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By the time he finished his meal, the sky had already darkened.

Ren Yun Xing leaned on the door and said to Fu Yao: "My wife, I wonder if I can go to bed tonight to sleep? The ground is too hard, which is not good for your health. Do you want to see your husband get sick at such a young age? "

"Don't even think about it! Besides, what has your illness got to do with me? " Fu Yao rejected him immediately.

What kind of joke was this? With such a huge hormone by her side, would she be able to sleep peacefully and cry out in relief?

Ren Yun Xing complained, "Every night, when you were shouting so much, grinding your teeth and farting, I did not despise you.

"Nonsense, when did I grind my teeth and fart?" Fu Yao's hand stopped and he threw the bowl into the wok.

Shouting out loud was something that would only happen when she ate too much, but grinding her teeth to fart was something that she didn't have the time to do.

In fact, what she did not know was that every night, it was Ren Yun Xing who would hug her and sleep. While she slept soundly, he would occasionally burp, talk in his sleep, and shout out some names.

"Yes, I sleep with these every night."

"You must have heard wrong."

"I sleep late every night because someone can't sleep at all."

Was he blaming her for not sleeping well?

"Washing dishes!" Otherwise, don't even think about eating tomorrow! " Fu Yao glared at him.

Where would she hide her face when such a thing was revealed? Even if there was, she would have to endure it secretly. Bastard, she's so shameless. She's still a girl after all.

He angrily punched Ren Yun Xing a few times.

When she turned around to leave, she saw someone standing in the doorway, looking at her.

The person in front of him was in a miserable state, with a body covered in dirt, it was unknown if he had crawled out from the quagmire, but he was looking at Fu Yao with an expression of anger.

Fu Yao was startled: "How did you become like this?"

"I'm asking you, hubby!" Xiao Ming Yuan said in a bad mood. He had been locked in the woodshed for three days, and if not for the guards falling asleep, he wouldn't have had the chance to run out.

"What did he do to you?" Fu Yao turned his head to look at Ren Yun Xing. Didn't he already say he would let it go?

"My wife, who is it?" Ren Yun Xing turned and saw Xiao Ming Yuan.

After Xiao Ming Yuan finished washing up, he wolfed down three bowls of rice before calming down. He looked at Fu Yao without saying a word, and sat alone in the courtyard, staring blankly at the stars.

Looking at the broken little courtyard, Fu Yao felt a little uncomfortable. Fu Yao had given up on the palace, given up on luxurious clothing and food, and now she came to this broken down little courtyard to stay.

Furthermore, she even married Ren Yun Xing, a popinjay. In the capital, Ren Yun Xing was sent to the border because he committed a crime, and his entire being was mischievous and had a terrible reputation. How could he possibly marry a legendary girl like Fu Yao?

Speaking of Fu Yao, it had been three days and three nights since they last spoke of it. The northern barbarian had already had the intention to invade the East Mausoleum. Previously, when war broke out, no one in the entire country was able to fight against the King of northern barbarian, Yale. If not for Fu Yao, the East Mausoleum would have been destroyed by the Steel Cavalry, and countless people would have been displaced.

This kind of extraordinary woman, logically speaking, should not be Fu Yao's life, she should be respected by tens of thousands of people, standing at a height that others could not even compare to, and should be the empress of this country.

He could not understand why Xiao Mingyu did not agree to Dong Ling Che's proposal. Instead, she married a popinjay, and the most shameless one at that ? ? Ren Yun Xing.

He could not bear to speak of what Ren Yun Xing had done in the capital!

"What are you doing here? Won't you go to sleep? " Fu Yao sat beside him. She owed Xiao Ming Yuan, and always doted on him like he was her little brother. He also trusted her a lot.

At that time when she had left the capital, she had deceived him, so she had been able to smoothly escape. In fact, she still felt somewhat guilty.

"Nothing!" He tilted his head and said angrily, "I'm so angry I can't fall asleep."

"Still angry? I'll definitely help you teach Ren Yun Xing a lesson and get you out, what do you think? "

"Do you think that's why I did it? How can you still not understand? I am not angry at this matter, but ? " Xiao Ming Yuan clenched his fists. He blamed himself for Fu Yao's actions and he had always thought that he was the one who had angered Fu Yao.

But only now did he know that Fu Yao had used him, that everything he said about how heartbroken she was, and how he missed the days of the northern barbarian were lies, all for the sake of escaping.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have used you!"

"You still know you used me? Fu Yao, to think that I trusted you so much, so ? " Xiao Ming Yuan choked, "Do you know that you escaped on your own? You drove our group crazy. Dong Ling Che, my brother, and me, were deeply afraid that you would be tricked by Yale? Dong Ling Che almost wanted to raise his arms to suppress northern barbarian. Do you know how serious the consequences are! "

"You said that Dong Ling Che raised his army to suppress northern barbarian? And the result? Did you go? " Fu Yao asked anxiously.

"Can we go? My brother was stopped. He said that it was impossible for you to go to the northern barbarian and sent me to search around the vicinity of the Yunxian. He said that it was possible that you were here. " Xiao Ming Yuan said snappily.

Fu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily she did not go, and only after great difficulty did she manage to calm down.

As expected, Xiao Mingyu understood her. Fu Yao smiled, "That's good."

"Hmph, what a fart." Xiao Ming Yuan said angrily, "Do you know how I came here during this month without even sleeping once? If it wasn't for the fact that I saw you enter the winery last time, I wouldn't have dared to believe that you were actually in this crappy place."


The two of them sat in the courtyard and looked at the stars together. Fu Yao's mind went over all sorts of things, and when she saw Xiao Ming Yuan, he thought of the past.

The reason why she left was because she didn't want to think about these things. The honor of using her flesh and blood to accumulate as well as the plots and decisions within the tall wall didn't suit her.

Fu Yao stood up and sighed, pointing to the woodshed: "My conditions are not good, you can go back tomorrow night."

"I'm not going back. You have to go back with me. Why did you leave without a sound? You have to go back and give everyone an explanation."

"Xiao Ming Yuan! It's enough, I don't want to tell you this, you don't know the reason why I didn't go back. Dong Ling Che knows, Xiao Mingyu knows, don't keep tormenting yourself. I am married, and I make my man my heaven. What can I do if I go back now? or do you want to imprison me in a high wall with a bitter face and live my life for a man who doesn't want to die? Who do you think I, Fu Yao, am! On what basis does he, Dong Ling Che, need me to do this! "

"But ?"

"No need for words, I like this place. I have a cute family, so I won't leave." Fu Yao said coldly, "It doesn't matter if you want to tell them, but this will only make me hate you."

Xiao Ming Yuan watched Fu Yao leave in a daze. Ever since the conclusion of the northern barbarian's battle, he had never seen Fu Yao smile, and always sat in a daze in the courtyard.

He hadn't been able to understand it all along, but now, he seemed to be able to understand it somewhat ?

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