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After Fu Yao finished preparing the meat, the group of people arrived at the back of the mountain. Her house was too small and could not be used.

"What's the use of this metal board?" Feng Man Lou pointed to the metal board. Could roast meat even be used for this?

"I'm afraid that when the time comes someone will eat too fast, just use this metal plate to heat it up. Hurry up." Fu Yao raised his eyebrows. The barbecue was very delicious, but it took too much energy.

This piece of metal was big enough to fit two buckets of rice.

Feng Man Lou rubbed his nose, this was good too, he had just thought of what he should do if he could not win against Ren Yun Xing.

Fu Yao wanted to find Hu Yang's tree to roast the meat, but unfortunately, this place was not a dry place in Xinjiang, so she could only use poplar branches as substitutes.

She sat beside the bonfire and commanded Feng Man Lou to take the important parts. Then, she pulled Zhen Niang to sit in front of the iron plate to rest.

"Sister Yao, congratulations. But are you going to the capital in the future?"

"Who told you I was going to the capital? I had no plans." Fu Yao said.

Only then did Zhen Niang heave a sigh of relief, and raised her head with a smile: "That's good, with you here I can relax."

In the past few days, Feng Man Lou stayed at her house and he couldn't even finish eating a few mouthfuls before putting down his chopsticks.

"What are you relieved about?" Fu Yao asked curiously.

"Nothing, I'm going to roast." Zhen Niang quickly shook her off and ran to Feng Man Lou's side, blushing.

What's wrong with this girl? Fu Yao scratched her head.

"My wife." Ren Yun Xing sat beside her, smiling widely.

"Ren Yun Xing, can you be more serious?" Fu Yao facepalmed. Was he trying to act like a playboy for too long?

"I'm very serious, Fu Yao, I ?"

"Fu Yao, come over here quickly. The meat seems to be roasted."

Feng Man Lou who was in front shouted, and immediately stood up and ran over, "Why are you so stupid, didn't I tell you?

Ren Yun Xing released and unclenched his fists. Why should he not let Feng Man Lou do what he wanted?

Fu Yao had roasted half of the meat, and the other half was placed on a metal board to roast. The sound of crackling oil came out, and the meat was rolled up.

"Not bad at all. What are you putting out? Why haven't I seen it before?" Feng Man Lou looked at the brown powder that Fu Yao had taken out.

"This is cumin, especially delicious when sprinkled on barbecue." Fu Yao explained. She found it when she was at northern barbarian and brought it back with her.

Fu Yao gave the roasted meat to Zhen Niang and said righteously: "Give it to them. Remember not to let this guy finish it."

This guy was referring to Feng Man Lou, the one that was just finished roasting was already finished by him.

"Zhen Niang." Feng Man Lou raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhen Niang, only to see that she gave half to him.

"You're on the right path."

Fu Yao laughed, seeing that Fu Feng was sitting alone playing with her fingers. There were many people around, but not many could play with him. Raising her head, she saw the children not far away stretching their necks to look around. They were about the same age as Fu Feng, and were all attracted by the fragrance of the roast meat.

The one leading was coincidentally the little fellow who threw a rock at Fu Feng that day. He was the son of the village's Li San-mei, and his name was Hu Zi.

"Hu Zi, come here." Fu Yao waved at him.

Hu Zi shrunk his neck. He often bullied Fu Feng in the village, could it be that his sister wanted to bully him back? He licked his lips. He should run now, but the roast meat was delicious, so he was tempted to go up.

"Why did you call me!" Hu Zi let out a cold breath, and pretended to be an adult.

"It's nothing. You must be hungry."

Fu Yao smiled as she handed him a barbecue. Hu Zi was stunned, could it be that her sister saw that he wanted to eat it? With a blushing face, he embarrassedly received it, "Thank you, Elder Sister Yao."

"Call your friends over here. There are still a lot of them." Fu Yao pointed to the remaining one-third of the meat on the ground.

Actually, eating carburized food wasn't good, but eating less wasn't a problem. Moreover, looking at these seven or eight children, being thin and weak was truly a heartache.

Hu Zi immediately called for his little friends, who circled around Fu Yao. Feng Man Lou ate until he was satisfied, and then he did not fight with the children. There was a lot of meat, which could be created by them.

"Aunt, can I bring some back to my brother?" A little girl said.

"Of course you can. Also, bring some back for your father." Fu Yao recognised her. She was the daughter of her sixth son.

"Thank you, Aunt." The girl began to dance.

Fu Yao saw that Fu Feng was still plucking his fingers, and sat beside him: "Why aren't you playing with them?"

He remembered the first time he met Fu Feng, his words were heartbreaking.

"I don't want to." Fu Feng looked up and down. What's so interesting about this bunch of rotten children?

"Are you sure you don't want to?"

Just then, Hu Zi walked over to him with a face full of excitement.

"Not going."



Not allowing him to refuse, he was directly pulled away by Hu Zi.

Fu Feng followed Hu Zi and the others to dig out the eggs. He ordered Hu Zi to climb the tree, saying that there were birds eggs on top, so Hu Zi ate Fu Yao's meat obediently. What if he didn't give it to his sister the next time, it would be better to curry favor with Fu Feng.

"Sigh, there really is one. How did you know? If I had known earlier, I would have called you. There's no need to crawl around anymore." Hu Zi raised the bird egg in his hand. Fu Feng was stunned, previously when they climbed the trees, they could only find two or three bird nests out of the ten trees, but every tree that Fu Feng pointed to had one.

Hu Zi carried a bird's egg and jumped down from the tree. He was as nimble as a monkey.

"I could tell that." Fu Feng was pleased, he was thin and weak and could not climb up the tall trees, the short tree-bird eggs were long gone.

Every time, he would observe the surroundings of the bird's nest tree, as well as the leaves on the tree, to determine if there was a bird's nest.

Everyone returned after a great victory. Hu Zi held onto twenty odd bird eggs, and excitedly took them from Fu Yao: "Aunt, look at how much I've taken out."

"So many. Good boy." Fu Yao patted his head as she praised him. It was time for Fu Feng to integrate into the group of children.

The violence on campus was a very scary thing. Her Feng Er was still young, so she needed to take good care of him.

Fu Feng was a little unhappy. His sister Hu Zi was being obsequious, and awkwardly grabbed Fu Yao's hand: "I ordered him to look for it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to find so much."

"Right, right, right, it's all thanks to Fu Feng, he's too awesome, trying to find an egg." Hu Zi laughed, "Aunt, I will give these to you."

"For me?"

"We ate a little too much ?" Hu Zi scratched his head in embarrassment.

"It's fine, you can share it with your friends. This bird's egg is so small, but it's still not enough for us to fill the gaps in our teeth." Fu Yao rejected the offer. This Hu Zi was still young, he had some ways of doing things, no wonder he could become the village's child's boss.

"That won't do. If Aunt doesn't accept, then I'll puke out the food."

"My wife, please accept it. I want to eat roasted quail."

Fu Yao was embarrassed, things that can take in children were indeed not good, it was difficult to refuse a favor, so she could only take those dozens of quail eggs ?

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