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"A Niu, my grandson ? Sun Yuexiang said that you were the one who hurt her, do you have any objections? " Second Master Li stroked his beard with a trace of awkwardness on his face. He almost shouted out loud.

"No objections."

The Second Master Li was stunned. This recognition was too fast, there was no need to even try to defend himself.

"I'll tell you, he's the one who hit me. Look, I almost died at his hands." Widow Sun immediately straightened his back and cried out loud, looking as ugly as he could get.

"A Niu, there must at least be a reason why you hit her for no reason." Wu Xiao Liu did not understand, and spoke straightforwardly.

"The reason ? ? is because she insulted Fu Yao."

Fu Yao was petrified upon hearing this, it seemed like this matter had something to do with her.

Second Master Li slammed the table in anger, "What kind of reason is this? What did Widow Sun scold you for making you so angry? I made you want to kill someone! "

"Hmph, why don't you ask her what she's scolding!" Ren Yun Xing sneered, showing mercy even if he didn't kill her.

"Widow Sun, what did you scold Fu Yao about?" Second Master Li turned his head and asked.

"I didn't say anything. I just said she was a brothel girl, and then ?"

"What the heck are you scolding!" Then what do you want to scold! " Zhen Niang bellowed, "This matter concerns the reputation of the Elder Sister Yao, scolding you like this is not bad at all."

Second Master Li frowned, no wonder A Niu hit her, this scolding was really too unpleasant.

"What does it have to do with me that everyone is scolding me like that?" The Widow Sun said confidently, "Everyone in the village knows that Fu Yao hasn't returned for eight years, and has done a lot of unorthodox things behind his back.

"Widow Sun, shut up!" The Second Master Li roared, "Serves you right for getting beaten up. This broken mouth of yours should be tidied up."

"Second Master Li, why are you being so fierce? It's not like I'm the only one who said that, the entire village is discussing this in private. I think you should chase her out of Apricot Village to prevent her from losing our village." Widow Sun had his hands on his waist as he said righteously.

The surrounding people started to discuss softly. After all, Fu Yao had been missing for eight years, so the spectators really wanted to know what she was up to.

Wu Zhen Niang looked at Fu Yao worriedly. There were quite a few people who were making arrangements in the village, but they were only saying it on the surface.

What should he do?

Fu Yao was helpless, how could this matter involve her again? The people from the village said that she had heard of it, but did not think much of it.

Those long-tongued women had no other entertainment and could only wait for something to happen so everyone would forget about it.

He suddenly felt that this matter of the square dancing must be carried out immediately.

"Fu Yao, say something, explain yourself." Wu Zhen Niang stood beside her and whispered.

"Just say it. Where did you go for eight years?"

It seemed like it would be impossible to not satisfy these gossips.

So he took a step forward. "Do you really want to know?"

"Of course."

"Hurry up and tell me."

"Actually, I'm not willing to talk about this matter. After all, there are some people that would lose a lot of face if I told them about it." Fu Yao sighed and said sorrowfully, "Eight years ago, you all said that I had eloped with someone, but that wasn't the case. At that time, I was engaged to someone named Zhou who lived in the neighboring village. I woke up the night before I was married and there was a strange man sleeping next to me, and I was frightened, and then my aunt came in and before I could explain. If people in the village started talking nonsense, the marriage would just go down the drain. In the end, I was sold to a large family to be a servant girl, and even signed a death contract. Those days were very bitter, and there were no favors in the world at all, you had to work every day, and in the winter you had to wash your clothes, and it was not easy for you to endure it for eight years, and the emperor pardoned your lowly status, and only then did I have the chance to return. "

It was true that the Emperor had pardoned the lowly citizens this year. At that time, there had indeed been such an inhumane traffic in human beings in the capital. In order to suppress this vicious incident, he had abolished the lowly citizens.

Almost thousands of people in the entire capital were pardoned.

After all, it's my own fault. But I never thought that not only did I cause this disturbance, I also caused it. Widow Sun, you say that we have no grievances, why are you trying to frame me? It took me so much for me to return alive, and I even got my reputation ruined.

As he spoke, Fu Yao assigned himself into the role. The people around him shed hot tears, and Wu Zhen Niang cried even more fiercely. It turned out that Fu Yao had experienced a lot of hardships, "Elder Sister Yao, don't cry."

"We didn't expect you to be so miserable. How did you become a lowly person?"

If he entered the despicable category, he would sell the person to a buyer and be ordered however he wanted. He would be ordered without freedom and without money, and the final path would only lead to death. No matter how poor the villagers were, they wouldn't sell their children for the despicable category.

Back then, you said that I had a secret relationship with someone and ran away, but in reality, that wasn't the case at all. I didn't run away by myself, I was kidnapped by someone else and then when I woke up, I was sold.

"Who is so cruel to actually knock you out and sell you out!" Second Aunt Li's entire body was cold. As she listened to her hot tears, she resented the person who had sold her.

I heard that the Zhou family's eldest brother married my sister, Great Sis Li. Now that he has four children, how can it be like I have the trust of the villagers? Fu Yao intentionally glanced at Fu Chun Hua, feeling extremely wronged.

The gossips of the masses were huge, their fantasy skills were limitless, some people could see Fu Yao staring at Fu Chun Hua meaningfully.

Instantly, he had a general idea of what was going on.

"After thinking about it again, although the Zhou Family wasn't very rich, it was still the first time they were in the neighboring village. Originally, it was a marriage with Fu Yao, but after that incident, the wedding date hasn't changed, it was even changed to Li Da Niu."

How could there be no tricks involved?

It was said that Fu Yao was found to have committed adultery, or was it Fu Chun Hua who discovered it?

"Yes, yes, yes. Just a while ago, Fu Chun Hua wanted to sell Fu Feng."

"Now that you mention it, it seems like..."

"What nonsense are you guys talking about? When did you become the servant of some rich family? It was clearly you who went to the army camp to be a courtesan, what does that have to do with me? If you continue to speak nonsense, I'll tear off your crappy mouth." Fu Chun Hua scolded.

"Aunt, how do you know I'm talking nonsense? Could it be that you went with me? But why didn't you save me?! " Fu Yao wiped her tears away and pushed the responsibility towards Fu Chun Hua.

The villagers started to fervently discuss among themselves. So there was still another matter, everyone turned to Fu Chun Hua, completely forgetting about the matter of Ren Yun Xing beating someone up earlier.

"Enough, shut up." The Second Master Li slammed the table in anger, the interrogation had become a huge event in the market.

Second Master, you have to seek justice for me. Look at my injuries, I have to punish A Niu severely. Widow Sun said. "No matter what, you have to give me ten silver for the medical fees."

"Medical expenses, the Widow Sun doesn't even sell ten taels of silver for teeth like this, you are the one who owes me the most, how can you ask for medical fees?" Zhen Niang said angrily.

Widow Sun and Fu Chun Hua often colluded with each other, and everyone in the village loathed them.

"Zhen Niang, it's not your turn to speak." Widow Sun gouged her out fiercely, then turned and said pitifully, "Second Master, I, a weak and weak girl, was already injured to this extent, why don't you care?"

"Serves you right." Second Master Li spat out, "If you continue blabbering about this, I won't be bothered by it."

The Widow Sun immediately fell silent.

A Niu, if you beat up Sun Yue Xiang, you will be punished. I don't care where you came from, since you have to follow the rules of our Apricot Village, otherwise, you will have to pay 10 silver coins and leave, and never appear in Apricot Village again. Otherwise, if you tie us up in the barley field for the whole night, you have a good memory.

A village was a whole. There could be internal strife, but outsiders were not allowed to commit such crimes.

"I'll pick the second one and tie him up for the night." Fu Yao was the first to speak. Ten taels of silver, who told Ren Yun Xing to not have money? He did not want to pay and furthermore, he could not.

It's not like they were the ones who did the wrong thing. Once they've dug the hole, they will admit that they did the wrong thing. Furthermore, since the situation had developed to this point, it would be better to just block the way for them.

"A Niu, you choose!"

Ren Yun Xing swept his eyes across Fu Yao, "None of you choose."

"Good, good, good! Someone tie him up and drag him to the officials!" The Second Master Li was choked with anger, there were still people who dared to choke on him.

"Wait, second master, please allow me to talk to him for a bit." Fu Yao hurriedly said.

Then she pinched him, "I'm taking you in and you still want to see me driven out of the village?"

"If you want to rush, then hurry. I don't care where you go." This Apricot Village was not a good person, it was not good for Fu Yao's life.

You can't even protect yourself, and you're even forced into marriage. I'm very grateful that you helped big sister out, but you're too rash, if I get kicked out of Apricot Village, I really won't have a chance. "Young duke, I beg of you, go to the barley field and spend the night there. When you come back, I'll make you something nice to eat."

"Feng Man Lou will pay you ten taels of silver."

"This is not a question of whether we are going to give you or not, if you give it to us, you will be kicked out of Apricot Village." This is not a question of whether you are going to give it to me, if you give it to us, you will still be kicked out of Apricot Village.


"Anything is fine, as long as it doesn't break the law." Fu Yao was afraid that the popinjay would be angered, and cause the situation to escalate.

The Fujimori would definitely not want to leave like this in this lifetime. Not only for herself, but also for their sake.

"Okay, remember what you said." Ren Yun Xing raised an eyebrow, a trace of playfulness flashed past his mouth, then said to the Second Master Li, "I choose the second one."

"Someone bring him to the barley field, tie him up for a whole night and remember his character, no one is allowed to send food to him, especially you, Fu Yao, if you dare, don't blame me for kicking you out of the Apricot Village." The Second Master Li said.

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