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"Look at what you're saying, Yao'er's face is red. Come Yao'er, let grandmother have a good look." Old Lady Su kindly waved at her.

She hadn't thought that she would have such a granddaughter-in-law. Her eyesight was actually better than hers.

Fu Yao was East Mausoleum's only female general, she was a woman that was filled with endless admiration. If she was that young, Old Lady Su would also follow her into the battlefield.

If you were to talk about Old Lady Su, she was also a rare woman, and did not love red makeup or weapons. Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to go out and fight at that time.


Fu Yao obediently called out, and stepped forward to allow them to size her up.

"Ai, good good good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Old Lady Su grabbed Fu Yao's hand, "Oh you, since you're married, then my great-grandson will soon be married.

Fu Yao lowered her head, the old lady had a good impression of her, and she relaxed.

He served the tea one by one, calling it in a sweet tone.

Fu Yao had a pile of good things in her arms, all given to him by the Old Lady Su.

"I will not lose if I marry you!" Fu Yao's face was filled with greed.

In the past, he had been worried about money. But now, given how rich he was, there was nothing to be afraid of. It was a good thing that she had so much silver. It would take her three years to wait for her grape field to take shape.

"However, you don't have a home here. Where do we live? Let's just say it first, I will not return to the capital. " Fu Yao said, she had already discussed this with him before.

If it doesn't work, then let's part ways.

"You'll know in a few days."

"Tsk, how mysterious."

Three days later, Fu Yao brought several large carts home. Fu Yao didn't want it, she didn't want to have any financial connections to him.

Unfortunately, he didn't even have the right to refuse.

They were all arranged with the Su's.

"Mom, I'm back."

Fu Yao got off the car. Fujimori was looking forward to it, but when he saw her, she immediately cried, "She's back, she's finally back!"

Fu Feng also immediately went forward and hugged Fu Yao's leg, and shouted loudly, "Sis, Sis."

The horse carriage outside the door was something that many villagers stopped to watch. Even ox-carts were rarely seen in the village, let alone any kind of horse carriage. Fu Yao married well, it turns out that A Niu was even the son of an official.

No wonder his whole body had an extraordinary bearing.

Those who had been gossiping about in secret could not wait to lie down in front of them and say good words.

"Thirty years in the east, thirty years in the west. Look at how, eight years after her daughter left, she was able to find a rich and powerful son-in-law.

"Fujimori's life is good now. In the future, I won't need to worry about food and clothes."

"There are so many things that I will never be able to use up again in my lifetime. Tsk tsk, if I was Fu Chun Hua, I would definitely not be like her, selling people's sons and stealing things. Now that has struck it rich, I will ignore her in the future. "

"You're right, where is Fu Chun Hua? I haven't seen her in three days. "

"She ? I think she hid herself because she was too embarrassed to meet others."

The outside was bustling with noise and excitement, but so was the inside.

Although he did not like A Niu previously, he never expected him to have such a great background and even saved his own daughter. He was at a loss for words.

Ren Yun Xing stepped forward and shouted, "Mother!"

"Ahhhhh, sit, sit! I'll pour some water for all of you!" Fujimori busied herself to go out, crying her eyes out.

Fu Yao was so lucky to be able to get married at her age.

"You sure know how to shout!" Fu Yao rolled her eyes. A husband and wife in name, it was obvious that they would call for help.

"Not bad."

Fu Yao came back to rest for a while, before being pulled up by Fujimori to kowtow towards Fu Chunhai's memorial tablet. She bowed with her hands clasped in front of her chest, and Fujimori also knelt at the side as she chanted with conviction, "Death ghost, rest in peace your soul in heaven. Yao'er has returned, and even married a woman.

Fu Yao followed suit and kowtowed as well, thinking to herself, What a cheap father, don't ever give her a dream again.

"Yao'er, I heard that my son-in-law lives in the capital and temporarily lives with the county governor." Do you think his family will despise you? "

"Mom, even if his parents want to, I can't. Furthermore, Ren Yun Xing said that he will settle down in the Apricot Village in the future. " Fu Yao said, "Moreover, he said that he wanted to build a big house so we can live together."

"Really? Will his parents agree? "

"Of course I agree. Otherwise, can I come back?"

did not ask about this matter anyways, since Ren Yun Xing said he would stay there, his parents would naturally go and tell him.

"Then doesn't this look like ?" Fujimori was a little worried. If Ren Yun Xing stayed here, then it would be no different from being a wife.

"Mother, isn't that good? Do you really have to let me go with him to the capital? " Fu Yao tugged at Fujimori, "Mother, I haven't even been back for a month, and you already want to kick me out?"

"Not really."

"If that's not the case, A Niu said that he would build a house here. At that time, it would be very close, and in terms of visiting, it would be impossible."

"Anyways, it's your own affair, since it's A Niu's call, it's time to change your mind." Fujimori joked.

"I don't care, even if we call him A Niu, he wouldn't dare to say anything."

? ?.

Zhen Niang knew that Fu Yao had returned, and immediately brought everything over, "Elder Sister Yao, you finally came back, I missed you so much."

Everything happened too suddenly and the wedding was in a hurry, but she was sincerely lucky for Fu Yao. After all, there had been a scandal before when she was twenty years old.

When Fu Yao went out of the door, she saw Zhen Niang and Feng Man Lou entering the door together.

"Aiyo, you're finally back." Feng Man Lou saw that just as she was about to pounce on him, he was blocked by someone.

He was so angry that he was about to die. Not only did he give a huge gift for the wedding banquet, he even sent Ren Yun Xing out to lock someone up.

The most important thing was that he did not eat the food Fu Yao cooked the past few days.


"Why do I feel like you look weird?" Fu Yao squinted his eyes and looked up and down.

"Strange? "It's not strange at all. I'm probably hungry. I caught a lot of prey and they're all tied up in the backyard." Feng Man Lou stretched and returned to the woodshed.

Fu Yao went over to take a look. The yard was full of wild chickens, rabbits, deer, and even deer, it was extremely smelly.

"Young mistress, when you're not around, Brother Feng will go and capture her every day. Let Mother cook for him, but he won't eat her in the end." Fu Feng muttered while standing beside her.

Fu Yao supported her forehead, and chose a few living beings to give to Zhen Niang, but she refused to accept them.

Elder Sister Yao, what you have cooked for me is not as delicious as what you have cooked. It is also a waste. Zhen Niang said as she moved her fingers.

"That's fine too, call the auntie over tonight and have a barbecue tonight."


"Yeah, I haven't eaten in a long time."

"Elder Sister Yao, can I learn from you?"

"Of course, this is not some absolute art." Fu Yao agreed.

Feng Man Lou was curious, isn't barbecuing just lighting a fire and adding salt, what's there to eat? In the end, he still went along with Fu Yao's instructions to find some firewood and set up a rack, waiting to be roasted.

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