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Fu Yao had not been back for more than two months. His family was rich, and she had even married a son of an official. His family's status was like the sun in the sky, and the biggest family still had a big family, but now, the biggest family was Ren Yun Xing.

With this status, no one in the village dared to cause trouble. They could not wait to catch the east wind and travel a thousand miles in a single day. There were a lot of people who came to look for Fujimori in the past few days. Their words sounded close to each other, and Fujimori finally felt proud after all these years.

People were like this. When they were poor, everyone would turn their back on them. When they were rich, everyone would follow them. In the rural areas, this was no exception.

And Fu Yao was simply the model of a nouveau riche!

Fu Yao busied herself every day, wishing she could grow even more hands. Although she was not busy, it was already autumn, and there were still many wild grapes in the mountain, she needed to pick and brew wine, it was truly a bit unsatisfying.

She had bought fifty acres of land, but she still hadn't turned in yet. She still had money, so in a few days time, she would have to buy an ox-cart. Her dream of building a large manor still needed a few more years.

"Feng Er, how are your preparations? Are you confident you can pass the Autumn Competition?" Fu Yao stroked Fu Feng's clothes as she held a schoolbag in her hand.

Fu Yao's needlework was not good, she had roughly told Zhen Niang how to make it look, but never expected that it would look no different from modern times. If she embroidered a cute image, she would definitely be able to sell it for a good price.

"Don't worry big sister, I'm ready." Fu Feng was very confident. He had finished reading the Three Character Classic, and he remembered everything Feng Man Lou taught him.

Surely nothing would go wrong.

"That's good." Fu Yao brought Fu Feng and the other two to Mr. Liu's house in the next village.

Hu Zi saw Fu Yao jumping and greeting him, while the Li San-mei beside him glared at him, "You think it's proper for Mister to not want you?"

Hu Zi obediently lowered his head.

"It's Fu Yao, you're here too, what's on your back, it's so delicate." Fu Yao still hadn't walked in when the Li San-mei welcomed him with a smile, "Thank you for treating this brat to food yesterday. If you say so, eat it.

"It's alright. They're all from the mountains anyway, and belong to everyone."

The Li San-mei was the same age as Fu Yao, but they were younger, so Hu Zi called his Aunt. But Fu Yao was embarrassed. He was leading his son and her brother. But for some reason, when he looked at Fu Yao who was like seventeen years old, he didn't look like the Li San-mei who was filled with vicissitudes of life.

Li San-mei secretly sighed, and touched his own aged hands. They were clearly the same age, but the two of them looked completely different. Even if Fu Yao called her Aunt in front of everyone, no one would believe that they were the same age.

"No matter what, I still have to thank you. Come over for dinner when you're free." After a short period of imbalance, the Li San-mei smiled.

"There's no need to be polite, Aunt. This is a small matter."

"What's that thing on Feng Er's back? It's so delicate, your hands are so clever." Li San-mei praised as he looked at the backpack.

"I don't dare take credit for this, it is Zhen Niang's doing."

"You mean Zhen Niang?" The Li San-mei was a little surprised. Wu Zhen Niang rarely showed his face, and no one in the village knew that she had such a good hand.

"Yeah, I just said it verbally and she did it." Fu Yao saw Li San-mei's astonishment.

In their eyes, Zhen Niang was a cat that stayed home and did not go out, and people's faces were rarely seen, so she should also go out for a walk. Fu Yao decided that if she wanted to make Zhen Niang stronger, at least she would have the skills to rely on to eat and rub together.

"Everyone, stand still. The exam is about to begin. Everyone, keep quiet." At the door, the children stood in order.

Fu Yao patted Fu Feng's little head, "Wait until you go in, you can answer anything Sir says. As long as you don't panic, there's no problem."

"Don't worry, Sis. I know what to do. Actually, you don't need to come." Fu Feng was very confident in his own ability to learn.

"Alright, alright, alright. Then I'll wait here for you. I'll make you something nice tonight."

After Fu Yao sent Fu Feng in, they chatted for two hours before Fu Feng and the others came out. Some of them were crying while others were laughing.

Fu Yao and Li San-mei hurriedly stood up to take a look, only to see Hu Zi walking out while crying and crying while Fu Feng continued to comfort him. Li San-mei's heart tightened. This was the third time, could it be that he did not pass the examination again?

He grabbed Hu Zi and wanted to scold him, but swallowed his words back down. Looking at him crying like he was about to cry, he could not bear to scold him, "Alright, alright, you failed to pass the examination, what's the big deal? From now on, you'll have to learn some skills from your father and stop studying."

This made Hu Zi cry even louder.

Fu Yao didn't know how to comfort her, so she pulled Fu Feng and asked, "How are you doing? Did you pass? "

"Sis, you don't believe me that much?"

Hearing that he had passed the examination, Fu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, but he did not dare to be too happy, afraid that he would offend Li San-mei, so he patted Fu Feng's shoulder to express his excitement.

"You really are something."

"Of course, why don't you see who our father is?" Fu Feng said with a face full of arrogance.

"I said you're fat and you're panting."

Hu Zi used all his might to wipe his tears. Suddenly, he broke away from Li San-mei's hands and ran in front of Fu Feng, giving him a fierce bear hug. "Fu Feng, I'll follow you from now on.

What was going on? Fu Yao was speechless. Even Li San-mei did not know what had happened?

"But you are older than me." Fu Feng said.

"Oh, that's true. In the future, you will be my strategist."

"Hu Zi!" Li San-mei frowned, this kid must have been shocked.

"Mother, I passed the exam. Mister said I passed, I will go to school with Fu Feng." Hu Zi shouted excitedly.

"He passed the examination?" Li San-mei was shocked but not daring to believe this fact.

"Yes, Mother. At that time, Mister asked me if I had ever read a book, which books I had read, and which sentences I liked. It was all thanks to Fu Feng." Hu Zi's face was full of excitement, "When we were entering, Fu Feng recited a sentence for me to remember, and I remembered it. Coincidentally, Mr. coincidentally asked about this."

Fu Yao frowned, and caressed Fu Feng's head. Her brother was so smart, but she was too proud to be her sister.

"What sentence did Fu Feng recite?"

"God or earth or whatever."

"When the heavens are strong, the noblemen shall never cease their self-improvement." The ground is deep, and a gentleman carries things with his thickness. "

"Yes, yes, that's it. He translated it for me at the time, and it came in handy, but I forget what I mean now." Hu Zi rubbed the back of his head, he was so excited that he forgot about everything else.

"Aiyo, thank you, Fu Feng, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be able to enter." Li San-mei was full of smiles.

Fu Yao asked on the way back home with Fu Feng: "How do you know what mister is asking?"

"Yes, that's what the people in front of us are asking." Fu Feng answered honestly.

"Do you know what that means?"

"Of course I know. It means that a gentleman should always be able to move about like a heavenly being, unyielding even when he is in need. If you are a gentleman, then the measure of objects must be like the earth, and nothing cannot be carried. "

"How did you do this?" Fu Yao was shocked. She was a little prodigy, but she remembered buying a Three Character Classic for Fu Feng.

"It was taught by brother-in-law. He even bought a lot of books for me, but many of them were very profound. I read them rather slowly."

Fu Yao was speechless, she didn't know much about studying, otherwise how would she be admitted to the Physical Education Academy, relying on her strength and not her brain. Although she was doing well in the army, that was only because her boss could do it easily. She was responsible for bringing up ideas and staying in the spearhead.

Before they even reached home, they saw Fujimori craning her neck to look around, and saw them rushing over: "How is it, did you pass the examination?"

"He passed the exam."

"Aiyo, my family's Feng Er is really strong, really strong ?"

The next morning, Li San-mei came to his door with a basket of eggs. He had to thank Fu Feng for helping him, no matter how much he refused, he would not listen.

If he knew that Fu Feng was helping, why didn't he come to thank him?

Fujimori wanted to reject him, but was stopped by Fu Yao, who said her thanks: "Then we'll accept it in embarrassment."

"Of course, of course. I still have some work to do in the field, so I won't stay here. Let's chat again in the future." The Li San-mei was also in a hurry.

Actually, the people in the countryside were simple and honest, there were people like Fu Chun Hua, but they were very few, and coincidentally, Fu Yao met them all.

Fujimori was still worried. There were at least forty eggs in a basket, which was a huge amount of money for a villager.

"Mom, didn't you want to get on good terms with the villagers? Isn't this a good opportunity?" Fu Yao said, the Fu family had a foreign surname, her grandfather had just moved here and died, leaving behind three children, and no one to help him, it was not an easy task for them to take root here.

"Ai, alright. I'll go and make some shoes for you."

"Mom, why are you working so hard? Let's talk after you've completely recovered."

"Then I'll take a look around the backyard."

"That's more like it." Fu Yao nodded, and turned to see Ren Yun Xing leaning on the door.

"I say, my wife, now that you've been busy these past few days, it's time for you to take care of your husband." Ren Yun Xing's tone was filled with grief and grief. His wife was taking care of her husband, so he didn't feel too good about it.

"Do you want me to care so much about you?" Fu Yao waved his fist and turned to go find some wine.

Looking at the crowded courtyard, he felt a little stuffy. Should he change to a bigger house? It would be best if it was a two-story villa. Since he wanted to build a house, he would need to build a luxurious one.

The current amount of silver was just enough to eat, so Fu Yao used these gifts as dowry, but it was not her own, so she could not touch them. Now, all of them added up to no more than a hundred taels.

A small villa would need at least 300 taels of silver. She also wanted to make the furniture modern. After squatting in the dry toilet for 8 years, she didn't even dare to go in the winter. It was so cold that her butt hurt.

He had to hurry up his business with Wang Yu Lang, if only he could create a house in the winter ?

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