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"Gather the Dark Guard's tokens! See the tokens as though they were mine!" Hearing this, Yun Weiyang's heart trembled, looking at the jade token in her hand that was emitting a glimmering luster. The power in her hand tightened, this was the full strength of Feng Xuehan! He could not help but feel tears welling up in his eyes. This person had never held back in the slightest against him!

As if he knew what Yun Weiyang was thinking, Feng Xue Han sighed lightly and pulled Yun Weiyang back into his embrace, saying: "To me, you are more important than anything."

Yun Weiyang buried her head into Feng Xue Han's embrace, the tip of her nose was filled with the cold plum blossom fragrance coming from his body, smelling the warmth from it. Yun Weiyang tightened her grip around Feng Xue Han's waist, but her heart became even more determined on what she was going to do in the future.

"Han, your target is the Emperor?" Yun Weiyang raised her head and looked straight at Feng Xue Han. If he wanted to, she would definitely help him achieve it.

Hearing that, Feng Xue Han's handsome face did not have the slightest change, he only had a pair of cold, deep eyes that quietly stared straight at Yun Weiyang.

After a long while, Yun Weiyang sighed and said: "I know!" She knew that with Feng Xue Han's personality, he didn't want to be the emperor at all. That would be a form of restriction for him.

Placing his hand on Feng Xue Han's chest, Yun Weiyang felt his powerful heartbeat, her eyes filled with gentleness, she looked at Feng Xue Han and said softly: "Han, I understand you!"

Stretching out his hand and gripping it tightly, Feng Xue Han's ice-cold eyes were like sharp blades, and he said: "The time of the five nations' sacrifice is about to come." As time passed, his identity would be exposed along with the appearance of those people, he had prepared for so long, and was waiting for this moment. In the past, he was able to do so freely, but now, he was worried about Yun Weiyang, making it easy for him to evade her attacks, even though he could protect her completely, but ?

Seeing that, a red light flashed in Yun Weiyang's eyes, and she said solemnly: "I will definitely let those people have a taste of what it means to live rather than die." With that, she looked at Feng Xue Han and said seriously: "Han, I'm not weak. The things that hurt you in the past, they would have to pay back multiple times. Now you are not alone, with me, I will accompany you in battle." Staring back at that pair of sharp eyes that he could not look straight into, Yun Weiyang's voice rang out without hurry, yet each word was filled with an unmistakable certainty and determination.

The sharpness gradually faded away. Looking at the pair of dark red eyes that never changed but firmly looked at him, Yun Weiyang's tightly pursed lips rose without any warning, it was not a cold and emotionless sneer, not a scornful and disdainful ridicule from Kuang Su Mei, it was a real smile that Yun Weiyang had never seen before! It was an extremely shallow arc, almost imperceptible, but it was an undeniable smile!

"As expected of the person that I, Feng Xue Han, has my eyes on, well said!" Looking at the face of the person in front of him with appreciation, Feng Xue Han's low and deep voice suddenly sounded out, unspeakably haughty and confident.

A purple light appeared, and those eyes that no one could see the bottom began to crease and glow. The cold and hard outline of the eyes also softened due to the extremely faint smile, making this beautiful man even more outstanding, making others unable to look away.

Yun Weiyang never knew that a man's smile could enchant others.

The wind blew, creating a wave of spring water.

This was roughly what Yun Weiyang was feeling right now.

The calm and tranquil lake surface, due to this unforetold true smile, appeared. Even she herself didn't know how to ripple. She only felt that her throat seemed to have been blocked by something, making it difficult to breathe for a moment.

"Why?" Perhaps because he felt that there was something wrong with Yun Weiyang's appearance, Feng Xue Han raised his eyebrows and asked. That fleeting smile had also disappeared without a trace.

"..." You look good when you smile. " As if he had just awoken from a dream, Yun Weiyang quickly removed the oddity in her heart, turned her head away, and spoke the truth indifferently. She didn't feel that there was anything wrong with saying that a man looked good when he smiled.

"?" Surprise flashed past Feng Xue Han's eyes, but he stopped speaking. It was just that his pair of deep eyes did not move away from Yun Weiyang's body.

Looking at the faint blush on the side of her fair face, her long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly. Purple light circulated around her face, but her face was still as deep as ever. However, it was no longer cold as before.

The next morning ? ? Yun Weiyang sat on the couch, reading the information in her hands while practicing in her mind. Xuan Ge, Yi Na, Qian Ying, Lu Zizheng, and Jigger stood quietly on the side.

After a long while, Yun Weiyang put the information aside, glanced at everyone present and said: "I think everyone here must be very curious as to why I let you go to the Spring Festival yesterday." After she finished speaking, she calmly smiled and said, "I want to take all the places under Qiu Yao."

The feeling of a lightning bolt exploding on the ground was probably what everyone present felt. Without waiting for everyone to react, Yun Weiyang stood up and faced everyone. Her dark red eyes flashed with a shocking light, and she said solemnly: "I want to be the emperor of the earth." No matter whether it was in ancient or modern times, power represented everything. There were things that Feng Xue Han could not do; she could only do it with power in her hands, and only with power in her hands would she be able to ensure that the people around her would not be harmed. She had never forgotten about the injuries she had suffered when she was hunted down previously.

Hearing that, everyone present was shocked, the look in their eyes that looked at Yun Weiyang changed from shock, to doubt until finally, admiration. Taking a deep breath, they suppressed the excitement in their hearts, respectfully bowing to Yun Weiyang, and said in unison: "We pledge our loyalty to you."

Satisfied, Yun Weiyang nodded her head and returned to her seat, waving at the few people in front of her to signal them to come over. Upon seeing this, the latter all stepped forward.

Opening up the information in his hand, Yun Weiyang took a look at Xuan Ge and said: "Xuan Ge, Yi, Yi, lead the rest of you to attack Shi Gai, Thousand Shadows, Zither, Zigger, and the rest of your people to attack Qiu Yao." With that, she faintly smiled and said, "With Qiu Yao's current strength, he would never have thought that someone would try to harm him. If he caught us off guard, we will definitely succeed." To deal with Qiu Xie, Yun Weiyang decided to use Lightning Strike, not giving the other party a chance to catch their breath.

"Do you understand?" Yun Weiyang asked, sweeping a glance around the crowd, and said: "If everyone has no objections, we will start tonight."

"Yes sir!" Everyone present answered in unison.

Waving his hand, Yun Weiyang indicated that they could leave. At this moment, a man dressed in black suddenly appeared at the door. Seeing this, Yi Na asked: "Bi Xian, why are you here?"

Bi Xian was the most secretive person among the five ambassadors. Not only were his kung fu skills extremely high, he was also very smart. He trained his men to fight against ten people at once.

Yun Weiyang took a glance at Bi Xian, whose handsome face was glowing with a cold light, and said: "Come in!"

"Yes, Mistress." A cold voice faintly rang out, and Bi Xian walked over to Yun Weiyang at an unhurried pace. He then respectfully saluted and said: "Master, I am too late."

"No worries!" Yun Weiyang knew that Bi Xian's previous location was quite a distance away from the Prime Minister's Residence, so it was not easy for him to return now, "Bi Xian, while you're in charge of gathering information tonight, assist the other halls in their assault. Attack methods are still sneak attacks, you have to kill them in one strike, and not give them a chance to catch their breath."

"Yes, sir." Bi Xian had never seen Yun Weiyang before, and only found out from the news that his mistress was not ordinary. Seeing her today, it was really the case. In his heart, he admired Yun Weiyang even more.

At this moment, a servant of the mansion reported from the entrance, "The crown prince's palace has descended."

Frowning, Yun Weiyang was displeased: "Why is he here again?" He still could not get rid of the crown prince. After all, with him as a shield, it would save him a lot of trouble and it had always been Yun Weiyang's method of doing things to the best of his abilities.

Glancing at the people present, Yun Weiyang said: "Go ahead and rest, let's move out tonight."

"Yes sir!"

Looking at Thousand Shadows who was still standing in the room, Yun Weiyang sighed lightly and said: "Come, let's go take a look." This girl was too eager to protect the master! Towards this kind of person, Yun Weiyang did not rebuke him at all.

Hearing this, Thousand Shadow's face lit up, as he hurriedly followed in front of Yun Weiyang.

Looking at Huangfu Xi who was standing in the courtyard, Yun Weiyang walked forward and said indifferently: "Your Highness, the Crown Prince."

"Weiyang, you're here?" Huangfu Xi's eyes were fixated on Yun Weiyang's body, afraid that she would accidentally run away.

Yun Weiyang rejected the infatuation and desire in Huangfu Xi's eyes. From the information he received from Yi Na, the Emperor originally wanted to grant her a marriage with Huangfu Xi, but he refused on the spot because he was afraid she was ugly. Yun Weiyang had never cared about being the Crown Prince's consort, but she was not a person that was easy to offend.

Secretly taking two steps back to open up a distance between the two, Yun Weiyang said with a cold expression: "I wonder why Your Highness is here?"

Hearing this, Huangfu Xi said with an apologetic face: "I'm here to see if you're injured."

"I'm fine, don't worry about me, Crown Prince."

Huangfu Xi seemed to mind Yun Weiyang's coldness, but he couldn't show it on his face. For a moment, the scene quieted down.

After a moment of silence, Yun Weiyang said: "If Your Highness the crown prince is fine, then please leave!"

"Weiyang, do you have to be so cold to me?" Huangfu Xi said unwillingly.

With a slight raise of her delicate eyebrows, Yun Weiyang asked indifferently: "I wonder why the crown prince has said that?"

Towards Yun Weiyang's cold attitude, Huangfu Xi was enraged. In a moment of desperation, he wanted to grab the other's hand, but Yun Weiyang dodged his grab and hurriedly said: "Weiyang, you know I've treated you well ?"

"Your Highness, please take note of your identity." He raised his head and looked at Huangfu Xi. There was a chill in his indifferent eyes as he said, "I never knew of Your Highness the Crown Prince's existence. I don't know of it now, nor will I know of it in the future."

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