The Perfect Bride/C5 Lilith's Accident 2
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The Perfect Bride/C5 Lilith's Accident 2
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C5 Lilith's Accident 2

At about daytime of noon, Lilith walks out of the college building and heads for her car. Opening the door she hops into the drivers seat and ignites the car. She's about driving off when a knock sounded on her window causing her to wind down.


she begins but pauses when she sees Song Geming standing outside. She tries rolling up the glass again but he places his hand in-between preventing her from doing so.

"Song Geming, what do you think you are doing?, I thought I've told you to stay away, what do you seriously want from me?."

A furious Lilith screams at him.

"Lilith just listen to me, will you?"

"No I won't!"

She forcefully rolls up the window and drives away.


He calls after her with frustration written in his voice but Lilith had had already driven away. Breathing in to calm himself, he turns and walks back to his car.

"Young master!"

One of the bodyguards rushes over but he brushes past him and goes into the car which had been opened for him.

"Drive!" he orders the Driver after the was closed and reclines back on the seat.

Lilith drives furiously back to her apartment ignoring her phone which kept ringing besides her. Driving into the garage, she alights from the car and walks into the building after locking the car. Passing by the receptionist who greets her politely,she walks by head straight without bothering a glance at her and matching straight for the elevator.Boarding one,she inputs the tenth floor,the elevator binged and the door opened in front of the passage way causing Lilith to realize herself and step out of the elevator.

Some minutes pass 2:00pm, Old master Zheng heads out of the Zheng Corporation for the car and got into the back immediately the chaffeur opened the door. He reclines on the seat and breathes in before closes his eyes and waiting for the chaffeur to ignite the car cause he needed the rest and then having a check up done by his personal doctor. Since he had aged, his health was not very stable requiring him to live on medications and less stress. Today at the office, he had gotten excited therefore causing crises to himself all thanks to his useless son. Recalling the reason his son came to him, anger begins to boil in his heart but he manages to restrain it he thought about his granduaghter Lilith, after he had played a role in raising her. Reminiscing about that, he calms down and soon feels the car move.

At exactly 4:30pm, who lay on the bed opens her eyes to the sound of her phone ringing and stretches her hand over to pick it up. Glancing at the screen she sees housekeeper Zhang's name displayed and an omniscious feeling grows in her heart. Swiping the screen, she places the phone to her heart.

"Hello Aunty Zhang!"

there was silence and then a teary voice sounded from the other end.

" Lilith are you at school?"

" No aunt Zhang," "Is there anything wrong with grandpa?"

At the mention of old master Zheng, Zhang yao hesitated and the bad feeling in Lilith's heart multiplied causing her to panic. Before she could utter another word, Aunt Zhang's voice sounded

"Come down to first citizens hospital, I will be waiting for you at the reception!."

and the call was ended leaving Lilith motionless for some seconds. When the words 'first citizen's hospital' crashed into her mind.she reacted like a bullet causing the phone in her hand to crash to the floor. Not caring about the condition of the phone, she picks it up and stuffs it into her bag which she hadn't bothered to return to it's holster earlier and was still sitting on the bed side table. Rushing towards the wardrobe, she picks out a casual top and throws it over her head, dorns on a pair of flat shoes then rushes out with her bag after picking up her car key and not bothering to fix her hair.

Immediately she steps out of the garage, she sprints towards the garage to the surprise of the receptionist who widens her eyes at her and wonders what could make the always clod and composed Lady Zheng to rush out of her apartment that way. Although she was curious, she couldn't be bothered as that wasn't part of her job. Besides, she didn't have the courage to ask so she just sighed and looked back down at her desk needing to complete her work.

Lilith sat in the car trying to keep a leveled head and drive safely she hurried towards the hospital. Halfway there, her phone began ringing in her bag causing to frown and her heart to beat faster. focusing one hand on the wheel, she uses the other to probe the bag and fishes out the phone then glances at screen only to discover get so called boyfriend's name displayed on it. She curses him a thousand times in her heart and ends the call only for it ring again. Gritting her teeth, she swipes the screen and decided to end everything once and for all.

" you really cannot give up Song Geming?"

She screams into the phone and there is a pause at the other end causing Lilith to be more irritated.

" If you don't have anything to say don't....!"

The words cut in her throat and the phone falls from her hand when she realised that she is at a junction and was on the verge of colliding with another car also coming from the other end at high speed. She sweres the car with all her might trying to divert from the collision but all to no end. "Bang!" a collision erupted as part of the car collided with the other causing sparks to fly and flames to erupt.

" Lilith?!", a panicked voice calls from the other end of the phone but there was no sound of scolding as blood dripped down from the shattered glass where Lilith's face was and dipped on the phone.

"Lilith!!", "Lilith!!",.."Lil..!", the voice kept calling but got no response except the light taps of liquid dropping as more blood fell on the screen and the call was disconnected.

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