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"Grandmother, who is that woman wrapped in vines on top of that snowy mountain?" A childish voice pointed at a distant snow mountain and asked. His clear eyes were as pure as a child's eyes.

A black-cloaked, lifeless old granny gazed into the distance with empty eyes. An unknown pang of lament flashed across her wrinkled face. "Grandmother doesn't know who that woman is!"

"Then how cold and lonely she must be on that snowy mountain!" The young child held his grandma's hand and said sorrowfully.

The grandma put her hand on the crystal ball and murmured, "Everything in life, whether it's fortune or misfortune, whether it's a misfortune or whether it can't be avoided, what should come will eventually come."

"Grandmother, why do you say that!"

The old lady with her legs crossed, shook her head, and did not answer the child's question.

A gentle breeze blew by, ruffling a pool of spring water, also ruffling a person's heart.

For hundreds of years, the one who obtained the dragon fountain would rule the world. However, legends were legends after all. As to what the dragon fountain was, no one knew.

Yun Feng faintly opened her eyes and was startled by the scene before her. She slowly took a look at the simple and crude furnishings within the room and lowered her head to look at her own body.

Yun Weiyang, the daughter of the eldest son of the Southern Dynasty's General Yun.

Yun Weiyang had the same surname as her previous life, she could not learn martial arts due to her weak body, and she was born into a family of martial generals. She could not learn martial arts, could not shine, could not go on the stage, and she could not gain benefits by plotting for the general's family. There was no way out, and because of that, she was thrown into a small secluded courtyard in the general's mansion from the age of five, allowing the general to destroy her

In any case, according to the memories of this body, a few days ago, after the decree was passed down for to her to marry the current Prime Minister Feng Xue Han, Yun Huan Die, who was the daughter of her Third Uncle, aggressively brought her maidservants and a group of servants to this place. She scolded and bullied her a few times, and before she left, she pushed her into the lake.

Fifteen years old and her body didn't develop very well. After eating little all year round, a small typhoid fever took away Yun Weiyang's life. When she woke up, she had already become her.

Opening his eyes and looking at the scars on her chest, Yun Weiyang's eyes flashed with ruthless killing intent, she pulled off the clothes on her body, and Yun Weiyang could not help but take a deep breath. If it was the previous body, these injuries were nothing, but what is Yun Weiyang?

Some of the wounds were still bleeding, and she looked down at the scars on her chest. Yun Weiyang's hands slowly tightened, and by doing so, how could Yun Weiyang marry out of the family? Wasn't this forcing her onto a road of death? And those so-called relatives of Yun Weiyang allowed her to fall to such a state.

Very good, now she was the one who took over this body. No matter what happened in the past, in the future, she would never let anyone here go.

Taking a deep breath, Yun Weiyang let her body fall back onto the bed, closing her eyes, as the thoughts in her brain became clearer and clearer.

Yun, her old code name, the number one assassin of the twenty-first century. For her, whether it was assassinating or stealing secrets was a simple matter, but she was betrayed by the higher-ups when she completed her mission. She was not willing to die in the hands of others — so she died under her own dagger.

The training of her mind and emotions in her previous life had allowed her to remain calm despite the collapse of Mt. Tai. She was dead in her previous life, but now she was alive. It may sound complicated, but it was actually very simple.

Sitting up from the bed, Yun Weiyang took a look at her current body. Although it was thin and weak, it still had decent roots and was not a body that couldn't be strengthed. She really didn't know how this family of generals judged it, but walking towards the bronze mirror, she still wanted to take a look at Yun Weiyang first.

The person in the mirror shocked Yun Weiyang, her pale face had eyes like water, her skin was creamy white and tender, as though she could squeeze water out of it. A pair of red lips, and a sweet smile, and every move, look like she was dancing, with her long hair flowing down to her ankles, and her hair moving with the wind, giving off a sweet fragrance, slim waist, slender limbs, and fairy like temperament. She was dressed in a white robe, her eyebrows were slightly swept away, and her face was not painted with makeup.

This kind of appearance was a heavenly beauty, a devastatingly beautiful woman. What made Yun Weiyang shocked wasn't that this face actually looked eighty to ninety percent similar to that of her previous life, but what shocked her was that those large dark eyes had turned into bloodshot eyes that were even redder than fresh blood.

The comb in his hand was snapped into two halves by Yun Weiyang's strength. Her hands trembled as she looked the bloodthirsty gaze. Yun Weiyang's heart was in an unprecedented state of turmoil.

Yun Weiyang thought that the thing she had gotten rid of did not disappear because of her reincarnation, so she would never forget the endless nightmares that those pair of bloody eyes had brought her.

The eyes in the mirror were even more bewitching red. Whether it was in her previous life or this life, such eyes were not something that could be accepted and tolerated, especially in this feudal society. If people saw her like this, they would probably treat her like a monster, not to mention that she was still alive in the Southern Dynasty.

She sighed lightly. What was to come would come eventually, and she couldn't avoid it. She waved her hand in front of her, and the originally alluring red color turned into a black, deep pool of light.

The moment she woke up, Yun Weiyang felt a flow of spirit energy flowing through her body. Her spirit energy did not disappear because of her reincarnation, although she was skilled, but when she was fighting when she was young and had her eyes were pecked by a goose, with spirit energy in her hands, she could be prepared for anything that happened. Yun Weiyang had always been cautious, otherwise, she would have been destroyed by her opponents while on missions in her previous life.

The sun was very bright as she sat on a rattan chair outside the house. There was a cool breeze and warmth in the pavilion, red, blue, and green board, a winding corridor, beautiful trees and beautiful flowers, and a very luxurious scene. Especially those flowers that were planted against the railings were all extremely rare and precious varieties, and the pairs of jade mandarin ducks and red cranes within the lake were even more precious.

In her previous life, she never had the chance to enjoy such beautiful scenery. As the warm sunlight shone down onto her face, Yun Weiyang narrowed her eyes comfortably, but in her heart, she was still thinking of how to deal with the people from the General's Estate.

"How dare you, who allowed a lowly person like you to wander around the courtyard?" The harsh words suddenly came from afar. A group of men and women, dressed like peacocks, walked over.

Yun Weiyang frowned, opened her eyes, and turned to look at the person.

The leader was dressed in a peach dress, with a bun in the back. She wore a golden phoenix silk thread around her temples and had a gold pearl inlaid on her forehead. No matter how she dressed, she wasn't a phoenix.

Yun Weiyang's brows went cold. This was the woman who had caused Yun Weiyang's death.

Yeah, and look at yourself. A woman who can't be any worse than you." A round face appeared behind Yun Huan Die, the mean looking woman curled her lips, her face had malicious intent.

With that said, everyone immediately burst out into laughter, all kinds of disdainful gazes were directed at Yun Weiyang.

Yun Sheng's second daughter had been following behind Yun Huan Die every day. If it was said that Yun Huan Die had pushed her into the water, then this Yun Qinxue in front of her was an accomplice.

A hint of killing intent flashed past Yun Weiyang's eyes. Luckily, her eyes were now black, otherwise, just that glance would probably be enough to scare them to death. Those black eyes were like deep pools, hiding a power that could devour everything.

Beneath Yun Weiyang's calm exterior hid a vicious aura, and the surrounding air gradually condensed together with the fluctuations.

Waving the whip in her hand, Yun Huan Die looked into Yun Weiyang's eyes, the bottomless darkness caused her to feel a sense of danger, when she looked carefully, Yun Weiyang's body seemed to be devoid of anything, it was calm and indifferent.

The person seemed to still be that person, but in the end, it was still only that person. The usually unfavoured Yun Weiyang had some kind of dog shit luck that could marry Feng Xuehan, yet the man that she admired was snatched away by the lowly Yun Weiyang. How could she not be angry, how could she not be angry?

Glancing at the sneer that flashed past Yun Weiyang's eyes, Yun Huan Die was enraged. Yun Huan Die who was treated as a precious gem, had never suffered like this before. Waving the whip in her hand, her temper exploded out.

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