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"Big sister, let's drink chicken soup." Fu Feng drank half of it, and seeing Fu Yao looking at him the whole time, he was a little perturbed in his heart. He then carefully handed the bowl to her.

"It's alright, big sister doesn't want to drink it. Feng Er, drink more, grow taller."

"Elder sister will not drink, Feng Er will not drink either." Fu Feng pouted. It must be because there was not enough chicken soup, so Big Sis didn't drink it.

"Ai, why is a child like you so touching?" Fu Yao drank a mouthful, then pushed the bowl in front of him, "Feng Er, relax and drink, there's still a lot in the pot."

"Sister Yue, are you home?"

When Fu Yao went out of the door, she saw a woman holding a basket standing outside, and saw Fu Yao's smiling expression, "It's a distant girl, I didn't believe it when they said you were back, but they've come to let Aunt see, she's picked a stick, and she's become prettier too."

Fu Yao subconsciously took a step back, blocking the door, and looked at him warily. This was the Aunt Wang next door, what was she doing here? She could not remember any friendship between them.

Could it be that Fu Chun Hua had found a spy?

"Ah, what a pity. Your mother is not well, and your little brother is too young. You must have suffered a lot outside in the past few years, right? Your aunt is not a person. Aiyo, I've been too busy talking and forgot something important. You still haven't eaten yet, right? "Just now, my family made some steamed buns for you. Now that you've relaxed, your future path will definitely be easy." Aunt Wang opened the basket and stuffed the steaming hot steamed buns into her hands.

Fu Yao was a little confused. Aunt Wang sent her food? Just now, it was her vile heart.

She leaned over and said, "Thank you, auntie. Please take a seat inside."

"No, I still need to give that couple food, so I won't sit down. I'll be relieved to see you. When you ran away, your mom was almost crying. Forget it, just come back." Aunt Wang patted Fu Yao's hand and earnestly left.

She held the three steamed buns in front of her, not knowing what to say. People in the countryside rarely ate white noodles.

She would remember this kindness, and she would remember this hatred.

"Cough cough cough, the Aunt Wang is here, right?" Fujimori said weakly after hearing Fu Yao's footsteps.

"Yeah, and I brought some steamed buns." Fu Yao stepped into the room and saw the Fujimori lying on the bedside coughing. She put down the steamed bun, supported her, and leaned onto the bedside.

"It's all thanks to your Aunt Wang for all these years of help, otherwise, cough cough cough."

"Mom, I understand." Fu Yao nodded. Fujimori wanted to tell her to remember Aunt Wang's kindness, so she would remember it even if she wasn't told.

Fu Yao soaked the steamed bun in the chicken soup and fed it to Fujimori. After taking care of her, she slept for a while. The sky turned dark, so she went out to stretch. It was a tiring day, so she had to run for it. Her entire body was sticky.

Then, she saw Fu Feng lying on the table and peacefully falling asleep, carefully lifting him up and placing him on the bed. The courtyard was very small, there were only three houses, one for Fujimori and one for trash. Today, she could only squeeze together with Fu Feng.

's little body was curled up in a ball, sleeping very unstably, and he was muttering nonstop, "Let go of my mother, sister, and sister."

She couldn't help but take a breath in. There must be a shadow in the heart of so many of Fu Feng's children that had happened. She didn't even dare imagine that if she hadn't come back today, Fu Feng would have been sold to the palace by Fu Chun Hua.

She leaned over and held his hand, "With big sister here, there's no need to be afraid."

After Fu Feng heard this, he relaxed his body and peacefully fell asleep.

Fu Yao looked at the tattered ceiling. had reached the age where she should be attending school, the most important thing was that being warm and full was a problem. From tomorrow onwards, she would be hunting properly to earn money.

After paying ten taels of silver, he would first repair the house, grow some vegetables, and start his life first.

Since he was going to accept this responsibility, he had to do the best he could.

Get out of poverty early and try to live a prosperous life. As he was thinking, he fell asleep...

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