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Fu Chun Hua was shocked, could it be that she really had 10 taels of silver? Then wouldn't she be losing five taels of silver if he were to return it to her? However, it should be impossible for her to wear such tattered clothes. Thus, she followed him in and was only relieved to see that it was only one tael of silver.

"I haven't even cooked dinner yet. Can you hurry up?" She looked at Fu Yao with ill intentions. She had to take Fu Feng away today, even if she had to come to the village head and wait for him, she wouldn't be able to wait much longer.

Fu Yao frowned, this was the first time she had felt melancholy for silver, if he had known earlier, he would have saved more silver for herself, but she did not know earlier.

She took the crushed silver and said with disgust, "Aunt, don't worry, I will definitely pay you back the money I owe you. It's just that I don't have that much money right now. If you give me more time, I will definitely return it all to you."

"I have already given you more than a few days, how can you even ask me to give you more? Do you have to watch my family starve to death on the roadside to be satisfied? " Fu Chun Hua shouted, "What kind of world is this? Those who have borrowed money have already become masters, how am I going to live from now on?"

She sat down on the ground and wailed. She didn't know that someone thought her husband had died.

"Auntie, you must be joking. If you don't eat, you can even live for half a month without food."

The villagers outside laughed loudly, it was true that Fu Chun Hua was the number one fat person in the village, no one could compare to him in terms of body fat.

Fu Chun Hua stopped wailing and pointed at Fu Yao's nose, "You!"

"Aunty, don't be angry, it's not good to be angry. I only need to give you three days. After three days, I will return the 10 taels of silver back to you. At that time, you can leave it to Aunty."

"No, if you take your mother and little brother and run away, then I won't be able to find you." If Fu Chun Hua did not buy it, how could ten taels of silver compare to fifteen taels of silver?

"What's there to worry about, aunt? My mother is too sick to run away."

Fu Chun Hua rolled her eyes and thought, how could Fu Yao have the ability to raise ten taels of silver in three days, and then looking at Fu Yao, although she was a bit old, her maintenance was not bad. She looked like a 17-18 year old girl, who could still sell for money in a brothel.

This deal is very profitable.

However, when he saw the crushed silver in Fu Yao's hands, he thought of something, "Aunt's money did not come from a strong wind. You can have it for a few days, but you need to pay a bit of interest first."

It was clear that he had his eyes on the silver in Fu Yao's hands.

Fu Yao bent down and waved the silver in front of her eyes, only to see Fu Chun Hua greedily watching the silver move, in the end, Fu Yao kept her silver hand and straightened her back, looking at her out of the corner of his eyes: "Sure, but I hope Aunt will promise that you won't come and disturb us for the next few days."

Then he spread his hands and placed the silver before her.

Fu Chun Hua did not make any more noise, she grabbed the silver and got up from the ground, smiling till her teeth could no longer be seen, "No problem, no problem."

"Then I won't send aunt off."

"See you or not."

Fu Chun Hua happily carried away her fat and left, the villagers who were in no mood to watch any longer left the scene one by one.

After they left, Fu Yao carried Fujimori onto her bed and was about to tidy up the courtyard when she was grabbed by the Fujimori. With tears in his eyes, she said, "Yao'er, you should leave this place with your little brother tonight. "Your aunt had wanted to sell your little brother for a long time, but now that you're back, who knows what tricks you might have up your sleeves. Go find ten silver coins in three days."

"Mother, mother, I'm not leaving. I want to stay with mother." Fu Feng's face flushed red from crying. He couldn't bear to leave his mother.

Fu Yao sighed deeply, looking at the two who were crying, he couldn't help but comfort them: "Mother, don't cry, since I promised Aunt that I would give her back her money within three days, you guys can rest assured. Since I'm back, I will definitely let you guys eat your fill and not be bullied by others."

"But ?"

"No buts, mother, please trust me. I will definitely return the money in seven days." Fu Yao caressed Fujimori's hands, "You haven't eaten dinner yet right? I hunted a chicken on the mountain, don't even think about it after a good meal."

He covered Fujimori with a blanket and went out to handle the wild chicken.

Actually, she wasn't too sure if she could raise ten taels of silver in three days. She didn't know if the price of the game would be good either.

Forget it, there must be a road ahead of us. Let's get through today and talk about it in the future.

Fu Yao boiled water, cut open the chicken's neck, and filled the entire bowl with chicken blood. She found a big bowl of water and boiled the chicken in it for ten minutes before she plucked the chicken feathers.

Fu Feng sat obediently at the side, helping her to stroke her chicken feathers. Fu Yao patted his small hands, "Big sister can do it, be careful of scalding your hands."

Fu Feng's tears glistened as he felt wronged. His sister despised him for being clumsy, so he was even more upset and stayed on the small stool without saying a word.

This child was extremely sensitive.

"Feng Er, help big sister wash the mushrooms."

Fu Yao placed the mushroom in front of him. He immediately became happy as she ran to the side of the water tank with the mushroom in her arms and started to wash it seriously.

After slicing the wild chicken meat and boiling it in water for a minute or two, Yuan Zhou poured the water into the pot and added the boiled chicken meat into the water. He originally wanted to add some seasonings, but he didn't have anything, so he poured the last of the salt into the pot.

It was difficult for a beautiful woman to cook without rice. Without seasonings, she could only eat it.

After half an hour, the smell of meat spread out. Fu Feng followed behind Fu Yao with his stomach growling in hunger and his mouth licking up continuously. He had forgotten that he had not eaten meat for a long time.

Fu Yao opened the big pot, which was filled with steam, and filled the two big bowls. When she carried the bowls to Fujimori, she saw that the meat inside was puffing at the nose, making Fu Yao's head hurt, and after being comforted, she started to sweat profusely.

Initially, she wanted to return and take a look before leaving, but seeing how Fu Feng was enjoying the tasteless chicken soup, his heart was filled with grief. If she had left, his entire family would have been ruined ?

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