The Perfect Bride/C2 The Priced Daughter
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The Perfect Bride/C2 The Priced Daughter
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C2 The Priced Daughter

Arriving at the Zheng villa, Lilith steps out of the car and walks towards the door of the villa only to find Wang Huxian waiting there with a huge smile on her face. On reaching the door, Wang Huxian brushes over and makes to hug her. Lilith snorts and drops her key on the floor then pretends to pick it up causing Wang Huxian to look silly.

Standing up, she adjusts her clothes and greets.


then hurries into the house to prevent Wang Huxian from trying to hug her again. Getting into the house, she's about breathing a sigh of relief when she sees Zheng Yangtian walking over, she heaves in annoyance then plasters a big fake smile on her face.


She greets and walks over to him with much restrain.

"Xiao Lilith!"

He reaches over and hugs her while Lilith stiffens in his arms. Looking behind, she discovers Zheng Meng yi standing behind and cradling her phone with hostility in her eyes. Lilith rolls her eyes and disintegrates from the hug walking straight to the dining room without sparing her a glance. On walking in, she sees the house keeper Yan Pe Laying the dishes on the table. She smiles and rushes over to hug her excitement written over her face.

"Good morning Aunt Yan!"

Yan Pe is happy to see the bun who when she was little always sticker to the edge of her gown like glue and insisted on going everywhere with her much to the añoyance of her mother Wang Huxian.

"Oh Lilith, each time I see you, you seem to grow more beautiful!"

Happiness was written all over her face and voice.

"Thank you Aunt Yan!"

Lilith blushes and buries her face in her arm.

Wang Huxian and Zheng mengyi who are coming from the door are pained from the scene. Then Zheng Yangtian walks in also, goes over to the table and takes a sit before clearing his throat.

" Every one take a seat, Let's have breakfast!,"

"Aunt Yan please bring in the other dishes!"

"Yes master zheng!'

She bows and hurries back to the kitchen. Zheng Mengyi heaves a sigh of relief and finally goes over to take a seat. If not that she needed help from that old man, she wouldn't have to bear sharing the same space with that slut Lilith who thinks she's so good and everyone's favourite.

"Everyone's favourite?" she snorts.

"Just wait and see!"

When all the dishes had been laid on the table and everyone got settled, Lilith decided to be quick with whatever they wanted to say and leave. She was not in the mood to share breakfast with any of the two faced people sitting on the table.

"Em, dad. Mother said you had something to discuss with me, what was that?"

Zheng Yangtian chokes in his meal then drinks some water then forces a chuckle while Wang Huxian and Zheng mengyi grip thier forks tightly.

" Em, Xiao Lilith, can we discuss that after we've had breakfast, you know it's been long we had sat together as a family over a meal.."

He trials then quickly adds.

" Let just share and keep this joyful atmosphere with us!"

"Joyful atmosphere indeed!" Lilith snorts in her mind. If Wang Huxian and her daughter could have thier way, by now they would have holes all over her body with blood dripping out

caused by thier forks. Then outwardly, she smiles and replies.

" Sorry dad, I don't think there's any space left in my stomach yi take in this ones, Grandfather made sure I ate everything that was made for breakfast and also cleared my plate so nothing was left in it."

Zheng Mengyi stops eating and glares at Lilith with anger in her heart.

"You mean to say you' ve already had breakfast at father's place this morning?.. and.." He gazes at her steadily

" Did you stay over at Grandfather's house last night and you are coming from there this morning?"

Zheng Mengyi chimes in.

" obviously!"

Lilith replies cheerfully and even smiles at her.

Zheng Yangtian sees that situation on the table was turning sour and decides to step 8n before things went out of hand. He laughs happily and turns to Lilith while Wang Huxian seeths quietly without uttering a word.

" Oh that's good, that means there's no need to beat about the bush any longer!"

" As expected of them!"

Lilith mutters to herself while Zheng Yangtian glances at Wang Huxian then leans forward and holds Lilith's hand before looking towards Zheng mengyi.

" Xiao Lilith, you know that your sister has always dreamed of playing the piano since when she was three..,"

He takes in a breath and continues

" you the audition for the 'Path way musical star school' is ongoing and it's been always Mengyi's dream to attain 'Path way'_,"

He suddenly puts on a pitiful expression then tightens his grip on Lilith's hands.

" But then due to Mengyi's weak health, the doctor advised that she shouldn't be allowed to practice on the piano for long hours as it causes strain yo her body."

"Strain indeed!"

Lilith snorts to her herself.

" Just say at once that you don't want your priced daughter to stress herself and struggle for the audition. so you want to get her in through the back door knowing that she wouldn't had even been able to clear the first stage of the àudution."

The 'Path way musical star school' was a world famous school. It was so great that any artist who had the honour of graduating from it always attended fame worldwide. It had such a great reputation and so far all the great legends who had thier names mentioned had graduated from there.

Zheng Mengyi has always been a weak child since from birth. She was born with a very severe condition that did not need her to suffer from anything. While growing up, thier parents had shown more care and concern to Mengyi and abandoned Lilith to 5he care of the housekeeper Yan Pe with the excuse that mengyi was fragile and needed more care, love and support than Lilith, much to the anger of thier Grandfather old master Zheng who took Lilith away and took care of her himself. Growing up, the family doctor Yi Zhan who was also in charge of Mengyi's health had accertained that Mengyi's health had stabilized and she could start living like every other normal child. But Zheng Yangtian and Wang Huxian continued to treat Mengyi like a child with a condition when the doctor confirmed that Wang Huxian had womb issues and could not have another child.

Due to that, Mengyi had grown up been pampered throughout her childhood. At the age of three, Mengyi decided she had a dreàm of becoming a pianist and from that day onwards learning the piano learning the piano when she had his at the door that day and watched thier house keeper Yan Pe show Lilith how to seat and strike the keys on the piano. Later that day, thier Grandfather had come to pick Lilith up to stay at his place for the weekend. Lilith had played the same keys that Yan Pe taught her. Old master Zheng had appluaded her then ordered his butler to purchase a princess piano for Lilith. Also hiring a well known piano teacher to tutor her occasionally. Mengyi had cried and clung to thier Grandfather's leg asking for hers which had further displeased him as he hated those who just lazied about and got things hànded over to them without working for them. He had scolded Mengyi and asked her to go back and learn how to play some keys before wanting a reward from him.

Of course that never happened, because immediately he left, Wang Huxian who was already so bitter had ordered for a grand piano to be placed in Mengyi's room and hired a teacher to teach her the piano everyday.

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