about the Second Master Li.

If this popinjay together with her beat up everyone in the village, would she be able to stay in the village?

"That's right, Second Master Li, you can't just casually capture A Niu." Zhen Niang also said out loud. She heard from her mother that A Niu was the good person who led them to find father last time.

Moreover, he was a young duke and had a noble identity.

"You guys said that we can't just simply stop catching people? Look at my injuries, a weak and delicate woman like me has been beaten up, yet I still can't seek justice. Widow Sun cried harder and harder.

He had to drive Fu Yao out of the Apricot Village, and A Niu too.

"That may not be the case. Who knows, you might have hit him yourself and even tried to frame him. It's not like this has never happened before." Zhen Niang continued, "Last year, you tripped on your own and fell in front of my father, who said that he wanted to beat you up for your medical fees. If it wasn't for the people who passed by to see and testify, you really would have tricked him."

Fu Yao couldn't help but want to give Zhen Niang a big thumbs up. If she didn't say it, then so be it.

"Bullshit, I said it was a misunderstanding." "I felt someone push me from behind. At that time, it was only your father, who else could it be?"


"Stop messing around, when the time comes, I will make a decision. I will pull someone to bring A Niu to the ancestral hall and interrogate him." The Second Master Li frowned and roared.


Fu Yao wanted to say something, but was grabbed by Ren Yun Xing, "I'll go."

He did not want to make things difficult for Fu Yao. After all, he was the one who started all this.

"But ?"

Ren Yun Xing looked at Fu Yao deeply, "Are you worried about me?"

Who's worried about you, go easy on him later, don't hurt him, and at that time it will be hard for me to stay in Apricot Village, I can't avoid you. Fu Yao was slightly worried, as this was the place where she lived.

"Got it." Ren Yun Xing looked at Fu Chun Hua and Widow Sun and sneered.

His acting skills were so clumsy and he loved acting, so he didn't mind playing with them.

Widow Sun sobbed softly, "Master Er, you must help me."

"Enough, don't cry anymore. I'm so frustrated from crying." Second Master Li roared, and glared at him.

Fu Chun Hua nodded at her, secretly rejoicing in his heart, if she did something here, Master Er would definitely not help Fu Yao anymore, and if this little hoof dared to hit her, she would definitely take this lying down sooner or later.

Small Theatre:

"You only like me because I saved you?" A certain someone who was lying in someone's arms asked.

"Of course, it must be. When you were trying to save me, the enemy cut off your helmet, and you were valiant and valiant. You were the only one in this world, and at that moment, you entered my heart forever."

"Is that really the case?" "I'm not listening to this version."

Someone's heart skipped a beat, "That must be it."

"Alright, since it's like this, then don't eat tonight's flowery chicken." "Don't think that I don't know. At that time, you only noticed me after eating that flowery chicken. You loved the chicken, not me."

"Hey hey hey hey, my wife, what are you saying? Don't be angry and get pregnant. I love you, not a chicken." Ren Yun Xing was shocked, and immediately followed, who the heck revealed this matter?

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