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Taking a deep breath, Yun Weiyang suppressed her urge to kill, and calmed herself down. She sent a sound transmission to Feng Xue Han, and asked: "Do you have an answer?"

Feng Xue Han did not say anything, he only turned over his palm, and a crystal clear pill emitting a faint fragrance appeared in his palm. Secretly passing the pill to Yun Weiyang, he stared coldly into the distance, as if nothing had happened.

Holding the pill tightly in his hand, Yun Weiyang gently pulled back his sleeves and downed the cup of wine in one gulp. It looked like he was drinking wine, but the antidote was already in Yun Weiyang's mouth, and the wine in the cup had been poured by her.

Seeing that the competition had not started yet, Yun Weiyang narrowed her eyes, and instructed the man hiding in the darkness, "Xuan Ge."

"Yes, master. What orders do you have?" Xuan Ge who was hiding in the dark replied.

Yun Weiyang looked at Zhao Chihao sideways, a red light flashed in her eyes, and she said: "Xuan Ge, you go later ?" With that, she looked at the bustling plaza and asked with a voice transmission, "Do you understand now?"

"Yes, this subordinate will do it right away."

Feng Xue Han's cultivation was much higher than Yun Weiyang's, so she had heard everything Feng Xue Han said.

Although Feng Xue Han didn't say anything, Yun Weiyang could clearly feel that the other party was in a good mood. With her eyebrows slightly raised, she asked: "Are you in a good mood?"

Nodding his head, Feng Xue Han replied.

Yun Weiyang held Feng Xue Han's hand tightly once again. Actually, she really didn't like being in contact with other people's bodies, but for some reason, she really liked holding Feng Xue Han's hand. It wasn't because it was beautiful, but because she felt at ease.

Feng Xue Han's good mood also affected Yun Weiyang, as she swept through the haze from before, and asked in a low voice: "Han, do you know the Soul Search technique?"

With a slight frown, Feng Xue Han lowered his brows and looked at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "What are you doing?"

Hearing these words, Yun Weiyang knew that something was up. She immediately crawled up from Feng Xue Han's embrace, and Yun Weiyang went close to Feng Xue Han's ear and whispered into it. This scene immediately stung the eyes of many people.

As soon as Yun Weiyang finished speaking, Feng Xue Han's deep purple eyes quietly looked at the earnest face of the man in front of him. Sighing lightly, Feng Xue Han resigned himself to his fate and said: "Alright, leave everything to me!"

Once the problem in his heart was resolved, Yun Weiyang turned to look at the ready Zhao Chi-pei. In fact, Zhao Chi-pei's looks were not bad, even though there were many different beauties on the Five Kingdoms Sacrifice, but with Zhao Chi-pei's beauty, he still had a place in the Five Kingdoms Sacrifice.

He placed his hand on the zither string and let out a light cough. He was about to play the zither string, but when he saw that there was no movement, he could not help but frown, realizing that there were countless pairs of eyes looking at him. Zhao Chiji regained his smile, and gracefully covered his lips, clearing his throat.

He cleared his throat again, but there was still no movement behind him. Below the stage, the waiting crowd began to whisper among themselves.

"This person ? She was the young miss of the Board of Civil Affairs, the Minister of Public Relations' eldest daughter, Zhao Chi-pei, wasn't she? What was going on? Everyone is waiting! " Zhao Chi-pei's opponent, the winner of the previous round, was currently looking at Zhao Chi-pei with disdain.

"Yes, could it be that the zither is broken? This was not a good sign! There was a saying that when working hard to achieve a good deed, one must first take advantage of the other's skills. Zhao Chiji was someone who had read a lot of poetry, so how could he not understand this little bit of logic? Since the zither was broken, what was the use of dawdling? If you sit there, will the guqin be fine on her own? Quickly admit defeat! " Among the Mo Country's envoys, a woman spoke with a sharp tone, not leaving the slightest leeway.

Zhao Chiji was startled, and a trace of panic surfaced in his heart. He looked at the two of them and thought, "Admit defeat?" She, Zhao Chiji, had waited so long for this opportunity, how could she admit defeat? She wanted to be the Crown Prince's consort. This opportunity was too important to her. She couldn't lose no matter what.

However, with the current situation, the people below the stage were already in an uproar. Facing these strange gazes and discussions, Zhao Chiji's unease grew even stronger, and he coughed a few more times. Damn this servant, wasn't she trying to humiliate him? What should he do now!

"Looks like Miss Zhao is sick. It's good to be in high spirits to go on stage with an illness, but for an occasion like the Five Kingdoms Sacrifice, don't waste everyone's time!" The woman who was fighting with Zhao Chi-pei said. She purposefully made things difficult for her opponent with a hint of schadenfreude on her face and a disdainful expression on her face. It was as if she was watching Zhao Chi-pei's liveliness.

The commotion became louder and louder, everyone started to whisper and whisper to and point at Zhao Chiji on the stage. Zhao Chiji's expression was panicked, his eyes were flickering, and accidentally touched the zither strings several times, releasing a discordant melody, causing everyone to look at him with contempt.

Seeing the current situation, the Southern Emperor Huangfu Xuanhuang frowned and said with a clear voice, "Just what is going on here?"

The dignified voice resounded, causing Zhao Chiji to be startled. He quickly stood up, held his skirt, and kneeled on the ground, "Your servant is not ready yet, please... Your Majesty, please give this subject and daughter some time ? Just for a moment... "It will be done in a moment!"

Zhao Chiji's face had already turned pale. She had never expected that the person she had arranged would fall at this time. She had even arranged her personal maidservant to watch over him, so why did things turn out like this ? As the sounds of pointing could be heard, Zhao Chiji became even more confused.

As the Cloud Country's Crown Prince, Feng Haoyu, saw the woman's expression, a trace of disdain flashed across his black eyes.

Even the empress's expression changed. Just which scene was this Zhao Chibao singing?

If that doesn't work, then forget it. Huangfu Yuhuang frowned deeply. If Zhao Chihao stayed there for a while longer, then he would lose one more point to cover his face in the south! Normally, when he saw this Zhao Chi-pei, he would look like a lady from a noble family, but why was he being so unhelpful now?

"Wait a moment. Your Majesty, please give this subject and daughter a chance. This subject and daughter will be fine immediately, you will be fine immediately!" Zhao Chiji's heart tightened as he pleaded with his eyes. Right now, he only wanted to preserve this rare opportunity, but he did not notice that the grace she had been trying so hard to maintain had long since disappeared.

She could not afford to lose this precious opportunity. The five nation sacrifice would only be met once every five years, and she would only have the chance to participate when the Southern Dynasty hosted the ceremony. When the next Southern Dynasty reopened, five years would have passed, and she wouldn't be able to afford to wait. Furthermore, the Empress was waiting to see her performance, and she couldn't afford to lose!

Thinking of her own ambition, thinking of her father's instructions, she absolutely had to leave her name in the book of history, and make everyone remember her, Zhao Chiji!

Success or failure would be decided in one blow!

Huangfu Haoyu's eyes flashed with displeasure. He initially didn't want to agree, but just as he was about to tell her to leave, the Crown Prince of Cloud Country, Feng Haoyu, spoke up with great interest, "Give her a chance! I've heard that the women of the Southern Dynasty were virtuous and virtuous, and were raised in deep chambers. Perhaps they have never seen such a scene before, and thus their nervousness was unavoidable. "

These words seemed to be speaking up for Zhao Chiji, but if one didn't look at the ridicule in the other's eyes, then they would think that Feng Haoyu was speaking up for Zhao Chiji.

Moreover, the Emperor Feng Chenyi was sitting not too far away from him, so he had no choice but to give him this face. Although he was unhappy, in his heart, he could only restrain his brows and smile: "If it's like this, we'll listen to the First Prince. Zhao Chiji, the First Prince gave you a chance, why don't you go and take it?"

Zhao Chiji hurriedly kowtowed to show his gratitude, stood up and slowly walked towards the zither before sitting down. The hand under his sleeve was tightly clenched. This time, she could not place her hopes on the person she had found.

Taking in a deep breath, Zhao Chiji didn't know that the person she had arranged for was lying on the ground along with her maidservant.

Everyone's eyes were still on Zhao Chiji, they wanted to see what kind of performance he would have this time. On the stage, Zhao Chiji was sitting in front of the zither, his fingers touching the strings of the zither, but when the sound reached their ears, everyone frowned. That was not the sound of the zither, it was clearly noise!

However, Zhao Chiji was still focused on the movements in his hands. What came out was a noise that was more unpleasant than the previous one, which was exceptionally ear-piercing.

The people on scene were gloating and disdainful. This ? With this level of talent, if she dared to participate in the competition, a three year old child would probably be better at playing than her!

Feng Haoyu smirked. This was the effect he wanted. He wanted to make the entire Southern Dynasty lose face.

"Enough!" Huangfu Haoyuan didn't have the time to bother about so many people present as he shouted in a stern voice. This Zhao Chiji was most likely here to ruin the scene! He had lost all his face in the Southern Dynasty.

However, it was a pity that the Emperor did not stop Zhao Chi-pei. Zhao Chi-pei was still playing, and it was as if he was enjoying the music very much, as if the music she was playing was the sound of nature. Huangfu Yuanyu, seeing this situation, was so angry that he stood up and pointed at Zhao Chi-pei, who dared to disobey Huang Ming, "Drag her down!" Especially when he saw the gazes full of doubt, sized up, and ridiculed on the faces of the other four country leaders, Huangfu Xuanhuang only felt anger burning in his heart, and his complexion turned extremely unsightly.

The guard took orders and stepped forward, wanting to kick Zhao Chiji out of the ring, but unexpectedly, such a weak girl, with some unknown strength, pushed the guard away, her face suddenly turning ferocious, fiercely waiting for the guard, "Scram! Whoever wants to stop me from becoming the best in the world, I'll show them who's the best! "

That ruthlessness had changed from its usual elegance to an extra viciousness. Its face was ferocious and unsightly, causing people to never have a good impression of this girl again.

Number One Under Heaven? It must be known that to be able to compete to the end of the Five Nations Sacrifice, one would not only obtain a massive reward, but also an incomparably high honor. At this time, the disdain in everyone's eyes was even thicker. You think you are worthy of it?

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