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With the thought of building a house, Fu Yao spent all her time calculating, counting her silver, wishing she could pay a few hundred silver.

"My wife, what are you doing here?" Ren Yun Xing sat at the side and watched her count for the third time before she finally spoke.

"I want to build a house on the second floor." Fu Yao kept the silver well, he still lacked a lot of money.

"How much do you need? Let me make up for it."

"Forget it, Ren Yun Xing, I don't want to spend your silver. Fu Yao rejected her. It didn't matter if they were truly husband and wife.

However, their current relationship was a little awkward. How could Ren Yun Xing casually take money from them?

Ren Yun Xing knocked on the table. Ever since they got married, Fu Yao had become even colder.

With a snap of his fingers, it was time to release Xiao Ming Yuan.

Fu Yao stretched out outside the courtyard. The grapes she picked from the mountains only brewed ten pots of wine, one pot was worth twenty silvers so she sold it to Wang Yu Lang. There were two hundred silvers, it was definitely enough to build a house.

After Fu Yao thought about it, sshe decided to use this money to buy grapes in the vicinity of the village. After looking around, he found that only the Li San-mei was growing grapes.

"Fu Yao, you want some grapes, right? Wait a moment, aunty will give you some." When Li San-mei went home to take the scissors, he already thought of it as pretty when he was making grapes. Furthermore, there were wild grapes like this everywhere in the mountains, so it couldn't be considered rare.

In the past, the reason why Wang Yu Lang kept this a secret was because he was afraid of letting someone know. Now that there was no longer a need to keep it a secret, could it be that she couldn't live a peaceful life in broad daylight?

In the military camp, one just had to be silent. Was there really a need to be sneaky when returning to his own territory?

"Aunty, I'm afraid it's not enough at all. I want all the grapes here." Fu Yao called out to Third Aunt.

"All?" Li San-mei turned his head in shock, "Why do you need so much?"

"Brewing wine."

"Fu Yao, stop joking, how can grapes be used to brew wine?" Li San-mei obviously did not believe him.

"Whether it's a joke or not is also good. Third Aunt, are you selling this grape for three taels?"

"Are you going to take it?" Li San-mei saw that the top of her head was full of grapes. Even if she were to sell them in the market, it would only be for a catty and no one would buy them.

However, drinking was a rare thing, she heard about how Fu Yao went to the mountains to pick grapes everyday, could it be that when Fu Yao became rich, it would be to brew wine?

"Yep, the more I want to buy, the better."

Li San-mei thought for a while and said: "Three pieces of gold is too much, my grape wine is only worth two pieces of gold per catty, just give me two pieces of gold."


"Alright, that's settled then. I didn't mean to give you cheap. Give me some of the wine you brew when the time comes and I'll have a taste. This is the first time I've heard about wine." "If you have the time, come pick them. Seeing that I can't sell these grapes, you really helped me out a lot. You're not allowed to refuse."

Fu Yao nodded, "Aunt also knows if there are people growing grapes nearby."

"There is, but I'm not sure about other things, but it seems like there are grapes growing in Mr. Liu's house, but Mr. Liu is protecting it like a treasure, and I heard that there are still rare white grapes."

"White grapes, you say?" Fu Yao suddenly opened her eyes wide. She had looked for the ingredients for the champagne, but there were no white grapes.

Tramps find no place, get all the trouble.

Fu Yao was not stingy, she brought a pot of wine to Li San-mei in the afternoon, looking at Ren Yun Xing with tears in her eyes, it was fine if her wife did not give him wine, but still gave it to someone else.

He was also sent to pick grapes.

After scaring the Li San-mei into the house, he did not dare come out. After all, Ren Yun Xing was an official, so how could she dare to approach him?

"Aunt, what are you afraid of? He's just an ordinary person and won't do anything to you." Fu Yao explained.

Li San-mei immediately shook his head, "You can pick them yourselves, I won't be going out."

Fu Yao could only sigh. Seriously, Ren Yun Xing's identity was good, but it was too embarrassing. In the past, there were a few people who would warmly greet him, but now they would lower their heads as if they had seen a big official.

It was indeed annoying!

They could only leave and continue instructing Ren Yun Xing.

Li San-mei laid on the ground and peeked at the door. The couple had a deep affection for each other, the young duke Ren actually listened to Fu Yao and still didn't dare to go out.

In the evening, Feng Man Lou came again uninvited. He even brought seven or eight rabbits that could reproduce very quickly. Fu Yao sent Zhen Niang two of them as well as some wine.

"Sister Yao, this is the wine you brewed. It's sour, sweet, and sweet. It also has a taste of alcohol. It's very good." This was also Zhen Niang's first time drinking wine. She had already sold everything that Fu Yao had made previously for money and didn't drink any of the wine.

The unbrewed second jar of wine was sent over.

"That's right, I'll give it to you to taste. It's good for the skin, but it's also good for the face."

"What effect does wine have?" Zhen Niang was so surprised that she did not want to.

"In my place. It's like this, red wine is also good for the body. " Fu Yao said with a sigh, but did not dare to be so extravagant.

Wait until you become a farmer.

When he returned home, three men were pitifully standing at the door waiting for him. Feng Man Lou kept rubbing his stomach as he looked at her resentfully. He had sent her a bottle of wine for the better part of the day.

"Waiting for me?"

"Yes." The three of them said in unison.

Fu Yao rolled her eyes. After all, she was the reincarnation of a hungry ghost. She went to the kitchen and quickly cleaned up the rabbits. She chopped, marinated, chopped scallion, chopped ginger and garlic foam, then boiled oil. After cooking the oil, there was a sizzling sound and a fragrance wafted out.

"Why are you here again? "Is it not busy?" Ren Yun Xing looked at Feng Man Lou and asked unhappily, "Has the matters with the Seven Killing Pavilion been settled?"

"Why do I smell such a strong scent of vinegar? Could it be that you haven't slept on the bed yet?" Feng Man Lou snorted lightly, and after eating a few meals, Ren Yun Xing started to hate him.

Furthermore, the most important thing was that the Seven Killing Pavilion did not belong to him, so why would he work so hard for Ren Yun Xing?

Ren Yun Xing squinted: "You still want to be busier right? I'll help you! "

"Don't, don't, don't. I was wrong, I was wrong, alright?" Feng Man Lou immediately surrendered. Damn it, he was blind to let the Feng Family Castle cooperate with the Seven Killing Pavilion.

Now he was blending in.

He glanced at Fu Feng who was laughing secretly, and patted his head: "Laughing my ass, in three years time, you will be satisfied."

"I was just laughing my ass off. Big Brother Feng, why are you always being bullied by my brother-in-law? Is that the problem? " Fu Feng scratched his head.

"Damn." Feng Man Lou took a deep breath. Was he being mocked by a little brat?

Just as he was about to teach them a lesson, Fu Yao came out with a large bowl of meat. He immediately forgot about teaching them a lesson and picked up the chopsticks.

Fu Feng and Ren Yun Xing shook their heads helplessly, they knocked their heads together, and confirmed that there was something wrong with their intelligence.

Fu Yao looked at him. Did she miss something?

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