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C2 Two

It was a Saturday and Amanda was sat cross-legged on her sofa, tablet in hand and scrolling through some photos of trendy shoes. For her, color and shape were everything and price came next. Even before attaining her current position as a successful freelance marketing consultant, that had been her way of life.

She had settled on a particularly attractive pair of rose-colored high heels and was quietly contemplating them when she was startled by a knock on the door. She turned in that direction, wondering who on Earth had decided to visit her without calling first. Could it be Haley? No one else could be that crazy. But there was only one way to find out.

She slid her feet into her slippers and padded noiselessly over to the window beside the door. Pulling aside the curtains just a little bit, she saw a boy, or rather a young man with a boy's face, whispering and laughing softly with another person whom she could not see. She spent a few seconds watching him as he whispered and gesticulated without any care in the world. It was like he'd forgotten that he was standing before someone's front door. But the person he was talking to clearly had better presence of mind because just at that moment, another knock came.

"Coming!", Amanda called and waited a few seconds before reaching for the lock. She opened the door and batted her eyelids at the visitors in obvious surprise.

They were two young men that looked alike but so different. One had a mischievous baby face, the other had a shy but mature face; one was restless, the other was calm; but nevertheless, they were both handsome. The calm mature-looking one spoke first.

"Sorry to disturb you, ma'am," he said, glancing at his companion - a clear indication that he was speaking for both of them. "We were given this address, so we were wondering if this is where Ms....," he quickly looked at his phone for guidance.

"Lipman. Amanda Lipman," his companion provided, his steady gaze on Amanda's face.

"Yeah, I'm Amanda. And you guys are?", she asked, looking from one to the other.

"We're...," the first one was saying, but the baby-faced one cut him off iimmediately.

"Jake and Rake. Hardworking young men at your service."

Amanda's eyebrows shot up in surprise at such unexpected self-introductionn. "O...kay. So what can I do for you?"


But the baby-faced one cut in again, "the question should be what can we do for you?"

As Amanda stared at him in confusion, be quickly added, "we're the guys who responded..."

"Oh! Yes, the ad! Oh I'd forgotten. Come in, come in." She opened the door wider to allow them step in. Truly, she had totally forgotten about that ad and their response to it, but it was nothing unusual. She was just one bundle of impulses, coming up with one impulsive thought or action after another and forgetting all about them soon after. But now that she remembered this ad and why she put it up, she was glad, to say the least, and she moved with an extra sway to her hips as she made for the sofa she had earlier occupied before their arrival.

She crossed one leg over the other and stared at them with the trace of a smile on her lips.

"So... tell me, what are your names again?"

"Jake and Rake," Baby Face answered, pointing to first his brother and then himself.

"Cool names. You're twins, right?"

"Exactly," Baby-faced nodded.

Jake didn't like the flippant manner in which his brother addressed the lady, but each time he opened his mouth to regain control of the conversation, his brother always beat him to it. He had always been the faster, more restless and shameless one.

"So you guys have a lot of experience in this, right?"

"Of course," Rake shot back as if the question was an insult. He was not staring at her face though and he also could not catch the fiery glare his brother had thrown his way.

"So that means you..."

"Hot pink," Rake suddenly announced, with a triumphant grin on his face, his eyes now fully staring into Amanda's. His brother's heart gave a lurch. Obviously, the idiot had gone out of his mind! But before he could apologize on his behalf, Amanda flexed her manicured fingers and toes which were both painted in one color: hot pink.

"I like a man who pays attention," she said with a pleased, almost sultry, smile.

Rake's grin widened and he held her gaze for a few seconds before his eyes roved elsewhere again. His brother just stood there, lost and confused. Everything was moving just too fast for him to keep up. He shifted from one foot to the other, thinking of something appropriate to say. But he was beaten to it yet again! This time by Amanda.

"Even though his attention is not always innocent," she said, staring at Rake with a meaning look. She had just caught him staring holes at her breasts. Of course she liked the attention, but she also knew that her rebuke was not strong enough to discourage someone as stubborn and restless as Rake. Rather it would inspire him to even greater mischief. And wasn't that the reason she had requested for their services?

"I think I've wasted enough of your time here," she sighed and got up to her feet. "When do you guys plan to begin work?"

"Well, um... anytime you want," Jake said.

"We could even start right now," his brother quickly added, with a massive grin that stinked of mischief.

"Okay then. Here's the key t..."

Rake had already swooped it off her fingers with that grin still plastered on his face.

Impressive, Amanda thought. But outwardly, she gave him a hard stare. The little bastard held her gaze fearlessly, still grinning rudely at her as if challenging her to do more than stare harshly at him.

"Anyway," she shrugged and turned her attention to the heavily embarrassed Jake, "that's the key to the shed outside..."

"Very good. Looks strongly built."

Rake again! And that daring grin!

There was a short silence as Amanda gave him her angriest glare ever, but the idiot seemed to know she didn't mean it because his grin only widened. Brazen bastard!

"That's all then. You'll find everything you need in the shed."

"Got it. Thanks," Rake replied, twirling the key holder around his finger as he walked away from the window where he had gone to glance at the shed.

Amanda sat back down with a fake sigh of frustration and watched both boys walk out of the room. Jake was in front, his eyes down and he was almost alight with shame and embarrassment while his forward and shameless brother followed behind, still grinning and staring at Amanda. Jeez, did he just wink?! Amanda blinked in disbelief. The boy had nerves, didn't he? As he got close to the door, she saw a hand shoot in and drag him out and then the door was slammed shut.

Whew! What a perfect pair! And with the perfect height too - just at her chest level. The future seemed bright!

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