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C3 Three

Amanda gave a soft sigh as she concluded her investigation into the client's previous and current strategies. Even though the next step was to be put off until later, she already had some ideas swirling around in her head. But she'd had enough work for one day. Time to do something else.

She put away the device and got up to do a proper cat yawn and stretch these (sadly) aging bones of hers. Then suddenly, she remembered the boys. Quickly, she went to the window and parted the curtains. What she saw outside made her gasp. See what I've missed!

At that side of the house were Jake and Rake, both hard at work and... well, shirtless. From such distance, the boys looked almost identical, but she'd seen enough of their behavior to differentiate them and know who was who. The quiet, calm and methodical one handling the mower was clearly Jake while the fast-moving one whose eyes were everywhere while his hands were on the rake was none other than the mischievous Rake.

Amanda quickly looked around for something high enough, something she could sit on to watch the boys. Oh yes, the stool at the minibar was just perfect. She tiptoed over to bar as if someone else was in the room and returned with the stool. Placing it near the window, she sat down and focused on the movie playing out on her side lawn.

She started with Jake. The sun was weak, but the constant exertion had covered his body with sweat which poured down in rivulets down his back. His biceps were not huge, but they were firm and muscular. The muscles on his back and forearms were the ones that stood out the most in all their glory, flexing and rippling in time with his exertion. She wondered if they would flex even more if he was above a woman, grunting and pounding wildly into her.

She didn't have much time to fully admire the back view though. He turned, presenting her with a good view of his front. Hmm. Slightly hairy broad chest - very broad to be exact - but the fun part was how the hairs ran down the middle of his abdomen in a dark line and ended at the waistband of his trousers. Amanda would give many things to see where that happy trail cane to a final end. But for now, patience!

Jake turned, his side now facing her, so she quickly focused her attention on his brother. Wow, this one is different. An even broader chest, a hairless torso and a firm six packs. Her eyes lingered on his chiseled abs for a while before traveling downward. Whew! He had no happy trail, but his waistband was a little below his waist, showing the chiseled V of his lower abdomen that she knew led straight to his cock.

Her eyes lingered again for many more seconds before she took them up to watch the flex of his pecs as he threw his rake about, pulling mown grasses towards himself. With each pull, his biceps knotted into a tight bulge and his pecs rippled deliciously. Real power! She imagined those strong arms wrapped around her naked body, holding her in place for a hard fuck. She could not help but sigh out loud in contentment. With such hard bodies at her disposal, what more could she ask for? The only problem was how to get them in the right position. But for now, a little fantasizing could go a long way to ease the itch between her thighs.

Her arms crossed on the window ledge, she rested her chin on them and closed her eyes. She imagined the position, the ideal position. Under the shower... wet bodies... a firm torso pressed against her from behind and a rock hard dick nestling between her ass cheeks.

Those strong hands roving all over her wet body, fingers running up and down her thighs, large palms rubbing up her belly, caressing her chest, rubbing down her belly and coming back up to find her breasts. She wouldn't know whose hands would be doing what because her eyes would be closed shut while the twins take her on a rollercoaster ride.

Rake would probably be the one behind, fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, making her moan in pleasure and she would arch her back, pushing her breasts further into his hands. He would press them softly and massage her nipples, making them harder and longer than ever, and at the same time, Jake would go down on his knees, spread her legs further apart and lap at her pussy like a hungry child. She would moan and release more juices and he would lap them up immediately, scratching her thighs in tandem with his pussy licking. He would then suck on each of her pussy lips thoroughly and pull them softly with his lips before spreading them apart and licking the pink flesh between. Just when he was about to suck on her clit, there was a loud knock on the door!

Amanda's eyes flew open immediately. Who in hell's name is that, disturbing such an amazing daydream??? She pulled herself up and got off the stool to go find out. She could feel the wetness in her panties, giving her an indication of just how gainfully employed she had been.

She padded over to the door and pulled it open, ready to glare at whoever was there. But to her surprise, she saw no one but Rake, shirtless and sweaty, with that naughty grin plastered on his face. Up close, the view was even more stunning. His innocent-looking baby face with the eyes full of mischief and that deep chest right above those sculpted abs. Amanda couldn't help but run her eyes over the entire package, but when she returned her focus to his face, his grin had widened considerably. No, no, no, I won't blush. She squared her shoulders and returned his gaze in a show of confidence.

"What is it?", she demanded, trying hard not to blink. How can a 20-year old fresh fish outpace a veteran like me in my own house?!

"Water. Our throats are parched," Rake replied, his eyes now focused on her still hard nipples poking at her shirt. His fearless gaze on them made them even harder. Amanda quickly turned around to hide her blush.

"Where's your brother? You guys can come in and have a drink."

As she walked away to get the drinks, she knew where exactly his eyes were glued to: her ass. It was seconds before she heard a sharp "pssst" and saw, from the corner of her eye, Jake passing close to the window on his way to the front.

She quickly opened two bottles of Coke in the bar and turned around to face the boys. Both were standing in the middle of the room, still sweaty and shirtless and all of a sudden, she wished they had taken off their pants too.

"Sit. It's alright; you can turn on the fan if you want," she said, indicating the switch behind Jake.

The young man went ahead to turn on the fan before coming to take his seat on the sofa, but his brother had since taken one of the bottles from Amanda and was sipping it contentedly and studying her as if he was the owner of the house while she was the potential tenant. She tried not to meet his gaze too often, but whenever she did, his smile always widened and she would frown at him.

"You guys have done a great job today," she said, glancing at her window, "and it was real fast too."

"We always work fast," Rake shrugged in a tone dripping with conceit, "but we can delay the climax if requested."

Amanda's mouth fell open. She stared at him in shock at his blatant use of such sexual innuendos. What daring!

She recovered quickly and glanced at Jake, but unfortunately, that one seemed to have missed the hidden meaning of his brother's words. Amanda felt she had completely lost control of the whole situation and she had to do something about it immediately. If she let this boy go on like this for even five more minutes, he'd have her bent over the kitchen counter, naked from the waist down, with his cock ramming in and out of her ass at a crazy speed. Not that she didn't like such handling (hell, she loved it!) but the speed at which he was heading towards that part of the game was way too fast that she found it difficult to keep up. She was supposed to be the seductress, not them!

She cleared her throat noisily and shifted in her seat, all part of her effort to regain control.

"I'm happy with your speed and enthusiasm. At this rate... ahem... at this rate, you'll be done in no time."

What she had almost said was "at this rate, you'll be fucking me to multiple orgasms in no time", but thank heavens for her presence of mind amidst the annoyingly distracting gaze Rake had on her. It was as if he could see through her and read her soul.

"But for now," she continued, "I have a really important meeting to attend, so you guys will have to continue tomorrow."

She turned to face Rake, daring him with her gaze to guess what the meeting was about. But all he had on his face was a smirk. It was his brother who spoke.

"Of course, ma'am. We'll be here quite early in the morning."

Amanda's heart warmed at the sound of that word "ma'am". She'd love to hear him call her that while pounding into her doggy style with her breasts swinging over his brother's face and his mouth open, trying to catch her nipples and bite them deliciously. But she quickly shook those thoughts from her mind. There'd be enough time for that later.

She already had the day's payment in an envelope lying on the table. She got up to grab it and Jake respectfully got up too, but the stubborn Rake was still sitting cross-legged on the sofa as if he was the new owner of the house, waiting to receive the certificate of ownership. When Amanda turned around and their eyes met, he made no move to hide the fact that he had been staring at her ass. Instead it was she who felt embarrassed.

With a stiff arm, she handed the envelope to Jake and he thanked her before pocketing it. But Rake was still comfortably seated and his brother had to give him a sly kick before he slowly dragged himself to his feet. With his trademark grin and with one last wink at Amanda, he followed Jake out of the house.

"Whew!", Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as they went out of her sight. She had thought she was a cougar, but the prey had turned out to be a leopard.

She walked over to the window and watched as the boys picked up their shirts and took her tools back to the shed and locked it. There was a short heated debate between them, but it came to an abrupt end and she guessed what it was about when Jake hung the shed's key on the door handle. And then they left.

Amanda waited for a few minutes before venturing outside. She hurried over to the back of the house and made for the little tree one of her boyfriends had planted years ago. She didn't have the patience to look for a broom and a dustpan, so she simply gathered the fallen leaves with her bare hands and walked over to deposit them in the clear neat pool. The leaves floated sluggishly as they hit the water and she immediately realized they were far too few. So she went back to bring more leaves.

When the fallen leaves had been exhausted, she hastily reached up and plucked fresh ones from the tree directly and deposited them into the pool until the water was almost totally covered by leaves. She squatted to wash her hands in the water and dried them on her skirt as she hurried back into the house; that ass fuck scene she had fantasized about was playing in her mind in a constant loop. Damn! She was going straight to her room to have that important meeting with Mr. Vibrator and Ms. Buttplug.

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