The Perfect Bride/C6 Lost Everything In A Day
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The Perfect Bride/C6 Lost Everything In A Day
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C6 Lost Everything In A Day

Just like that, a month passes by; in a room at the second floor of the hospital, a lady in a blue gown suddenly opens her eyes.

" Ah!" a gasps escapes her lips when she tries moving her hand to her face but was stung by the needles attached to it. Looking at her hand, she sees the needles and forcefully sits up on the bed and looks about the room shock and disbelieve written all over it. She closes her eyes as the memories of what happened rushed out like water seeing out of holes. She covers her mouth and panicked thinking of her Grandfather's condition a d cursing Song Geming in her heart. Thinking of seeking someone out to help, she's about getting down from the bed when the door opens and a lady in a nurses Uniform walked in. Seeing that the lady had finally woken up and was struggling to get down from the bed with the needles still attached to her body. She panicked and rushes in to stop her.

" Miss you cannot do that?"

she grabs her hand and prevents her from forcefully removing the the needles from her hand. Lilith pauses her lips and looks at the woman in front of her who rushes about and tries to stabilize things then obediently climbs into the bed to lie on it waiting for the nurse to be down so she could question her.

"Miss!, you cannot act recklessly again lest you fall into a coma again!" she reprimanded as she rolled up the drip.

" You' ve only woken up after a months time yet you don't seem to care about your health!"

Lilith listens to her and is about to sigh when the words resound in her mind again causing her to sit up.

" What did you say?" she rushes her speech and the nurse turns around looking confused. " What do you mean miss?"

Lilith places a hand on her chest and breathes in then spoke lowly this time. "You just said something about waking up after a months time, were you referring to me?"

The nurse stares at her and seemed to understand then spoke calmly to her.

"yes, you've been in a coma for a month now!" she stops and hesitates to say further causing Lilith to be agitated.

"What happened?"

she urges the lady who sighs and continues.

"We all thought that you wouldn't be waking up for another four months but then, you suddenly woke up!"

Right after that, she turns around and heads for the door Leaving Lilith who sat stunned on the bed as the words kept repeating themselves in her mind. when she looks up, she sees the nurse heading for the door and hurries to stop her.

"!" she stuters and the nurse stops and turns around." You can also your questions later miss, I need to call the doctor immediately!"

She turns around and walks out of the door.

" A month?"

Lilith mutters to herself and fear suddenly grips her heart. She looks around the room carefully and sees nothing that belonged to her in it.

" Was it that no one came to visit her?" she spoke to herself. The room was a normal one with no special facilities in it.

"Or, could it be that no one knew that she was here?"

At the thought of that, she becomes scared. Before she could think further, she feels a tiny itch on her face and raises get her right hand to it.She touches her face which was supposed to be smooth but felt rough and bumpy causing her to frown.She feels around her face and discovers a part of it to be smooth and soft while the other rough and hard. "What happened?"

She frowns and is yet to understand when the door opens again and this time a man in a white lab coat which looked a Doctor walked in followed by two nurses including the one she had talked to earlier. Seeing her sitting up and rubbing her face with a smile. The Doctor smiles and walks over to her.

"Hello miss Zheng am Doctor He, the Doctor in charge of your case!"

"Doctor He!"Lilith mutters in her mind then looks up awkwardly at him.

Seeing her awkward look, the doctor smiles and walks closer to her.

"Miss Zheng, since you've just woken up, you must have a lot of things you don't understand. But we have to make sure that your health is stabilized first, then all your questions shall be answered. so please co- operate with us."

Lilith stares at him and finally decides to out down her hand then lay down obediently invite bed.

After series of checks and taking down if notes, the doctor urges her with a smile and proceeds to leave for another checking stating to come back after a while and leaving the nurses behind. Some seconds later, the other nurse walks out after changing the drugs leaving behind the one from earlier. All this while, Lilith had been gazing expectanctly at the door but no one walked in. After a while, she could not help but ask the nurse.

"Miss, during this period, has there been any one who came to see me?"

The nurse turns to her and is about speaking when the door opens and someone walks inside.

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