The Perfect Bride/C4 Lilith's Accident
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The Perfect Bride/C4 Lilith's Accident
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C4 Lilith's Accident

" you should be discussing this with with Grandfather and not with me" "Besides..,"

She looks towards Wang Huxian who clenches her fork tightly.

" Even if I told I grandfather about this, I doubt that he would he even listen to me_,"

Then she looks towards Zheng Mengyi one last time.

"And then Mengyi's value in grandfather's eye will Detouriate more!"

seeing that, smiles at Zheng Yangtian then grabs her bag and stands.

" if that's all father, I think I better leave, I've got a project to deliver at 8 a.m!"


Zheng Yangtian tries to stop her but Lilith had already excited the dining room.

"Ungrateful child!"

Wang Huxian grits her teeth and curses Lilith in her heart then angrily drops her spoon and leaves the dining room.


Zheng Yangtian tries calling her back but to is faced with her cold back and could only sigh in his mind. He looks around the table covered with food and sees the barely eaten meal, loosing his appetite he grabs a glass of water and drinks from it before leaving the room. He had to appease his wife.


Zheng Mengyi looks at the closing door of the dining room and is more furious.

"Always feeling proud of herself and thinking she is the best!"

she throws the spoon on the table and picks up the form then stabs the vegetables on her plate with clenched fist muttering.

" Just wait till everything is done, you are going to regret saying those words and working out of us!"

She throws it on the table and walks angrily out of of the room.

Zheng Yangtian walks into the room and sees Wang Huxian who had thrown herself 9n the bed and pulled the duvet over her head. He goes over the bed and sits on it then brings down the duvet.

"Dear!", " You barely ate anything on the dining table, didn't you like the dishes?" "If you don't like the dishes I would get Yan Pe to prepare another one for, anything you would like."

He tries placing his hand on her arm but she shrugs him off muttering.

" Don't bother!"

Zheng Yangtian is annoyed at been snubbed and mutters

" Why?"


Wang Huxian immediately sits up and turns around.

" You want to know why?"

She grits her teeth and tried to calm herself before yelling.

"It's because of that Ungrateful daughter of yours!"

she throws the Duvet off her legs and moves closer to Zheng Yangtian.

"Yangtian, tell me, why does your father love her so much and doesn't even want to see Mengyi?. Tell me, why does she have to steel Mengyi's place, she isn't even our daughter!, a child from God knows where she came from. What right does she have to have more previlledges than our ownbchild!"

Yangtian is surprised by her outburst and snap at her.

" What are you saying Huxian?, She is our daughter and is not stealing Mengyi's place so don't ever say that again!"

With that he rides from the bed and goes into the walk in closet. After a while, he emerges dressed in a business suit and walks over to the night, picks up his briefcase and heads for the door.

Seeing him not sparing a glance at her. Wang Huxian is annoyed and yells at him.

Zheng Yangtian, where are you heading to?"


He replies without looking back. Then on reaching the door, he suddenly pauses with his hand on the handle before turning to Wang Huxian.

"Lilith was right, I need to talk to my father myself rather than send a child to speak on behalf of me."

He opens the door and walks out of it.


As drove out of the Zheng family's Villa, she headed straight for school without stopping at her apartment as she planned earlier. Arriving there, she hurried into the building glancing at her way h repeatedly.

At the Zheng corporation, Zheng Yangtian succeeded in making an appointment with his father and goes in to see him. The both of sat down and discussed issues concerning the department he was managing. Rounding up his report on work, he decided to seek the old man's help. He went on to speak on how Mengyi's health was weak and didn't need her to stress herself, then on how she desired to attend the Pathway Musical school but the requirements for admission were very hash and they couldn't bear to see her implicate her health for only the admission Exams. Zheng Yengtian listened as he sipped on his black coffee and after a while raises his hand for him to stop. He places his cup of coffee on the table and looks straight at him.

"Yangtian, so you came to my office to ask me help Mengyi enter Pathway schools through the back way.

" father!"

He stuters and looks down feeling embarrassed at his father's probing but Zheng Yengtian is infuriated and snaps at him.

" You!, How dare you say that in front of me?. Every passing day, you seem to be getting worse and worst all thanks to that daughter of the Wang family."

He pressed his hand on his forehead and massages it.

"You say that the criteria for admission is very harsh and she wouldn't be able to cope with it, so when she enters the school wouldn't she slack behind and bring shame to us?"

Followed by his father's bombardment, Zheng Yangtian is speechless and does not know what to say. Yes, he indeed had said that the criteria was harsh but he hadn't thought about what would happen after the admission. He indeed deserved to be scolded by his father.

Zheng Yengtian seeing his speechlessnes is even more disappointed in his son and himself.

" It's all my fault, I shouldn't have let you marry that daughter of the Wang family, now look what you've turned into!"

It's was just that Yangtian was his wife's favourite and she had begged him not to be too harsh on him before passing away. To fulfill his wife's last wish, he had not objected too much to thier marriage even though he did not have a good impression of Wang Huxian.

All together Zheng Yengtian had three sons; Yongtian, Yingtian and Yangtian being the last.

Although he loved his three sons, Yangtian had been his wife's favourite as he was obedient and intelligent when he was young. Thinking about his beloved wife who had passed away, Zheng Yengtian moods sours further and he looks at his son with irritation.

Seeing his father look him that way, Zheng Yangtian tries to speak for himself.

" Father..,"

He begins but Zheng Yengtian becomes more furious.

"You shut up and leave my office right this instance!"

Yangtian is about to refute but Yengtian points at the door and barks.

"Leave immediately!"

Suppressing his words, he stands up and straightens his clothes then picks up his briefcase and walks out of the office knowing he would never be able to win against his father.

"Useless Bastard!"

Yengtian heaves then falls back on his seat immediately the door closed heaving for air then reaches out to his drawer and pulls out his medication.

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