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Fu Chun Hua and Widow Sun were cursing and laughing at the side of the melon seeds in the house. Now that Fu Yao had died, those things would belong to her.

"Do you think everyone will know that we're reporting to the authorities?" Widow Sun was a little scared, after all she had seen the biggest official in his life before.

If not for Fu Chun Hua's idea, she would not even have dared to think of this.

"Who cares about who reported you? This is a report, so I should give you a reward."

"But, forget it, anyway, this is the truth, it's just that A Niu ran off somewhere, do you think he will take revenge on me?"

"How could that be? I think he just ran away. Don't worry so much, just sit back and watch the show." Fu Chun Hua spat out and the melon seed shell fell onto her clothes, and she casually dusted it off.

"What a pity..."

"What a waste of a fart. He's just a poor bastard, what does he think he's doing?" Fu Chun Hua rolled his eyes at her, and grabbed another handful of melon seeds, "Now, just wait until Fu Yao dies, then we can take that money to live a good life, and then I will help you set up a match to my fifth brother, Li Family. You have strength, you are even stronger than A Niu."

"Thank you, big sister." The Widow Sun nodded his head. The fifth brother of the Li Family was not bad, he had not gotten married even when he was in his twenties.

The villagers all watched the scene from afar. Although it was indeed a shameful thing to see a woman not getting married at such a young age, this was the first time they saw a girl not getting married at the right age.

Then he was caught.

After Feng Man Lou was taken away, the Fujimori began to wail and wipe the floor, wailing at Fu Yao's pity. But at that time, the people who were caught by the yamen runners, the commoners, didn't even have the chance to resist.

Fu Feng pursed his lips from start to finish, not saying a word. There were two tears in his eyes, which looked even more painful than the Fujimori.

The Wu family members were extremely worried, the Wu came over on crutches to console him, and the Aunt Wang accompanied the Fujimori to wipe her tears, but Zhen Niang kept thinking about what Feng Man Lou had said.

He was waiting for something good to happen, but the more he waited, the more anxious he became. He also felt that it was impossible.

"Aunt, don't be anxious. Sister Fu Yao has her own sky appearance, she will definitely be fine. And Brother Feng said so too. Elder Sister Yao will definitely be back in three days." Zhen Niang said this sentence until her mouth was about to rot.

"But it's already the second day, so we should be back. That Feng Man Lou is not familiar with us, what if he lied to us ? ? "No, I'm going to the county now. Even if I have to kowtow to the county magistrate and kill myself, as long as I let the little girl off, I'm willing to."

"Aunt Fu, believe me, I'm sure you'll be fine." Zhen Niang said with a guilty conscience.

"Mom, I believe sister will definitely be fine."

Fu Feng clenched his teeth and vowed to himself that he must have the power to protect his family in the future.

Suddenly, a sharp sound of suona came from outside. It seemed to be the sound of someone sending off a bride.

Isn't this a stab into the heart of Fujimori? Her daughter went to jail because she wasn't married yet, but the other children got married again. This this ?

Fujimori cried even harder. If not for her, Fu Yao would already be married off to someone else.

Zhen Niang frowned, she did not know how Fu Yao was doing right now. Brother Feng said that there would definitely be no problem, there would definitely be someone who would come knocking to propose, how long has it been?

The firecrackers did not stop.

Could it be that the person Brother Feng spoke of is here?

Zhen Niang anxiously opened the door and saw Ren Yun dismount from his horse. She smiled at her, and did not react in time.

"Young duke, what's going on?" Zhen Niang looked at the neat rows of two and three carriages behind her and was a little shocked. When had she ever seen so many things?

Could it be that the person Feng Man Lou mentioned was Ren Yun Xing?

Ren Yun Xing was a Marquis, his identity was noble, and he couldn't be better matched with Fu Yao. She had long felt that Ren Yun Xing was somewhat interested in him.

It was just that he was not sure, since his opponent's identity was not good. Although the Elder Sister Yao was not bad, there was still some distance between them.

She was finally right.

"Is Aunt Fu here?" Ren Yun Xing gave his horse to the servants, everything seemed to be in a rush.

However, if he did not hurry up and was afraid that that person would kidnap Fu Yao in another name, he might as well hurry up and make the decision.

To be honest, he should be thankful to Fu Chun Hua and Widow Sun, if not this matter would have been delayed a bit longer.

"Yes, I am." Zhen Niang immediately pushed open the door and shouted, "Aunt Fu, someone is proposing marriage."

Ren Yun Xing asked the servants to move the betrothal gifts into the house one by one. It filled the entire courtyard, with 18 boxes, 18 batches of silk and antiques, everything that could be seen.

Everyone suspected that Ren Yun Xing had moved his house over.

Fujimori was also startled when she saw him. For the past half month, she basically did not go out, and did not care what Fu Yao did, but she knew that Ren Yun Xing liked Fu Yao.

However, her family's little girl had never thought about that.

Aunt Wang supported Fujimori out.

"A Niu, what are you doing?"

The matchmaker beside him swung her handkerchief and walked over, "You must be Fu Yao's mother, we have come to propose marriage for you ?"

? ?.

Two hours ago.

"Fu Yao."

Fu Yao sat on the prison mat and angrily ripped it apart. The damned Feng Man Lou actually dared to run away, damn, she ate a few free meals at her home.

Bastard, you're not going up when it's time.

He raised his head and saw Ren Yun Xing, and said excitedly: "Ren Yun Xing, why are you here?"

"To save you!"

"You came at the right time. Hurry up and open the cell. It's uncomfortable staying here for the whole day." Fu Yao looked at him, thinking that she was really stupid, to not use such a good network, thinking about Feng Man Lou.

He was so angry that he died. He didn't know what Feng Man Lou was doing, but a yamen runner was looking for him.

"It's fine to save you, but you have to do me a favor."

"No problem, what's the matter?"

"Marry me."

Fu Yao opened her eyes wide, "What kind of joke is this, I'm not going to marry you."

The pavilion master of the Seven Killing Pavilion, she was not an idiot, shouldn't marrying him cause a bunch of trouble?

"Then forget it." Ren Yun Xing shook his head, "Then I have no other choice, you can only ?."


Fu Yao withdrew her gaze. If Ren Yun Xing wasn't the Little Marquis Lord, she could consider it. In these few days, Ren Yun Xing was indeed a good person, but he was still part of the Shangguan family, and he was also the pavilion master of the Seven Killing Pavilion.

What if he was implicated with the imperial government?

"Fu Yao, because you are going to get married at such a young age and I have been forced to do so, why don't we make do with each other and get through this first? A year later, let's go together, what do you think?"

"I ?"

"Sure, I promise. A year from now, I will leave."

Fu Yao pursed her lips. What Ren Yun Xing said was very true, there seemed to be only one way left to resolve this issue. With the addition of the fact that she had an uncle in charge of the county, he would definitely be able to save a lot of trouble in the future.

Furthermore, she kept feeling uneasy. That person seemed to be coming for her ?

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