The Perfect Bride/C1 The Beautiful But Proud
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The Perfect Bride/C1 The Beautiful But Proud
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C1 The Beautiful But Proud

In a well furnished and luxurious room, a young lady lay comfortably in the middle of the bed fast asleep her face buried deep into the pillow. Halfway into her dreamland, a very annoying sound penetrated her into her Dreamworld causing her to jerk and wake sitting up on the bed. she stretches her hand sleepily reaching for the mobile laying on the night table. cursing under her breath, she swipes the screen and mutters

"Who the hell is this?"

without bothering to check the caller ID.

"Xiao Lilith!"

And elderly voice sounded from the phone and her eyebrows knitted together.

" Grandfather!"

She mutters softly feeling bashful for having spoken that way to him. But he chuckled and instead questions.

"You were sleeping right?" Lilith pauses and no reply could come out of her mouth, but relaxes. when she hears him say

"That's okay Xiao Lilith , its not a crime to oversleep once in a while!"


She mutters shyly and refused to admit the fact that she overslept.


He coughs a nd continues.

" Xiao Lilith are you away from school ?, I was wondering if you could come down this Evening and prepare dinner for me?."

"Dinner?, Y-es, yes Grandfather,"

She beam with joy.

"I would be coming, after all, it's long since I cooked for you!"

Grandfather laughs and praises her.

"Good girl, Grandfather will be awaiting be you?."

"Okay Grandfather?"

" Goodbye xiao Lilith!"

"Goodbye Grandfather!"

And he ends the call. when the screen lights up in Lilith's hand, she throws it on the bed and stretches her body lazily. then she ups from the bed and heads for the bathroom muttering under her breath.

Some minutes pass the hour of 2:00, A shiny red canyenne drives into the school compound and people's attention are turned to it. The car stops at a parking space, the door opens and a lady dressed in a white dress and long white heels emerges from it causing people to began discussing her in the background.

"Wow, who's that lady?, she looks so pretty!"

A voice spoke.

"Wow is that Lilith Zheng?, that car is so cool, is that her new ride?"

At the same time, some voices were yarping against her.

"That must be Lilith Zheng, after all, she likes coming in flashy cars and cloths to show off."

"Oh, it's that proud and cocky granduaghter of the Zheng family."

Another voice spoke with disdain written all over it.

"I heard she's old man Zheng's favourite!"

A girl with shot red hair and stood talking with another as they eyed the lady from afar.

"No wonder she behaves like the queen of heaven and earth!"

the other pipes in and someone else replies

"Well, she's just too proud and I dislike her for that!"

"She's heading this way, you better lower your voices, you can't bear to offend the Zheng corporation!"

A lady behind them utters lowly.

"So what?, the lady with red hair exclaims.

"This is 'Lian Zhi' College and not Zheng corporation, who says we can't talk about her and even have to lower our voices."

" If she doesn't want to be talked about, she better remain in Zheng corporation and not come here and boss around like we are her grandfather's employees."

Another lady chimes in.

" You lady's never learn, don't forget the Zheng corporation owns thirty percent shares in this college. If I were you, I wouldn't be talking anyhow!"

A guy behind them spoke in a calm tone and then turns to leave but was bashed by the ladys.

"He must be one of those guys who fantasize about her"

He thinks she would notice him when he speaks in favour of her.!"

Another chimes in.

At that same time, Lilith walks by them typing on her mobile and a whiz of her cologne washes on them. They lady's are so angry that faces turn pale in color. the could do nothing but curse behind her back.

"Hmm, the bitch, goes around trying to seduce everybody!"

one snorts.

Most of this conversations are heard by Lilith who pretends like she's not heard them.

This being the last year of her stay in college before graduation, she didn't really have to spend much time in school therefore having much free time. At about half past four, Lilith is seàted on the driver's seat if her red driving out of school. She first heads for the supermarket to pick out the items she would need for the supper then heads to the local market to buy the vegetables and seafoods needed. Successfully getting everything she needed she heads over to her grandfather's place.

on her way to the old Zheng vila, her phone lits up and she connects it straight to the Bluetooth without glancing at the name while focusing on driving.

" Lilith, have you left the school already?"

A man's voice rang out from the speaker.

"Yes, is there a problem Geming?"

"n-ot really-,"

He pauses for a while then continues

" I just want to apologise for happened the other day!"

"No problem Geming I've already forgotten about that!"

On the other end, Geming heaves a sigh of relief.

"Okay Lilith, how about we have dinner at the same place we met last time since you happen to like the restaurant quite well?"

He ask almost begging.

"I just want to make it up to you for what happened the other day with my cousin."

There's silence on the other end and Geming is almost frustrated.

"Lilith, I know you are still angry but I repeat, am sorry about what happened that day, I promise you..,"

"Geming, it not that I don't want to have dinner with you, it's just that-,"

" It's just that what-?, just say it Lilith, let me understand!"

Lilith heaves.

"Okay!, I promised my grandfather to go over and make dinner for this evening and you know I can't possibly break that promise. Besides, am already on my way to his villa so sorry about that."

Geming is disappointed and a little angry.

"I guess am not as important as your old man!"

He grumbles and Lilith is annoyed.

"What did you just say?"

Anyone could talk bad about her but she wouldn't let anyone talk bad about her grandfather, not even her so called boyfriend.

she sounded agitated and Geming hurriedly hangs up the call after muttering


At exactly 8:00pm, the dinner was ready and old master Zheng happened to be also back from the company. He went up to his room and freshened himself as Lilith laid out the meals on the dining table together with the help of the housekeeper Aunty zhang. As old master Zheng got settled on his seat, Lilith brought out the last part of the meal which was desert consisting of Lemon tart for old master Zheng and freshly baked strawberry cake for herself. The meal went on harmoniously with lively chatter going back and forth between the grandfather and granduaghter. After the meal, Old master Zheng praises Lilith for the sumptuous dinner and then headed back to his room leaving behind Lilith to catch up with Aunty zhang.

The next morning, Lilith woke up and hurried down to make breakfast only to find old master Zheng already seàted at the dining table in his work attire. She glances at the time and is shocked and ashamed to realize that she woke up late and breakfast had already been prepared by Aunty zhang. She looks down and walks over gloomily. At that time, Old master Zheng looks up from his meal and happens to see Lilith walking over with a sullen expression on her face. He smiles already knowing the reason for the look on her face and calls out to her.

" Xiao Lilith how was your night?"

Lilith realizes the old man had seen her sullen face and hurriedly changes it to a cheerful smile.

"Good morning Grandfather, i slept well!'

She walks over and sits besides him the dining table.

" I see!"

He replies and looks down at the meals laying on the table then picks some with his chopsticks and places them on her plate.

" Thank you grandfather!"

Lilith smiles happily and eats her meal. she loved being doted on by her grandfather.

After the breakfast was finished, Old master zheng left for the company in his car being chaffeured by his driver and Lilith hurried back in to freshen up and head back to her apartment. On her way back, she got a call from her mother Wang Huxian asking her to head over for breakfast. stating that her father has something to discuss with her. Lilith turned around and drove to the Zheng villa already guessing that the topic of discussion was going to be about thier beloved daughter Zheng Meng yi, because, the only times she got specially invited back to the Zheng mansion was when Zheng Meng yi had a problem and they needed Lilith to help mediate with thier Grandfather, Since old master Zheng listened to everything Lilith said and gave her everything she wanted.

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