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The hands of the one called "Your Highness" trembled, and in the blink of an eye, he looked towards Yun Weiyang. At this time, Ina forcefully suppressed the smile on her face and coldly said, "Reporting to Master, it could be that she accidentally ran in here!"

When the man with the collar saw Yun Weiyang, a look of surprise that could barely be seen appeared in his originally raging eyes.

With a smile, Yun Weiyang looked at the person called 'Crown Prince' and said: "So that's how it is!"

He released his hand and looked coldly at Yun Weiyang, saying, "So that's how the Southern Dynasty treats their guests. It's really an eye-opener."

Hearing this, Yun Weiyang gave a slight lift of her beautiful face, her eyes full of mockery, and said indifferently: "That's wrong, our Southern Dynasty only welcomes people, we never entertain 'beasts'." Yun Weiyang bit down hard on the word 'animal', and when she saw the twitching muscles of the other party, the smile on Yun Weiyang's face grew even wider.

"Who are you calling an animal!" Sima Li Xuan was already incoherent from Yun Weiyang's anger. If he was a crown prince, when would he ever suffer such humiliation? Moreover, the other party was an unremarkable woman, he would not be able to suppress his anger no matter what.

Blinking his eyes, Yun Weiyang innocently replied: "Did I say anything about you?" After she finished speaking, she shot a glance at Sima Li Xuan, smiled, and said, "It seems that you're the only one who answered me. Could it be that you admit that you're a beast?"

Hearing this, Yi Na and the rest couldn't help but burst out laughing, and even the grey clothed man's handsome face had a hint of a smile on it. His gaze towards Yun Weiyang became increasingly curious, what a bold young lady!

"You ?" Sima Li was so angry that his face turned green. Just as he was about to pull out the sword at his waist, he realized that the five nation's sacrificial ceremony was about to start. No one is allowed to bring a weapon in or out.

When the people beside Yun Weiyang saw each other's actions, they quickly moved forward to protect her. Seeing this, Yun Weiyang did not mind, and shouted: "Jigger!"

"Yes sir!" Ziggy's simple and honest voice rang out. He took a step forward with his long legs and walked toward Sima Li Xuan in a vigorous and vigorous manner.

He trembled in fear as he watched the mountain-like figure of Chiger walk towards him, his legs trembling. Seeing that the person was getting closer and closer to him, he forced himself to remain calm and said, "What are you trying to do? Let me tell you, I'm the Crown Prince of the Mo Country ?"

Before he could finish his words, Ziggy grabbed onto the clothes on Sima Li's neck with one hand and effortlessly slipped him off the ground.

"Ah ?" Sima Li Xuan, who was in midair, finally cried out. His four limbs flailed in the air as he shouted, "Put me down! Quickly put me down! You've eaten the guts of a leopard! Put me down! Otherwise, I'll show you!" With that, he looked at the grey robed man and ordered, "Second brother, quickly get me down."

The one who was called second brother was the second prince of the Mo Country, Sima Shaohui. He spread out his arms and said helplessly, "Your Highness, just my skinny arms and thin legs." After saying that, he looked at Ziggy, then looked at the extremely embarrassed Sima Lixuan and said with a smile, "I reckon that before I get to the front, he will smack me flat with a single slap. Please forgive me for being powerless."

"You ? You useless fellow! " Sima Li Xuan, who no longer held any hope, glared at Yun Weiyang and angrily said, "I advise you to put me down."

Narrowing his eyes, Yun Weiyang shook her head, and said with a smile: "Your Highness, I'm sorry, but I, Yun Weiyang, have never been afraid of being threatened since I was young. I've told you my name, and look forward to your performance in the future." After saying that, she raised her foot and said as she walked, "Let's go!"

"Yes sir!"

Passing by Sima Shaohui, Yun Weiyang stopped her steps. She looked at him and said with a faint smile, "I'm not helping you." He made a gesture with his hand: "Jig, let's go!"

"Yes sir!" Exerting some strength in his arm, Ziggy hung Sima Li Xuan onto a tree branch, and with a step forward, he disappeared from where he stood with Yun Weiyang.

Sima Shaohui gazed at Yun Weiyang's departing back as a profound look flashed across his eyes. He turned his head to look at Sima Lixuan, who was hanging on a tree branch, and forced a smile out of his face. He bowed respectfully, "Your Highness, please wait a moment. I'll call some people to come over and release your highness." With such a beautiful scenery, if people did not admire it, wouldn't it be a pity? Compared to Yun Weiyang's methods, this seemingly gentle and handsome man in front of him was even darker.

Yi Na, who was beside Yun Weiyang, asked with some worry: "Mistress, the other party is the crown prince of a country, is this not appropriate?"

Yun Weiyang smiled lightly, and said: "Don't worry, he wouldn't dare." For such a shameful matter, he didn't even have the time to cover it up, so how could he let others know about his shameful matter?

When she heard Yun Weiyang say that everything was fine, Yi Na's worried heart calmed down a little. However, thinking back to what she had said that morning, Yi Na was worried. Right now, the only thing she could do was protect Yun Weiyang well, and even Xuan Ge had sent a large number of people to protect her from the shadows.

At this moment, the contemplating Yi Na suddenly felt a strong oppressive aura around her. She looked around in bewilderment, only to discover that this aura was emitted from Yun Weiyang's body. Just as she was about to ask about it, she saw Thousand Shadows give her a meaningful glance, before pointing a finger forward.

Following the direction of her finger, she saw an extremely ugly looking person standing next to the white-clothed Feng Xue Han. The space between her eyebrows creased, and Yi Na was a bit speechless; even from such a distance, she could see the cold air surrounding Feng Xue Han.

Indeed, standing beside Feng Xuehan was Ruo Li whom he had not seen for a long time. Today, she was dressed in a light green dress with a light pink gauze covering the outside of her body, and through the gauze, one could clearly see her skin, which was faintly discernible within. Her extremely beautiful skirt quietly fell to the ground at her feet, and when the wind blew, the hem of her skirt slightly fluttered, causing her originally slim body to become even more graceful.

The few people standing next to Yun Weiyang did not even dare to breathe out, especially when Ruo Li's hand was about to reach Feng Xue Han's sleeves. The few of them could clearly feel Yun Weiyang's body becoming sluggish, and then the killing intent on his body became denser and denser.

"Xue Han, congratulations!" Ruo Li shyly looked at Feng Xue Han, her gaze as gentle as water ? Even if it was any man who saw it, they would not be able to help but be moved.

Unfortunately, Feng Xue Han was an extremely cold person, and his coldness was not only due to his outer appearance, but also due to the fact that the blood flowing out of his bones was cold. In the face of Ruo Li's tenderness, Feng Xue Han's phoenix eyes slightly narrowed as they shot out a sharp cold light.

Yun Weiyang looked at the two people standing at the bottom of the courtyard. Narrowing her eyes, she took another step forward, and leisurely walked towards the two.

Ruo Li looked at Feng Xue Han's slender and handsome figure with a face full of infatuation. She didn't mind in the slightest that Feng Xue Han didn't respond to her earlier.

Yun Weiyang did not purposely hide her footsteps. Hearing the familiar voice, Feng Xue Han turned around and looked at Yun Weiyang, and even his ice-cold gaze melted a little when he looked at her. With a flash, Feng Xue Han arrived beside Yun Weiyang, and slightly raised his eyebrows, "Are you alright?"

Nodding his head, Yun Weiyang looked at Feng Xue Han's figure that was as cold as the moon in the sky, and her face that was usually indifferent immediately softened. Especially after seeing the worry in his eyes, she comforted him: "I'm fine." Looking at Ruo Li whose expression was ugly, he turned his gaze back to Feng Xue Han's picturesque face, and asked with a smile: "Miss Ruo Li, is there something you need?"

"By accident." Feng Xue Han coldly said, his face full of impatience.

After Feng Xue Han said this, Yun Weiyang could clearly see Ruo Li's expression darken. Smiling in satisfaction, she placed her hand into Feng Xue Han's, and said: "Take a walk with me?!" Although it was a question, Yun Weiyang had forced it into a statement.

Feng Xue Han clenched Yun Weiyang's hand tightly, not leaving a single hint of light for Ruo Li. He held Yun Weiyang's hand without turning back, "Let's go!"

Ruo Li who stood alone at the bottom of the court tightly clenched her hands, the veins protruding from her white and tender skin could clearly be seen. Even the face that she was so proud of had become somewhat sinister.

Following Feng Xue Han, he lazily strolled along the cobblestone road. Yun Weiyang stopped in his tracks, and stared straight at Feng Xue Han, the man in front of him was dressed in spotless white clothes, and his clothes were fluttering in the wind, looking cool and elegant, and he did not seem like a mortal. Yun Weiyang blinked, and spoke seemingly nonchalantly: "Han, the taste of food you talked about last time, I got it."

Feng Xue Han's profound phoenix eyes did not reveal any emotion, the corner of Yun Weiyang's mouth twitched, she knew that not only was this man extremely taciturn, he even had very little expression, so she did not expect him to reply. Looking at the two of their hands intertwined, Yun Weiyang's bright eyes shone with layer after layer of brilliance.

Feng Xue Han lowered his head to look at Yun Weiyang's face, which was filled with happiness. His deep eyes narrowed, and he lifted Yun Weiyang's little face, lowering his head, and covered her incomparably tender red lips without any makeup.

She understood, she had always understood that Feng Xue Han was a heartless person, but he had never liked owing others favors. As long as it did not involve his bottom line, he would basically do whatever he could to do it.

Looking at Yun Weiyang who had already collapsed in his arms, the ice-cold expression on Feng Xue Han's face unconsciously softened.

The guests were seated in a large ring, like the stars that surrounded the moon, surrounding the high platform in the middle. At one end of the platform, there were five noble seats, which were made of gold. Without needing to think, one could guess that those five seats were prepared for the emperors of the five countries.

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