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Under the five golden seats, the seats were connected according to their status, and there were only an hour and a half left before the five-nation sacrificial ceremony. Almost all the guests had arrived, and with the name cards in their hands, they found their seats under the guidance of the palace maids, and sat down.

After all, she was the Duke of Qin, so her position was naturally not out of the question. Thinking back to the past, when she was locked in the courtyard by the general's household, she was not allowed to go in or out, much less let her appear, and now that she had personally witnessed it, the scene was comparable to a military parade.

Sweeping his gaze around, Yun Weiyang noticed that the princes of the Southern Dynasty had also appeared. Receiving Huangfu Ziran and Huangfu Mo's gazes, Yun Weiyang smiled and greeted them.

After looking around, Yun Weiyang discovered that the grey robed man she met before also appeared, his lazy expression was like a noble Persian cat, seemingly noticing that someone was sizing him up. When he raised his head and saw Yun Weiyang, his exquisite features wiped away the mask of a smile on his face, and he looked at Yun Weiyang with a gentle expression.

The King of the Cloud Nation has arrived ? The king of the Kingdom of Chen had arrived ? The King of the Mo Country arrived ? "The king of the Southern Dynasty arrived ?

The first prince, Feng Haoyu, was dressed in an apricot-colored python robe, had a crown on his head and wore a crown on his waist. He was tall and slender, his eyes were bright and spirited, and his face was as sharp as a knife. He had once heard from Yi Na that the current Emperor of Yun was exceptionally handsome when he was young, and was once the most beautiful man under the heavens.

From her point of view, there was a huge difference between him and Feng Xue Han. Although the First Prince's appearance was not bad, his eyes were not as deep and cold as Feng Xue Han's, and although he was handsome, they could not compare to Feng Xue Han's jade-like face, moreover, in terms of aura, the First Prince was a far cry from Feng Xue Han.

The king of the Eastern Viewing Kingdom was next. He was in high spirits. He had a smile on his face. The king of the Kingdom of Chen beside him was also in high spirits.

Although the king of the Mo Country had a smile on his face, Yun Weiyang could see a bit of hypocrisy in that smile.

At this moment, the people in the main seat had already taken their seats. The king of the south had ordered that the ceremony be called the ceremony, but in reality, it was a competition. The women of the five nations were sparring with each other to entertain the guests and to follow the tradition of the five nations' sacrifices.

Seeing these well-dressed young mistresses from different families, Yun Weiyang's lips curled up into a smile. This Five Nation Sacrifice might be a competition, but on the other hand, it was a chance for these young misses. One must know, the people who came to participate in the Five Nation Sacrifice were all people with esteemed status, so they would not have to worry about them for the rest of their lives.

At this moment, a familiar face entered Yun Weiyang's eyes, Zhao Chixian did not expect that she would also come, and at this moment, the empress and Imperial Concubine Yu, who were sitting behind the monarch of the Southern Dynasty, also looked over. Especially when the empress saw Yun Weiyang actually sitting beside Feng Xuehan, a sharp light flashed through her eyes, and when Imperial Consort Yu's Yu Bo saw the empress's slightly green face, his lips curled up, revealing a satisfied smile.

"Elder sister, the Duke of Qin and his wife really are compatible!" Imperial Concubine Yu's face bloomed into a gentle smile as she spoke to the empress by her side.

At the thought of Yun Weiyang, the Queen's teeth started to itch. When she heard Imperial Concubine Yu say that the two men were compatible, a cold look surfaced on her face as she said: "Little sister is wrong. The two of them are not married yet!"

Imperial Concubine Yu rolled her eyes. She covered her mouth with the handkerchief and smiled. "Elder sister, the emperor personally ordered the Duke of Qin's marriage. Even if it's not a ceremony, it's only a matter of time, don't you think?" Imperial Concubine Yu's words were like needles stabbing into the empress's heart. Seeing the empress's increasingly ugly face, Imperial Concubine Yu was secretly delighted. She knew that Dai Ying liked Feng Xuehan, but she had no choice.

Yun Weiyang, who was watching the performance on the stage, suddenly squinted her eyes, and suddenly looked towards the two people in the seats not far away. The man had a head of snow-white hair that was casually grabbed by a black band, wearing a black brocade robe, with a black violet embroidered on his chest and cuffs, and his eyebrows that flew in the direction of his hair gave the man a somewhat cold look, his tall nose, sexy lips, and his pair of eyes that could not be considered large but were unusually bright, were very attractive. What shocked Yun Weiyang was the other party's pupils.

Yun Weiyang looked at the woman sitting next to the man, a cold light flashing deep within her dark eyes. The woman was very sweet, with a bun in her hair and a beaded rose in her hair. She sauntered along with the woman's movements, wearing a colorful robe and a purple belt.

Yun Weiyang looked meaningfully at the person in front of her, and the man in front of her did not avoid it either. Raising his gaze, he looked straight at Yun Weiyang, and if anyone paid attention, they would clearly see the sparks thrown by the stars.

Feng Xue Han, who was sitting beside Yun Weiyang, had long noticed that something was wrong. Following her direction, Feng Xue Han's gaze, that was as sharp as a blade, shot towards the man in front of him. With a slight frown, Feng Xue Han retracted his gaze and pulled Yun Weiyang into his embrace.

Yun Weiyang did not hide anything, and said: "The person who plotted against you." Although he could not see it clearly that day, Yun Weiyang was certain that the two people opposite him were the ones who ordered the little hoodlum to make trouble in the restaurant last time.

"So it's the Crown Prince of Chenguo, Dongfang Zichao. He's got guts!" His voice was lazy and calm, but it faintly exuded a sense of oppression. His arrogant words were filled with the pride of looking down upon the world, but his deep purple eyes were already burning with cold anger and killing intent.

So cold...

Yun Weiyang, who was the closest to Feng Xue Han, was the first to feel Feng Xue Han's undisguised ice-cold killing intent. Holding Feng Xue Han's hand which was on his knee, Yun Weiyang said worriedly: "Cool!"

Seeing the worry in Yun Weiyang's eyes, the iciness surrounding Feng Xue Han immediately lessened. Holding Yun Weiyang's hand, Feng Xue coldly looked at Dongfang Zi, who was standing opposite to him, and the sadness in his eyes caused him to be startled. Could that person be... Thinking about that, Feng Xue Han lowered his head to look at Yun Weiyang who was obediently lying in his embrace. His dark purple eyes narrowed, and the hand holding Yun Weiyang tightened.

At this point, Imperial Concubine Yu spoke a few words to Jingxiang, and Jingxiang followed her orders.

As Yun Weiyang was watching the performance onstage, she saw Imperial Concubine Yu's personal maidservant Jing Xiang walking towards her.

"Missy Yun, the imperial concubine has invited you over to her place! "Hurry up and leave with this servant!" Before Aunt Jingxiang had even gotten close to Yun Weiyang, she felt a strong pressure pressing down on her. Her scalp suddenly tingled with numbness as she came to a stop. The Duke of Qin was not someone she could mess with!

After pondering for a moment, Yun Weiyang looked at Feng Xue Han, and gently said: "I'll be right back!"

Feng Xue Han did not say anything, and only loosened his grip on Yun Weiyang's hand.

Standing up from his seat, Yun Weiyang followed Jing Xiang to walk over and see the empress sitting next to Imperial Concubine Yu. She bowed. "Weiyang greets esteemed empress and imperial concubine."

The empress had a fake smile on her face, indicating for Yun Weiyang to get up. Imperial Concubine Yu laughed, "Weiyang, the empress and I were just talking about you!"

Yun Weiyang's expression did not change, but in her heart, she was thinking, what was Imperial Concubine Yu up to? She was obviously the one who called her over, how did it involve the empress? Could it be ? With a flash of understanding in his heart, Yun Weiyang wore a calm and distant smile, and did not speak.

Compared to the day at the Peony Meet, her current appearance could not just be described with the words "Water Spirit". For some reason, she could not see through this Yun Weiyang, and from the first time she saw her, the empress could not see through the person in front of her. When she thought of her daughter, when the empress looked at Yun Weiyang again, a hint of hatred appeared in her eyes.

Yun Weiyang could clearly see the changes in the Empress's eyes, and as she squinted her eyes, Yun Weiyang's brain began to spin faster.

On the stage, several women had already been defeated, and the host announced the results of the previous round's competition, simultaneously announcing the names of the next round's contestants. When Yun Weiyang heard the name "Zhao Chiji Pi", she was startled, she did not understand, according to Zhao Chiji's identity, she was not qualified enough to participate in the competition, Yun Weiyang's gaze landed on Zhao Chiji, who was in the midst of preparing, and with a roll of her eyes, she already understood what this person wanted to do. The corners of her mouth hooked into a smile, and the smile in Yun Weiyang's eyes became even weirder.

Looking at today's well-dressed Mei Ying, Yun Weiyang thought for a moment, then turned and bowed respectfully: "If there is nothing else, please allow Weiyang to go back first!"

The empress gave Yun Weiyang a profound look, her lips curling into an enigmatic smile as she said, "You can go back first!"

Seeing that, Yun Weiyang's heart sank, just what does this Queen want to do?!

Returning to his seat, Yun Weiyang shook his head towards Feng Xue Han, indicating that he was fine. The moment he sat down, Yun Weiyang's wrist was grabbed by someone.

The coldness in Feng Xue Han's eyes grew stronger, he put down Yun Weiyang's wrist, and Feng Xue Han said: "You've been poisoned!"

"What?" Yun Weiyang was shocked, but her face was calm, without showing any signs of panic.

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