The Perfect Bride/C9 Disfigured
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The Perfect Bride/C9 Disfigured
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C9 Disfigured

"Look at you;, you are so ugly now and I feel very joyous about your miserable state, weren't you always proud and thinking you are above everyone else?". let's see who would want you now and ugly and disfigured girl kicked out by her own family!" She laughs mockingly and Lilith subconsciously moves her hand to her face her heartbeat picking up rapidly. She recalls earlier on when she had touched her face and felt that a part was smooth and the other was rough.'Why hadn't she thought of this earlier?.'

Conniption immediately grips her heart and not wanting to give Mengyi the pleasure she sought, she immediately retrieves her hand and forcefully calms her rapidly beating heart then spoke in a calm tone.

"Is that all you have to say?", Then she sits up on the bed and stares directly into Zheng Mengyi's face causing her to be repulsed and take a step backwards.

"Who says am ugly and disfigured?, should I just believe that because you said so?" She glares at her and suddenly laughs.

"Look at you?, you are still the same as before!." "So what if I am ugly and disfigured?, at least deep down, I have a beautiful heart unlike some people who only know how to pretend and act like a weak white lotus flower everyday while thier heart is very ugly and disfigured due to it being filled with evil schemes and intentions.

"You!, " Zheng Mengyi glares speechlessly at her numb at her outburst and composure.

"What?" Lilith smiles at her and the scar on her face twisted making the smile look more sinister and causing goosebumps to grow all over Zheng Mengyi's body.

Lilith seeing that she had finally put Mengyi in her place turns around and lays back down on the bed gazing sidewards and not bothering with her again. Dealing with Zheng Mengyi was not a problem as the latter only knew how to pretend to be a weak white lotus, her tiny little schemes were nothing in Lilith's eyes.

Just when she thought that Mengyi wasn't planning on leaving and was thinking of another way to irritate her, she finally heard her scoff then felt her glares which resembled sharp knifes piercing into her before turning around and muttering.

"After all, you are just some poor church rats now!, there's really no need to bother with you!" Then she walks out of the room her heels clicking loudly on the floor.

When the door finally closed, Lilith let's out a deep breathe and immediately sits up again and she felt her face trying to convince herself that it was all really a lie Zheng Mengyi had come up with just to piss her off. Despite thinking that, she just couldn't stop the tears that rolled down her face.

'What wa happening to her!', 'Why would all this happen to her?', 'Wby was she do unlucky?'.

Yes she had been proud but she hadn't done any wrong to people before. After all, she had been groomer that way and which second generation her wasn't proud?. Not that she overdid it, just that she kept a safe distance from people and wasn't really close to anyone,was that really counted as being proud?. Thinking of old master Zheng who had raised her, she could not help but shed more tears.

"How could he just die like and abandon her?". She sat there numb tears dripping down her face and her mind wandering around. when her back ached from sitting, she lay back down on the bed and continued to stay into space until the sound of the door opening again brought her back to herself. Thinking it was another person who had come to gloat over her miserably state or Zheng Mengyi who had probably forgotten to say some nasty things and had come back again to annoy her, she doesn't bother looking over and instead closes her eyes and decides to ignore whosoever it was.

"Miss Zheng!". The nurse from earlier called as she stood besides the bed with a tray of food in her hand. Recognizing the nurse's voice, Lilith slowly opens her eyes and turns to her.

"You can just me Lilith!"

Before, she was always proud of the word 'Zheng' in her name, but now she hated it and didn't even want to hear it. If only there was a way to detach it from herself. She sighs in her heart before sitting up and looking at the nurse who had been quietly observing her.

Placing the meal on the table, she turns around and heards for the drop stand to adjust it.

"Why is there none of your family members here to assist you?, they should have been the ones to take care of your meal but since they are not here, you would have to make do with the hospital's food for now till they arrive?."

Not hearing Lilith respond, she turns around there was a problem only to find her staring at her with no fluctuation in her expression before mouthing.

" I don't have a family!"

"Is..!," The nurse pauses and blinks then stares at Lilith again only for her to repeat.

"I do not have a family!"

Then she giggles and looks towards the meal tray. "Can I haven't meal now?"

The nurse looked stumped for a while before quickly recovering herself. she glances at Lilith one last time again before brushing it aside. 'Forget it, some people were really weird. she had met she had met a lot of patients like that before, it wasn't really a new thing's. Sighing to herself, She turns around and walks over to the table then picks up the meal tray and passed it over to lilith uttering.

" Then you can only manage the hospital's food!" "thanks!" Lilith mutters sincerely and places the food on the bed, she eyes for a while before scooping a spoonful into he mouth. After holding for a while, she forcefully

swallows it down. Although the hospital food was not bad and was rather healthy and could provide the nutrients she needed, but be it in appearance or quality, it could not compare to the good she's always had at home....

New chapter is coming soon
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