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After Fu Yao entered her new residence, her days were filled with comfort and comfort. Green mountains and water, beautiful beauties and fine wine, Ren Yun Xing leisurely walked to the brick factory every day. The workers who didn't think well of him originally thought that he was here to supervise him, but they didn't expect him to actually do it.

There were a lot of people who came to visit Fu Yao's house everyday, and when they heard that it was built using bricks, they did not dare believe it. The county's reputation had come, and the more they spread, the more people praised it endlessly after seeing Fu Yao's house.

Because this drove the development of the brick factory, they didn't have enough manpower. Even the people from the neighboring villages all came to work, and they also earned more every day than those in the county town. Of course, Fu Yao was the shopkeeper who gave up, and Ren Yun Xing successfully retired as well. He ate and drank at home every day, and when he had free time, he helped Fu Yao pick vegetables and wash the dishes.

That day, Mr. Liu came to Fu Yao's house carrying a basket of grapes. He walked around the courtyard in surprise, and kept saying, "Strange girl, wonderful girl."

Fu Yao knew what Mr. Liu meant just by looking at the bunch of grapes. She lowered her head and smiled, but Mr. Liu didn't say anything. Because it was halfway up the mountain, plants and trees were formed.

All in all, it was the villa area. This was a dream he had never dared to dream about before, but it had finally come true.

"Little girl from the Fu family." Mr. Liu's face turned red.

The red wine that Fu Yao gave him was long gone, he had been walking around at home, unwilling to part with his grapes and even more unwilling to part with the delicious red wine, thinking that Fu Yao would come over and wait for him.

Occasionally, he would meet Fu Feng and talk to him about the red wine in an extremely obscure manner, but he didn't quite understand it.

"Mr. Liu, no need to be so courteous. If you have anything to say, just say it directly." Fu Yao was a little amused. It was said that the Mr. Liu loved alcohol as if it was his life, and it was indeed like that.

"This, then I'll be frank." Mr. Liu coughed fakely, "To be honest, I came here to beg for wine. This is the first time I drank red wine, so I can't sleep without drinking a bit every day."

Fu Yao laughed: "It's just a small matter, if you tell Feng Er and I'll send you over, I won't bother you to come over personally."

Mr. Liu's eyes lit up. He had hinted at this to Fu Feng once or twice, but alas, every time he acted thin-skinned, he would not dare to say it again.

How could a gentleman want something like that? There was an insult to the literary world, there was an insult to the literary world.

"I won't take advantage of you like this, you can have all the branches you want." "But you made me that champagne, too."

"Of course."

After sending off the Mr. Liu, Fu Yao washed the grapes and gave them to everyone to eat.

To be honest, winemaking was a big project. What they feared the most was the disease from the grapes, but there weren't as many germs in ancient times as there were in the modern era.

Just pay attention.

"Zhen Niang." Fu Yao brought a bunch of grapes to the Wu household and saw her crying, "What happened to you?"

Zhen Niang wiped her tears casually and calmed her emotions: "Sis, why are you here?"

"What happened? How did your family end up like this?" Fu Yao looked carefully and the courtyard became a mess, as though someone had robbed it.

"It's nothing. My aunts just came. I'm fine now." Zhen Niang stroked his hair and said stubbornly.

Listening carefully to the aunty's cries, Fu Yao immediately went in.

"What should I do? How should I live my life from now on?" The aunt cried.

From her cries, Fu Yao found out that not only her family had many relatives Zhen Niang.

Her grandparents were also nothing special. They didn't know how they found out that Zhen Niang's family was compensated so a bunch of people snatched it away.

Fu Yao was so angry that she scolded loudly: "Just wait, I'll seek justice for you."

"It's okay, I've solved the problem of helping my grandparents get the money, but I also broke off my relationship with them and don't owe them anymore. At worst, I'll just work hard and my days will get better."

Fu Yao nodded as she applauded Zhen Niang for her age. Her grandfather and grandmother were like leeches, this was good too, if they broke off their relationship, she would be able to brazenly help Zhen Niang.

In fact, the reason why they didn't open Zhen Niang's culinary skills and instead opened shop for him was because of the elderly at home.

Having an old man was like having a treasure, while her family was like having two bombs.

"Well said, maybe in the future."

"Mom, your sister, don't cry. I will definitely live our family's life like how I helped elder sister. Besides, I have the skills, so I won't be in trouble." Zhen Niang helped the aunt up, and only after cleaning up for a while did Fu Yao return home.

After everyone finished talking about this, Feng Man Lou went out without a word.

"What happened to him?" Fu Yao said as she pointed to the door.

"Go ahead and vent."

"Alright, it's time to go to sleep." Fu Yao stretched lazily. "I really don't want to move, I still have to climb the stairs."

Right at this moment, Ren Yun Xing scooped up Fu Yao and carried him up the stairs.

"What are you doing?" Fu Yao was shocked, and subconsciously hugged Ren Yun Xing.

"Carrying my wife back to her room, of course." Ren Yun Xing smiled and walked upstairs in large strides.

Fu Yao looked at the side of his face and unconsciously turned her head over. Dammit, don't look too handsome.

"My wife, shouldn't we get married now?" He whispered mischievously into her ear, only to see her face burning.

"Cave your head."

Suddenly, Fu Yao was thrown onto the bed that had no blind spot.

He rushed down, and the two people got closer and closer. Ren Yun Xing's eyes were filled with love, and his reflection was all his.

His heart beat too fast, and he subconsciously sent a palm strike, which he easily grabbed.

Fu Yao resisted again, and easily crushed him. Damn it, that was when Ren Yun Xing was acting, that was the real him.

"What are you doing?" Fu Yao glared at him and unconsciously swallowed his saliva as he watched his adam's apple roll.

To be honest, it was really sexy.

Ren Yun Xing smiled and whispered into her ear: "What do you think?"

Could it be?

Just as Fu Yao was about to curse, he saw that he had gotten up from her body and took off the fur on the ends of her hair.

"He's already so big, and yet he's still so careless." "You!" Fu Yao got up from the bed and pushed Ren Yun Xing out of the door.

She leaned against the wall and gasped for breath, repeatedly patting her chest. She thought that he was going to do something shameful.


Ren Yun Xing leaned on the door, crossing his legs, the feeling of a ninja on fire.

"What are you standing here for!" Feng Man Lou saw the concave appearance the moment he entered the door.

"Nothing!" Ren Yun Xing glanced at him before heading to the guest room.

Feng Man Lou shook his head and returned to his room, then stood at the door and told him: "Be careful not to hold it back too much ?"

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