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C1 One

"There's just one achievement I haven't had yet," Amanda mused, halfway through the outdoor girl time they were having at the local diner.

"What is it?", Susanne demanded with peaked curiosity.

"Can't you guess?"

"Umm... holiday in Brazil?"

Amanda shook her head with a smirk.

"Become an actress?"

The response was a sneer.

"So what is it then?", Susanne asked with a sigh of exasperation and leaned back to sip her drink.

"Getting fucked by 2 boys at once."

Susanne spluttered her drink all over the table!

"Te... tell me you're kidding," she said, staring wide-eyed at her friend.

"And why would I be?", Amanda shrugged with a frown on her face.

"For Christ sakes, you're 49!"

"Which is why I must get this done before I turn 50. In fact, I'm gonna put up the ad right now."

"What ad?"

But Amanda said nothing and went on typing furiously on her phone. Susanne watched those flying fingers, jealous at her friend's ability to keep up with latest trends and technology with so much ease - something she, who was younger, struggled to do.

"Okay. Done," Amanda sighed, distracting her from her thoughts. "Here. Take a look." She put the phone in front of Susanne's face and Susie's eyes flew through the key words in the text: two young men, over 19, hard working, work around the house, just moved in.

"Christ! These are people's kids you are baiting! What if someone did this to your son?"

"Well," Amanda shrugged, placing the phone in her purse, "if someone encouraged him to tap a mature pussy that's as good as the one that bore him, that'd be one hell of an achievement for him. I'd consider him a lucky son of this bitch."

"Lord! Look, read this book to get your mind off these filthy unholy things," Susanne admonished, pulling out a book from her capacious handbag and standing it on the table.

"What's it about? Is there a lot of sex in it?", her friend asked, leaning forward to squint at the small title on the front page.

"The idea is to take those thoughts of sex off your mind, not strengthen them. Woman must not live by sex alone, you know."

"Yes," Amanda nodded enthusiastically, "but by every drop of cum that shoots out of the Lord's dick."

"I think I've had enough," Sus murmured and fished in her bag for her earbuds. She plugged them into her ears and connected it to her phone and leaned back to enjoy the music. But still, her friend wouldn't let her rest. She stuck out her tongue and licked slowly upward at the underside of an imaginary dick. Susanne wasn't so naive to not catch the meaning. She closed her eyes immediately and reached for the volume buttons to drown out the moans and grunts she knew would follow.

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