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Inside the cell, Fu Yao was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The people who lived in the same cell as her were talking about many things.

Some didn't, some were from the north, some were from the south, some were from the north. But Fu Yao didn't even bother to listen.

"Su County Order is searching the entire world for his nephew. Do you think that if we had the young duke's whereabouts, would we have mitigated the crime?"

"Definitely, Su County Order's nephew is Ren Xiaohou. He has already disappeared for half a month, who knows if he was clicked by someone ?" He made a gesture of wiping his neck.

Fu Yao instantly sat up, "What did you all mean just now? Su County Order is searching the entire world for the Young Marquis? "

"You don't know? The young duke is engaged to someone and is about to marry the young miss of the Zhang family, but he suddenly disappeared. He didn't kill the old lady of the Su family in a hurry, and now that I think about it, the old lady of the Su family is crying every day. "

"So it's like that."

At dawn, she was caught by a bailiff and interrogated. The man who sat below the High Hall of Mirror was about 40 years old, he stroked his beard and sized Fu Yao up.

"Who is it?"

"This humble one is Fu Yao." Fu Yao kneeled on the ground.

Sin Girl Fu Yao, do you know your crime?

Su County Order was startled awake, waking up the yamen runners who were dozing off.

"This commoner does not know his crimes." Fu Yao said.

This crime was truly enough! Not marrying is a sin, not having children is also a sin, why do ancient women have to be reduced to machines for children?

"You don't know your fault. Someone beat her up for me until she knows she's guilty." Su County Order looked at Fu Yao. Her appearance was average, but the heroic air around him made him feel comfortable.

Her temper seemed to be a bit unyielding.

Fu Yao immediately raised her head, a wise man knows what to do, "Good, good, this commoner knows what he's doing, this commoner knows what he's doing.

Su County Order was startled, he thought that it was an illusion, and faked a cough: "What crime?"

"The sin of not marrying." felt a little heartbroken. There was a law forcing marriage in ancient times, but now, his mother was forcing marriage.

No matter what, a girl would be forced into marriage! Fortunately, there was no modern law that required someone to marry at the age of twenty. Otherwise, how many people would die?

She finally understood how Ren Yun Xing felt.

"Since you know, there is no need for the county to waste its breath. "According to the decree, not marrying at the age of twenty is considered a disease and should be beheaded. Since there is no objection, you can press this seal and make a temporary decision after three days." Su County Order threw the order badge in front of Fu Yao.

"Sir County Magistrate, this commoner has an objection." Fu Yao raised her hand and said.

Damn it, previously, Ren Yun Xing was just like a little brat, but now that it was his turn to come out, where did he go? In any case, it was better to have some connections and deal with it lightly.

"What objection?" "Speak!" Su County Order looked up and down at Fu Yao.

"This sort of thing has to be said in private." Fu Yao pursed her lips and smiled, Ren Yun Xing, the two sisters can only betray you to befriend them.

"What are you talking about in private? This is where I come from. This county is pure and honest. Are you trying to bribe me?" The Su County Order had a straight face.

"No, no, no, how could I dare? Who doesn't know that the Su County Order is upright and upright, it's just that they have other things to do." Fu Yao was startled, why did she say this, could it be that his nephew was tied up in the barley field in Apricot Village, waiting for him to save his nephew?

Would the people of Apricot Village be okay?

"What is it? Tell me."

"Su County Order, I remember one of the orders is to report people with important information, it can reduce the punishment. I have a clue to report, can you lower my punishment?" Fu Yao said.

Ren Yun Xing, oh Ren Yun Xing, so what if you're forced to marry, I can just let it go as long as I can escape this calamity.

Su County Order frowned, "Speak, let's see what exactly is going on."

"Your nephew, Ren Xiaohou, is currently imprisoned in the Apricot Village. Is this a huge clue?"

"Is that all you said? Someone come and drag her down. Behead her in three days! " Su County Order raised his eyebrows.

"Su County Order, I have given you important clues. Why are you still trying to kill me?" Fu Yao struggled and shouted. What kind of joke was this, the female prisoner said that just now, to provide clues and not kill him.

"Humph, what kind of information did you provide? My nephew is currently in the Su palace. When has he been to the Apricot Village? Come and drag him down. There is one more crime for deceiving the imperial court."

Fu Yao squatted on the ground, and before she could finish, she thought about it and shouted, "Don't, master, I am wronged."

The Su County Order waved his hand impatiently for the bailiff to pull her back.

"Thank you, uncle." Ren Yun Xing walked out from the rear hall, and looked at Fu Yao's direction with a determined smile.

Three days are just right, Xiao Ming Yuan should also be out by now, let's just witness it together like this.

"What's there to thank me for? If you want to be married off to an uncle, you would definitely be happy, it's just that your grandmother definitely won't want Fu Yao's identity." Su County Order did not like Fu Yao too much, even though he had mentioned a lot of things about last night.

He also knew that she was the firecracker that forced the northern barbarian to retreat, but he felt that she wasn't worthy of Ren Yun Xing.

However, he liked her, so he could only bless her. All these years, because of Ren Yun Xing's marriage, the Ren Family and the Su Family had been worrying too much about it, especially his grandmother.

Only then did he know that Ren Yun Xing's idea was big, that it was all his scheme.

"Don't worry about this uncle. I have my own solutions, but I still need you to help me out ?" Ren Yun Xing leaned in and whispered.

Fu Yao was once again thrown into the prison, and the group of women immediately ran far away when they saw her.

F * * k, wasn't this the same as getting married? It's all a plague! Fu Yao asked angrily: "Hey, are you guys married?"

Those people immediately nodded their heads.

Aside from Fu Yao, everyone above the age of twenty of this East Mausoleum had already been married off, without exception.

"Fu Yao, time to eat." The bailiff carried a big box of dishes and placed it in front of Fu Yao, "Hurry up and eat it."

Fu Yao just opened it, "The food in the cell is not bad, there's even chicken legs."

Before he could put it in his mouth, he heard another group of people say, "Oh my god, how happy was the decapitated rice? Is that person's brain fine?"

The rest of the people nodded.

Fu Yao chewed on the meat and swallowed: "Is this the Head Severing Rice?"

Then, he saw that they had a bowl of rancid dry rice and a few vegetables. The difference between them and her was obviously much greater.

It wasn't the Head Cutting Rice or something.

Where did this logic come from? If they didn't get married, they would have to die. That modern woman was already dead. She couldn't even finish her food anymore. She pushed her food towards the middle and said, "You guys go ahead and eat."

"Really?" The woman swallowed.

"Eat, eat. I feel annoyed looking at it." Fu Yao immediately waved his hand, she had actually gotten to such a state.

A few prisoners swarmed forward and divided it among themselves. Fu Yao leaned against the moldy wall and sighed heavily. As expected, she did not attempt to escape the punishment set by the law.

After the prisoner finished eating, he wiped his mouth and burped, "Don't be afraid, there's actually a way to resolve this matter of yours."

"How?" Do you want me to get married immediately? " Fu Yao rolled his eyes at her.

"Sigh, just like that. Get married immediately." Unexpectedly, the prisoner clapped his hands and said, "You can tell the county magistrate that you already have an engagement with someone, but that unscrupulous man married someone else and wasted your time. You only need to find someone to marry immediately and it will be over."

"What kind of joke is this?"

She had only been back for half a month, so how could she find a suitable candidate so quickly?

Suddenly, a popinjay appeared in his mind. Hadn't he also been forced into marriage? Or?

No, forget it, since he was related to the Shangguan Family, she might as well find a land, otherwise Feng Man Lou would treat him well.

Heroic, no burden.

"You're really smart." He immediately stood up, he was extremely excited, he leaned on the pillar and bellowed, "Men, come! I want to see Su County Order, I am wrongly accused!"

In the afternoon, Fu Yao was once again sent to the court.

"You were falsely accused? Tell me, why are you wronged? " The Su County Order said.

"I actually had an engagement eight years ago, and both families had a wedding, but that husband of mine married my aunt's daughter behind my back, and from then on, I was sold to a servant under a death contract. I only regained my freedom in a few days, and the truth is that I have a fiance named Feng Man Lou, and he is currently in my house.

Fu Yao remained unmoved. If you say the wrong things to me, Feng Man Lou, you are dead.

"Is that the case? Someone, pass Feng Man Lou down to the main hall. If you speak nonsense, Fu Yao, your crime will be even greater. " Su County Order frowned.

He shouldn't be that stupid, right?

Ren Yun Xing sat at the back of the hall, with a 'kacha' sound, he shattered the cup and his eyes lit up like torches. Fu Yao, you know me, but if you don't talk about me after knowing me for half a month, you are talking about Feng Man Lou.

He got up and whistled fiercely: "Go, kill Feng Man Lou, don't leave him alive."

"This, Pavilion Master, this ?" The man in black was embarrassed. He couldn't beat Feng Man Lou either.


The man in black kneeled on the floor, accepting the order ?

Two hours later, Feng Man Lou placed a blade on the black clothed man's neck. "Ren Yun Xing sent you to assassinate me?"

"This, Castle Lord Feng, you and Pavilion Master, please don't make things difficult for our subordinates anymore, okay?"

Feng Man Lou raised his eyebrows, and said coldly: "Because of what?"

"When Pavilion Master heard Fu Yao say that her fiance was you, so ?"

"So you're here to assassinate me?"


Feng Man Lou kept his sword. You provoked me first, and since it was like that, I don't mind making things harder for you.

Just then, a few more yamen runners came, "Who's Feng Man Lou, come with us."

"I am."

When the bailiff saw him, he immediately grabbed him and brought him to the county.

"Brother Feng, what's going on?" Wu Zhen Niang heard the bailiff coming again and ran over without putting on his shoes.

"Nothing, just take care of Aunt Fu and Fu Feng. I'll be back in a few days." Feng Man Lou consoled.

"Sir official, what is going on? We are all good citizens, you cannot take him away."

Zhen Niang stood in front of him.

The situation seemed to be getting more serious. The young duke Ren had disappeared, and now the bailiffs were coming to arrest Big Brother Feng. Just what had happened these past few days to cause such a ruckus?

"Hurry up and get out of the way, we're still waiting to go back and report."

"Zhen Niang, don't worry. We will definitely come back in a few days. You must take care of them." Feng Man Lou then said to the bailiff, "Let's go."

He had a nagging feeling that Feng Man Lou had not come with good intentions, so he hurried back to report to the Pavilion Master. However, at this moment, his body stiffened and he squatted on the house beam.

Castellan Feng, you can't dupe the Pavilion Master like this.

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