The Perfect Bride/C8 Lost Everything In A Day 3
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The Perfect Bride/C8 Lost Everything In A Day 3
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C8 Lost Everything In A Day 3

"What is the meaning of this?" Lilith glares angrily at Zheng Yangtian. Guessing what the results were, she didn't bother in the viewing the contents and flings the papers at Zheng Yangtian screaming in anger.

"You really are a smart man, knowing when to profit in things and when to just back out," "All along you've always been pretending to be a good father and raising me even though you knew that I wasn't your child, just so you could have more benefits from Grandpa. But immediately he passed away, you rushed to produce a DNA test for yourself and your wife showing you have nothing to do with me and then claiming that you are trying to help me. Zheng Yangtian, you really disgust me!"

By now, she wasn't bothered to address him as father again since Zheng Yangtian had already proven that she was not his daughter so thereby addressing him by his name.

No matter how one looked at it, it was very painful. One whom you've grown up calling father one day shoves a DNA test results to your face telling you that you are not his child. Lilith felt real pain in her heart as she thought of this and by now, all the strength to cry had vanished and she just sat there with a painful expression. No wonder Wang Huxian never liked her and even hated her. While growing up, she's always wondered why her parents didn't really like her abd Old master Zheng had to take care of her. It turned out she wasn't thier child but some baby Grandfather had brought back himself from nowhere.

"Heh, heh!"

She giggled to herself. She turned out to be the greatest joke that would ever be told. But no matter what, she was grateful to the old man who took care of her like his own blood.

She heaves a sigh and looks up only to see Zheng Yangtian gazing at her. she ignores him and lays back down on the bed closing her eyes.

After a while, she hears him open his briefcase again, probably placing the test results back inside then closes it again. He rides from the seat and adjusts his tie. Looking at Lilith lieing on the bed, he felt helpless and conflicted. When Lilith thought that he was going to leave, she heard him say.

"Lilith!, I know you do not want to believe what happened and hate me in your heart. I won't tell you to forgive me cause an a useless father who can't even protect his child. I won't also tell you to not hate me but l hope that you would understand why I did this in the future!"

He takes out a check from his pocket and places besides the pillow.

"Lilith!, Listen to me!. Use this money to take care of yourself and don't come back to the Zheng family. I hope that one day, you would understand why I did this!"

He then picks up a nylon that he had placed by his side why Lilith had not seen him carrying in it rather had not bothered to check on the table in the room.

"You don't have to worry about the hospital fees, I've already taken care of it!"

He glances at her one last time then turns and walks out of the room one not able to decipher his emotions.

When the door closes, Lilith opens her eyes and the tears which she had been holding back all this while rushes out and feels her face. She sons uncontrollably at hair everything had turn out. She didn't know why, but she couldn't just bring herself to hate Zheng Yangtian, maybe because he had at least shown a little bit of compassion towards her when she was growing up. Even when things turned out this way, he was the only one 2ho cared to come and visit, even though he had to bring along test results. He would have just waited at home and not bothered, until she recovered and went back home before throwing the truths at her face and kicking her out. As she thought of this, more tears fell from her eyes when she realized she was never going to see the old man again. Turning around, she picks up the check from besides the pillow and glances at it then places it under the pillow. Looking around the room, she sees the nylon on the table and just stares at it not knowing what to do with it. Just when she wanted to go down and grab it, the door opens and she turns towards it.

Seeing the lady walk in wearing a baseball cap, shades and a face mask, she sizes her up and snorts at her disguise.

"What are you doing there Zheng Mengyi?, dressing like some big shot celebrity or rather one who has evil motives and is afraid of people recognizing them and even sneaking about!"

When Zheng Mengyi realizes that Lilith had seen through her at first glance, she pauses midway and suddenly pulls off her shades and mask revealing a face full of disdain and contempt for Lilith then shashays over to her.

Looking at Lilith's face which had been scarred by the burn and which Lilith herself had yet to realize, her lips curl up into a smile then she looks around the room before muttering

"As ugly as this too. you are in!"

Seeing the irritating smile in her lips, Lilith turns back and lays on the bed deciding not to bother with her.

"When you are done admiring the room, the door's always open!"

She closes her eyes and tries to ignore the annoying presence besides her but Mengyi refused to be ignored and began chirping like a bed.

"Look at you!, you are so ugly now and I feel very joyous about your miserable state.", "Weren't you always proud thinking that you are the best?, let's see how you would carry yourself now!".

"An ugly disfigured girl kicked out by her own family, let's see who would want you now with your little pretty face gone!"

She laughs mockingly and that was when it struck at Lilith's heart, she remembered the skin of part of her face feeling rough and uneven to the tough. She subconsciously moves her hand to her face her heart beating faster by the seconds.

"Why didn't i realize this earlier?"

she clenches her other hand tightly causing the needle to sink into her flesh and stink her...

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