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C4 Four

The next day found Amanda at home, putting on a new dress when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. She didn't bother to look at the clock; she simply dropped everything she was doing and made her way to the front door.

"Right about time," she murmured beneath her breath as she unlocked it.

Quietly, she pulled it open and saw both boys standing there in different clothes from the ones they'd worn the previous day. She too was wearing a different dress. Before they could even open their mouths to say anything, perhaps to wish her good morning or ask for the key to the shed, she whirled around and presented her back to them.

Even Rake was caught unawares and Jake's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Right in front of them was the naked back of their client, the dress open all the way down to the top of her lace panties!

"Zip me up," she finally said after she was sure they must have had their fill ogling her back.

Rake's hand immediately shot out and the first thing that came to mind was to make a 'mistake' and pull the zip down so he could see more of her backside, but he quickly realized that that would be taking things too far, so instead he grabbed the zip and slowly pulled it up.

"Thanks," Amanda said and then turned to face them. She was acting like someone who was a little uncomfortable in a tight dress. She flexed her shoulders a little and held both her breasts in her hands and pulled them up through the fabric. She thought she heard a groan there. Even though her eyes were focused on her chest, trying to make the dress less tight and comfortable, she could see from the corner of her eyes that hungry puppy look on the faces of the boys. They sure would love to see those mammaries and she too couldn't wait to have them suck on her boobies, but all in good time, baby.

"Here's the key," she said with a sigh when she was done with her adjustments. Rake was a little slower in taking the key from her hand than he did yesterday. The mischief had gone out of his face too. He looked like someone who had just stopped holding his breath. Obviously, he'd been beaten at his own game.

With a stiff smile at them, Amanda turned and walked away further into the house.

"Excuse me, Ms. Lipman," Rake called out to her. Clearly, he'd recovered. "Is there nothing else we can do for you? Like helping with a necklace or a bra..."

Like flash, his brother's hand shot out and clamped down on his mouth! With one palm tightly covering the shameless lips and the other holding his shirt, Jake swiftly dragged his fearless, brazen brother out of the doorway towards where they had work to do.

"Work on the pool, please!", Amanda called after them. She didn't have a definite plan yet, but she just wanted to keep them around until she could figure out a perfect strategy to get them in the position she wanted them.

"Just leave me alone", Rake hissed, throwing his brother's hands off him as they reached the lawn.

"You're a shameless, crude idiot, man," Jake spat, looking at him with a disgusted expression on his face.

"Whatever," Rake shrugged. "But I know what I'm doing."

"Which is working hard to make us lose this gig."

"I'm telling you, this woman is ripe for the taking."

"She's old enough and probably even older than our mother, you moron."

"So what? Isn't she still a woman."

But Jake said nothing. It was no use arguing with his crazy brother. He simply led the way to the pool, marching with long strides and leaving his brother to hurry after him.

When Rake finally caught up with him, he found him staring at the pool in surprise.

"Wow. Is it just my imagination or did this pool look very different yesterday?"

"Who cares?", Rake scoffed. "It's our job to clean it up, that's all."

While his brother was still looking befuddled at the sight of all those leaves floating around and racking his memory, trying to picture exactly how the pool looked the previous day, Rake simply turned around and made a thumbs up sign at the window of the house.

Amanda was at her window, peeping at the boys and trying to gauge their reactions. Jake had his hands on his waist. He was shaking his head and saying something and she focused her attention on him, trying to understand how he was feeling. But all of a sudden, Rake turned 180 and gave her a thumbs up! How did he know she was watching?? Even though she knew he couldn't really see her, Amanda blushed in embarrassment and quickly stepped away from the window. That clever arrogant bastard! Obviously, he didn't just know that she was watching, he also knew that she had deliberately littered the pool, that was why he had given her a thumbs up! Shit! How come such a little boy could so easily detect her moves and make an experienced cougar like her feel like a prey?? Well, there was no use pretending anymore. She would just go all out and take him unawares for a change.

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