The Perfect Bride/C7 Lost Everything In A Day-2
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The Perfect Bride/C7 Lost Everything In A Day-2
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C7 Lost Everything In A Day-2

Lilith looks at the door expectantly but when she saw Zheng Yangtian coming in from the doorway, the hope and bloom in her heart collapsed and she looks down feeling disappointed.


Zheng Yangtian calls as he walks over to the bed. He picks up a seat and places it next to the bed then sits on it placing his briefcase by the side. He was still in his work attire as he had rushed over when the hospital called to inform that Lilith had woken up. Feeling guilty for not coming to see her earlier, he lowers his gaze and speaks to her in a soft voice.

" How are you feeling xiao Lilith?""It's good that you are finally awake although..,"He stops when he realizes he his about to say a wrong word but Lilith had already caught into it.

Since she had woken up, she had noticed that something was wrong.starting from the room she was in which was probably not much than a normal ward only difference was that it was a single room and not a common ward. Then looking at the bare room which should that no one had visited her so CE her hospitalization.

"But why!"

She could not help but ask herself, At least Grandpa and Aunt Yang would have visited.

She's always known that she was not liked by her parents not the members of the Zheng Family cause they felt that the Old man liked her the most. He wouldn't even give face to his own children cause he felt that they were all living well due to the wealth passed down to them and wanted them to work hard and build up their own Names instead of relying on his own. They hated her deep down cause they were scared of her inheriting everything from the Old man, but on the surface pretended and tried to curry favour with her. She would never forget that he was the one who took care of her when she was a child and didn't receive attention from her parents. That was to say that if anything happened to Grandpa, no one was going to care about her up and might even lose her place in the family.

Thinking if anything had had happened to Old Master Zheng, she clenches her fist and looks up at her father who was sitting in front of her with a cold expression and ignoring his words ask directly.

"Why didn't Grandfather come to visit me?"

Zheng Yangtian hesitates and refuse to say a word causing the fear in Lilith's heart to grow.

"Is Grandpa okay?"

She mutters slowly and this time around Zheng Yangtian doesn't hesitate and spoke in a rather casual tone.

" You don't have to think about him anymore, he already passed away a month ago!"

" What!"Lilith screamsand covers her mouth as tears firmed in her eyes and began to run down her face.

"W..hat, w.hat dis you s.ay?","What to Grandpa?"

She cries and stutters not wanting to believe that old master Zheng had passed away even though she knew it in her heart that what he said was the truth, if not, why hadn't he called till now.

Pointing her finger at Zheng Yangtian, she accuses him in a sharp tone.

"Did you kill him so that the Zheng corporation will fall into your hands?"

Zheng Yangtian is surprised and at the same time angry therefore he scolds Lilith.

"What ridiculous things are saying?, don't spout nonsense again. why would i kill my father?"

Although he would never admit it to Lilith or to anyone, he felt deeply guilty over his father's death cause if he hadn't gone to anger him to help Mengyi enter Pathway schools, his Blood pressure wouldn't have risen and thus leading to what happened. Although that was not was caused his death, he still contributed to it. He could not help but balme himself and his wife who kept urging him. But he would not dare at that out.

Now looking at Lilith who was crying her eyes out, he could not help but feel pity for her. Sighing to himself, he decided to deal with what he came today for. Looking straight at Lilith, he spoke a little softly.

" That's not the reason I came today!".

"Then why did you come?".Lilith couldn't care less and snaps at him with tears still rollins down her face.

" Did you come to say that the Zheng family has abandoned me and dies not have anything bto do with me again?"

Zheng Yangtian is speechless and his mouth twitches uncomfortably.

"H.ow, how did you know that?"

He stutters and Lilith laughs sarcastically.

"Heh!, how do know that!"

Zheng Yangtian realizes that he had said the wrong thing and quickly covers his mouth then refutes seriously.

"No!, Lilith!. I didn't want to say that!"

But Lilith continues to laugh as more tears rolled down her face then mocks him.

"You didn't want to say that but that's the truth anyways!"

Zheng Yangtian stares at her lost of words as she continues bro vent her emotions.

"If not, why would everyone behave like nothing had happened when I have been lying in the hospital and not come to visit me?" "Isn't it because no one cared whether I was alive or not ?and because there was no use of me anymore!".

She chokes on her tears and continues bro sob.

" Lilith!, listen am trying to help you!"

He picks up his briefcase and opens it then brings out two sheets if papers and places them aside.

" What are those?"

Lilith has a feeling and questions as she watches him close back his briefcase. Zheng Yangtian picks up the papers then passes them to Lilith whi hesitates a little before taking them from him. She glances at the papers in her hand and her eyes widens when she sees the words 'Paternity confirmation Test' written on it.

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