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At this moment, Huangfu Zi Ran and Huangfu Mo quickly walked over. They first gave a simple bow to Feng Xue Han; after all, he was their senior, and now that they had bestowed the title of king, it was only right for them to accept this bow.

Huangfu Haoran, who had always been a straightforward person, had a happy expression on his face as he excitedly said, "Weiyang, you won!" As he spoke, he pulled Huangfu Mo's arm and said lightly: "Second Brother, as I said, Weiyang will win."

Huangfu Mo did not speak, but a few traces of joy appeared on his usually handsome and calm face.

Yun Weiyang secretly shook her head, and said helplessly: "Zi Ran, this is only the first round, what's going to happen next is the key."

Waving his hand, Huangfu Haoran disagreed and retorted, "It's more important that we win the match. This way, the morale of the following matches will be higher!"

Yun Weiyang sized up Huangfu Haoran from head to toe and joked: "Oh, you also know how to boost your morale. This is truly rare!"

Hearing this, Huangfu Mo couldn't help but chuckle, revealing a mouthful of spotlessly white teeth.

"Weiyang, you're bullying me!" Huangfu Haozi discontentedly argued.

Feng Xue Han looked at the sky outside and said with a frown: "It's very late!"

Yun Weiyang naturally knew that Feng Xue Han was worried about her body, so she said: "Today we will return first. If we want to chat, there will be more opportunities in the future."

Huangfu Mo looked at the sky outside and nodded. "It's indeed getting late. You guys should hurry up and go back!"

Although Huangfu Haoran loved to have a temper, it didn't mean that he wasn't sensible. Although he was reluctant in his heart, he still opened his mouth and said, "Okay."

Yun Weiyang looked at Huangfu Haoran, who looked like a reluctant child, and sighed in her heart. This kind of person really shouldn't be born in the Imperial Family! Thinking of this, she gave Huangfu Mo a meaningful glance, then turned around and left with Feng Xue Han.

Weiyang, since this is what you mean, I will definitely take good care of Zi Ran. This is also the only thing I can do for you, but is this really the case? Huangfu Mo sighed in his heart as he walked. He raised his head and looked at the dark sky; the willow branches on a hot summer day hung down without moving. Huangfu Mo smiled wryly in his heart.

"Second brother, what's wrong?" Huangfu Ziran turned his head to look at the gloomy Huangfu Mo and asked worriedly. He had never seen such an expression before.

Shaking his head, Huangfu Mo's voice carried a faint gentleness as he said, "I'm fine!" In his heart, he couldn't help but sigh once again. This matter truly did harm to others. If he was caught in it, he wouldn't be able to come out. He really didn't expect that he, Huangfu Mo, would be like this one day! However, he did not regret it. If a person did not go crazy in his life, then it would be a waste of his life.

Huangfu Haoran watched Huangfu Haoran for a while. After confirming that he was truly fine, he withdrew his gaze.

Sitting in the carriage, Yun Weiyang rested her head on Feng Xue Han's shoulder, and after a moment of silence, she asked: "Han, are you angry?"

Raising his eyebrows, Feng Xue Han was a little confused, but he immediately understood. The corner of his mouth lifted into an almost undetectable smile. Moments later, Feng Xue Han's cold voice rang out. "Central'er, I believe in you." Yun Weiyang is only Yun Weiyang, he does not wish for her to change for someone else. Feng Xuehan only wishes for Yun Weiyang to be the real him, and it will be fine as long as she is happy.

It was just a few simple words, but it caused Yun Weiyang's eye sockets to feel sore, and she buried her head into Feng Xue Han's embrace. Yun Weiyang said in a hoarse voice, "Han, with you, I'm very happy!"

Hearing this, Feng Xue Han's dark and deep purple eyes swirled with light, looking at Yun Weiyang with even more gentleness.

After returning to the Prime Minister's Estate, the group gathered in the main hall to hold a war council after dinner.

Picking up the jasmine tea that Yina had brewed, Yun Weiyang took a light sip. The refreshing aroma of the tea made Yun Weiyang's expression loosen a little, and she placed the cup on the tea table beside her. She raised her eyebrows and looked at everyone, and asked: "Which one of you will be participating in tomorrow's competition?"

With that, six voices sounded at once. "Master, let me go."

Lu Zizheng glared at Yi Na and Qian Ying in dissatisfaction, saying: "The competition is a male matter, why are you ladies joining in?"

Hearing this, Yi Na almost burst into laughter. She puffed out her chest and glared at Lu Zizheng in disapproval, "I say, Lu Zizheng, what do you mean by this? Don't tell me we women can't participate in the tournament?"

Without waiting for Lu Zizheng to retort, Bi Xian, who had always been taciturn, said coldly, "I agree with what Zheng said." With that, he shut his mouth tightly and refused to say another word.

Seeing that Ina was about to fall into a lonely battle, Thousand Shadows stood up and said, "Who said that we women are weaker than you men? Lu Zizheng, don't forget that you are still my defeated opponent!"

"Pfft!" Ina burst of laughter. Thousand Shadows normally looked confused but today he finally said the right thing. She cleared her throat and smiled: "I heard that you can't even beat my family's Thousand Shadows. You want to participate in the competition?"

"You dead woman ?" Lu Zizheng's face turned red from holding back his anger. This damnable Thousand Shadows, why did he reveal such an old matter? Wasn't he deliberately making things difficult for him!?

Yun Weiyang felt a headache coming on as she looked at the quarreling crowd, who would have thought that Feng Xue Han's capable subordinates were no different from ordinary people? It would be strange if the people below the hall didn't see this. Yun Weiyang rolled her eyes and looked at Feng Xue Han. She initially wanted to hear his opinion, but she found that this old man Feng Xue Han had already closed his eyes and was dozing off.

Seeing this, Yun Weiyang knew that the other party was not going to interfere. Raising her head, she looked at the noisy people in the hall. Once again, Yun Weiyang sighed, feeling an intense pain in her temples.

"Xuan Ge, could it be that you're not interested in this competition?" Yun Weiyang looked curiously at the quiet Xuan Ge. One must know that martial artists loved martial arts the most. Not only could they increase their own strength, they could even learn many things. Thus, Yun Weiyang did not believe that Xuan Ge was not interested.

Hearing this, Xuan Ge's handsome face froze for a moment before smiling, "I know you can't hide it from master, but master has already thought of what I want to do. No matter how much you fight for it, it will only be a waste of effort."

Yun Weiyang nodded her head in satisfaction. As expected of the leader of the dark guards, with his sharp mind.

Just when everyone was arguing, the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard. Then, a man as tall as a small mountain walked in, Jigger raised his big palm and easily separated the crowd. He casually stood in the middle of the hall, opened his mouth, and said in a simple and honest voice, "Master, none of these people are good enough, you choose me, I'll help you lead the way."

All of them jumped up in revolt: "Jigger why are you blindly joining in the fun? You should stay in the castle and watch the door for me."

This man was as big as a bear. With a roll of his eyes, he smiled and said: "Jig, come, big brother will tell you that this competition is not fun at all. You stay here obediently in the mansion, I'll treat you to a delicious meal, what do you think?"

"Really?" Ziggy asked honestly.

Ina's face was full of anger as she stared at Lu Zizheng and angrily said: "Lu Zizheng, you sinister villain!"

Giving Ina a a look that said 'you're still far away', Lu Zizheng once again returned his attention to Jigger. With a fawning expression, he seriously said: "Really, when have I, Lu Zizheng, ever lied to anyone?"

Just when everyone thought that Ziggy would agree, he spread out his palms, shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "Although I really want to agree to you, I still want to participate in the tournament."

"Puff ?" Ina and Thousand Shadows once again burst out laughing, and even Bi Xian, whose face had always been stiff, showed a hint of a smile.

Ina pointed at Ziggy and laughed. "Well done!"

Lu Zizheng, who had been made into a laughingstock, pointed at Ziggy and said angrily, "Ziggy, you big bear guy!"

He also had his own thoughts on what to do, what to do, and what not to do. In his heart, he was like a mirror, don't look at how easily he was being bullied, when it came to matters, he was not the least bit ambiguous.

Waving his hand, Yun Weiyang said helplessly: "Enough, you guys stop arguing." Looking at the unreconciled people in the hall, she sighed once again. "You guys aren't tired. I'm tired looking at you guys."

Yun Weiyang turned her gaze towards Xuan Ge, and asked: "Xuan Ge, do you have any thoughts?" She had never participated in the Five Kingdoms Sacrifice, so she did not know the rules of the ancient martial arts competition. Thus, there were some things that she had to listen to the thoughts of others.

Xuan Ge stepped forward and gave a simple salute, "Mistress, according to what Chenguo has done today, I estimate that they will send two people out for the first round. Not only are their martial arts skills extremely high, their tacit understanding is also quite good." At this point, Xuan Ge hesitantly said, "I estimate that it will be difficult to deal with them."

To be able to make Xuan Ge say something that was difficult, it seemed like the other party's strength was not to be underestimated. Nodding his head, Yun Weiyang signaled Xuan Ge to continue speaking.

"In the second round, the third round will decide the victor in the individual competition." In the second round, the individual competition in the third round will determine the victor in the individual competition. Xuan Ge frowned as he spoke.

Yun Weiyang narrowed her eyes as she thought of something, her fingers lightly tapped the table, and after a moment of silence, she said: "Xuan Ge, don't forget that the other party has a astute advisor." That man was not simple, not only was he extremely intelligent, he was also very skilled. If Xuan Ge could think of this, then that man would probably think of the opposite party as well.

"Master, you mean?" Ina asked doubtfully.

"It's Dongfang Zichao." "He is also the trump card of Chenguo. That man hid his skills extremely well, I don't think Dongfang Zichao has ever shown himself in front of anyone else. To be able to hide his skills to such an extent, you can imagine how powerful he is."

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