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Raising an eyebrow, Yun Weiyang did not seem to care about it much as she said: "Am I being presumptuous?" He sized him up and smiled: "Brat, you barged into other people's houses without permission and yet you dare to say such impudent words. Am I being impudent or are you being impudent?!"

The person who came was around forty years old and was called a brat by Yun Weiyang, his handsome face had undergone a draconic change. Taking a deep breath, he narrowed his eyes at the person in front of him, and with a smirk, he said disdainfully: "You must be Yun Weiyang! "It really is extraordinary!

How could Yun Weiyang not notice the sarcasm in his words? She casually shrugged her shoulders and laughed: "Aiyo, this old man actually knows my name, it really makes me feel flattered!"

Suppressing the anger in his chest, the man shouted, "Are you going to let me go or not!"

If it was anyone else, they would have been scared off by the authority of the other party, but who was this Yun Weiyang person, she casually waved the sword in her hand, her eyes narrowed and a cold light flashed, as she coldly said: "What if I say no?"

The person frowned and said in a deep voice, "Then don't blame me for being rude." Sweeping his gaze at the white figure standing not far from him, a dark light flickered in the eyes of the newcomer. He was already at this stage, and yet he still didn't make a move?

How could Yun Weiyang not know what the other party was planning? Looking at Uncle Li who was behind him, she said: "Uncle Li, go get me a torch!"

Surprised, Uncle Li quickly looked at Feng Xue Han, who was not far away. Then, his mind spun as an undetectable smile appeared on his benevolent face. He respectfully said, "Madam, please wait a moment."

"What are you going to do?"

Retracting the sword in his hand, Yun Weiyang stroked her sleeve, sweeping a glance at the middle-aged man in front of her, and a bright light flashed in her eyes, as if the two stars in the sky were embedded in her eyes. Her words changed the subject, and she coldly said: "If you dare to step in here today, I'll burn this place down."

"How dare you!" The newcomer was startled by the cold light, but he knew how to hide his emotions. Although he was panicking, he looked calm on the outside.

At this time, Uncle Li brought a torch with him and hurried over. He brought the torch in front of Yun Weiyang and said, "Madam, torch!"

Satisfied, he nodded his head. Yun Weiyang turned to look at the other side, and said: "Why would I not dare?" As he said till here, Yun Weiyang's brows turned cold, and she spoke with disdain: "Feng Chenyi, what face do you have to be able to step in here?!"

The person was finally angered by Yun Weiyang, his originally calm eyes seemed to burn with anger, "This is our problem, what right do you, an outsider, have to discuss about it?"

Seeing the other party being angered, Yun Weiyang was very satisfied, what she wanted was this kind of effect, the injury you brought to Feng Xue Han, I want to return it to you in a sum. Thinking about it, she laughed: "This old man, I thought you had investigated me thoroughly enough, it seems like your monarch isn't too good." Her bloodthirsty eyes were fixed on Feng Chenyi's face, and she said coldly, "Let me tell you, Feng Xue Han is my husband, so his business is my business. If you dare to touch him, you can give it a try."

Feng Chenyi was so frightened by Yun Weiyang's blood-red eyes that he was unable to recover his wits for a while.

Seeing that, Yun Weiyang continued to speak: "Feng Chenyi, are the injuries you brought to them not enough? "You actually still have the face to come here? Just because you were prepared to fight in this place earlier, I'll tell you, Feng Chenyi, that your appearance has already tainted this place."

Hearing this, Feng Chenyi's body shook, and his originally strong aura immediately collapsed. His eyes flickered with a complicated expression as he looked at Feng Xue Han, who hadn't even turned around to look at him. Did he really no longer have the chance to make amends?

Taking a deep breath, Feng Chenyi looked exhausted. He said, "No matter what, my blood is still flowing through his body!" This was a fact that no one could change, even though that person still hated him.

Yun Weiyang laughed mockingly, and said: "Do you think he cares? Do you think your bloodline is noble? "Feng Chenyi, even now, you still do not understand. If there is a choice, I believe that Feng Xue Han absolutely disdains to have your blood on his body."

Seeing that the other party was silent, Yun Weiyang sent out an order for him to leave: "Go back first. In the future, don't appear here either. No one welcomes you here." With that, she turned her head to look at Uncle Li and instructed, "Uncle Li, look clearly today and hear clearly that if this person dares to come again in the future, there's no need to be courteous to him."

"Yes, Madam!" Uncle Li replied respectfully.

Feng Chenyi's originally tired face revealed a look of hope, he opened his mouth, but did not know what to say. In the end, he could not help but sigh, and said: "Your mother, does she hate me?"

Yun Weiyang looked at Feng Xue Han somewhat worriedly. Deep down in her heart, she did not want Feng Xue Han to think back to the past, after all, it was not a beautiful memory.

"No!" Feng Xuehan spoke without hesitation, his ice-cold handsome face the same as before. "Wuwuwu!" "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

"Is that so?!" Feng Chenyi smiled bitterly. No one knew the bitterness in his heart. He was truly regretful. However, there had never been any medicine for regret in this world.

Glancing at the man in front of him, Feng Xue Han's cold voice rang out, "Without love, where did this hatred come from?" After saying that, he pulled Yun Weiyang's hand and disappeared from Feng Chenyi's sight, leaving behind only a sentence, "Me too!"

"Haha ?" Feng Chenyi laughed lightly. He only stopped his laughter when his laughter grew louder and louder. Only then did he lift up his heavy footsteps and stagger out of the Purple Bamboo Forest.

Returning to the courtyard, this time Yun Weiyang did not sit in front of Feng Xue Han, but chose to sit in Feng Xue Han's embrace instead. Calmly and emotionlessly, she placed her forehead against Feng Xue Han's chest, listening to the steady and rhythmic beating of his heart.

Feng Xue Han took Yun Weiyang's meticulous actions very seriously. Since the other party didn't want him to know, he pretended not to know, and tightened his grip on the power, smelling the Yun Weiyang's body that emitted a natural light body fragrance, Feng Xue Han's heart was extremely calm, and he did not hate her, because there had never been love, so he naturally did not hate her. He did this, for the sake of his mother, Feng Xue Han had known from the start that his own personality was extremely cold, and even under the care and love of his mother, his character did not change, because that man had always been cold to him, not only because of his character, but also because his mother had never placed her attention on that man.

Feng Xue Han looked at the color of the sky and said lightly: "Go back!"

"Alright!" Right at this moment, a gust of wind blew by, causing Feng Xue Han's long hair to flutter in the wind, and the snow-white robes made from Sky Worm Silk fluttered behind him. The petals of the snow that was in full bloom in the courtyard were blown off by the wind, and the snow-white petals that filled the air fluttered in the air like goose feather snow, floating slowly in the air.

Looking at Feng Xue Han's floating figure and his unnaturally handsome face, Yun Weiyang's breathing tightened. Grabbing Feng Xue Han's hand and feeling his warm body temperature, Yun Weiyang's hanging heart finally calmed down.

Sighing lightly, Feng Xue Han lowered his voice and said: "You're feeling uneasy."

Suddenly raising her head, Yun Weiyang bit her lips, and then she slowly lowered her head. That's right, Feng Xue Han was right. She was indeed feeling uneasy.

Grasping Yun Weiyang's chin, Feng Xue Han frowned and asked: "I can't be trusted?"

The person in front of her was simply too perfect, so perfect that it was close to unreal. Yun Weiyang was extremely afraid that everything in front of her was just a dream, if there was a day when she woke up from her dream, she did not know what she would do.

Feng Xue Han pulled Yun Weiyang back into his embrace, sighed, and said: "I have been here the entire time."

In his previous life, she lived in such a miserable state, not only was she abandoned by her parents, but no one ever treated her as a human being. Everyone who saw her called her a monster and beat her up, because she had a pair of eyes that did not belong to a human being, and when he smelled the familiar aura from Feng Xue Han's body, Yun Weiyang's eyes turned sour. Only this person, not only was he not frightened by her, he looked at her without restraint, and even treated her as his own life.

Sensing that the killing intent on Yun Weiyang had gradually disappeared, Feng Xue Han's mouth revealed a faint smile, that smile was like a plum flower that bloomed in the summer that made people shocked. With a sigh, Feng Xue Han said: "There won't be a next time."

"Got it!" Yun Weiyang's voice sounded from Feng Xue Han's embrace, this person had always known what she was thinking about.

The worries in his heart disappeared, and Yun Weiyang relaxed a bit. She raised her head, and her face was filled with a bright and beautiful smile that Feng Xue Han had never seen before. She hugged Yun Weiyang tightly, and Feng Xue Han squinted his eyes, a purple light flowing in the depths of his eyes.

If Feng Xuehan's smile was like a warm wind blowing on an iceberg, then Yun Weiyang's smile was like the sun in the sky, bright and warm.

Standing far away, Uncle Li watched the courtyard with a gratified smile on his face. Princess, even if you knew in the afterlife, you would still be able to rest in peace!

By the time he returned to the Prime Minister's Estate, the sky had already turned completely dark. Xuan Ge, who had been waiting for a long time, greeted, "Master, Zither has been waiting for a long time."

Yun Weiyang was in a good mood, she smiled and nodded, then said to Feng Xue Han beside her: "Han, wait for me, I'll go change."

After Yun Weiyang's figure had completely disappeared, Feng Xue Han looked at Xuan Ge, his low and deep voice was like the ice on a thousand-year-old snowy mountain, exuding an unbearably cold aura. "Xuan Ge, pay attention to the Cloud Country's movements."

"Yes, your subordinate understands!" Xuan Ge respectfully said.

Looking into the distance, Feng Xue Han said in a low voice: "Don't care about the tricks, you have to protect her thoroughly."

"Yes sir!"

Perhaps outsiders might not know, but Xuan Ge was very clear, as long as it was something Yun Weiyang wanted to do, Feng Xue Han would let go of her hand and fly. As long as it was something Yun Weiyang wanted to do, Feng Xue Han would let go of her hand and fly, no one was more clear on how busy the master was, but even so, no one could help her take care of everything. However, Feng Xue Han never said that this man would only express his actions.

But Xuan Ge believed that regarding everything Feng Xue Han had done, Yun Weiyang should know as well, he had never been so glad, glad that he was able to follow beside these two masters. His admiration for Yun Weiyang was not only because of Feng Xue Han, but more importantly because he admired this seemingly weak and strong woman.

Not long after, Yun Weiyang wore a long black robe with the same colored belt around her waist. Without any accessories, she briskly walked in front of Feng Xue Han and said: "Let's go!"

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