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Seeing that Lu Ziguang was about to suffer miserably from the low elder's evil hands, Thousand Shadows turned his body and with a flick of his wrist, the long sword in his hand left his hand and turned into a ray of light, forcefully deflecting the chain whip of the low elder.

As she did not have a weapon in her hand, when she saw the short elder swing his whip at her, Thousand Shadows could only roll away to avoid the menacing whip. However, no matter how fast she dodged, she was still hit by the chain whip on her arm.

Lu Zizheng, who was fighting, noticed the pale face of Thousand Shadows from the corner of his eyes and was startled. With a glide, he arrived at Thousand Shadows' side and asked anxiously, "Thousand Shadows, are you alright?"

Thousand Shadows shook his head as beads of sweat the size of beans dripped down. He stood up from the ground and picked up the sword that had fallen to the side, "Don't worry, that's all I care about."

"That's good!"

Without waiting for Lu Zizheng to finish speaking, the short elder swung out the chain whip in his hand, wrapping it around Lu Zizheng's wrist.

The chain whip was a long weapon. Although the short elder and the sword wielding elder had attacked at the same time, the chain whip had arrived a step earlier and landed on Lu Zizheng's ankle, the chain whip quickly spun around his ankle twice and then tightly wrapped around it. The short elder was overjoyed and fiercely pulled back the chain whip and shouted, "Lie down!"

When he tried to stabilize his body, his companion's sword would have already arrived. At that time, if he tried to dodge, it would be too late, and even if the sword did not take his life, he would still be severely injured.

Who knew! Just as he pulled the chain whip back, Lu Zizheng fell to the ground. His movements were too fast, it didn't seem like he was pulled down by the old man, but rather more like he took the initiative to lie down. The moment Lu Zizheng fell to the ground, the other elder's sword also arrived. The blade of the sword almost touched his zither, brushing past his scalp and cutting off a piece of his hair.

After falling to the ground, Lu Zizheng did not stop for a moment. He followed the short elder's pulling force and slid across the ground. At the same time, he lifted up his other foot and aimed for the old man's lower body.

Although it sounded slow, it was actually extremely fast. It was just a matter of time.

Never in his wildest dreams did the short elder imagine that Lu Zizheng had planned this beforehand. His forceful attack on the old man with the long sword was just an illusion. In fact, Lu Zizheng's real target was the injured short elder.

In a duel, there were many factors that determined victory or defeat. The level of one's martial arts was only one aspect, experience and condition were also another aspect, and more importantly, the person with a smarter mind, the person with the most practical tactics, and the person who caught the opponent by surprise the most.

Lu Zizheng was definitely a smart person. Although he usually looked so happy and muddle-headed that he might not even remember the people he met very clearly, that was only because he didn't have the heart for it. His thoughts were basically focused on how to improve his killing techniques.

Lu Zizheng's sudden attack to the east and west, as well as his sudden attack to the water, shocked the low elder, who had been caught unprepared. He had no time to dodge and the weapon in his hand had lost its effect.

Boom! * Lu Zizheng's kick landed heavily on the old man's stomach. The old man let out a strange cry as the chain whip left his hand and his entire body was sent flying.

Plop! The short elder flew a good five meters before falling to the ground. He rolled like a rubber ball all the way to the edge of the arena before finally stopping, lying on the ground with a red face. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his face turned from red to white.

"Aiya! "What a cunning brat!"

The short elder had suffered a heavy kick from Lu Zizheng. The other elder's face turned pale with fright. He ignored the short elder's injuries, let out a furious roar, and pounced towards Lu Zizheng.

"Idiot!" Lu Zizheng sneered, and with a shake of his leg, the chain whip wrapped around his ankle flew away. Soon after, he went up to the thin old man and engaged him in battle.

The old man was lying on the ground. He didn't wait for Dudian to react when he heard the sound of a sword hitting the ground. The old man didn't have time to check as he held back the pain in his belly and rolled to the side.

In the instant that he rolled out, there was only a muffled bang, and a sword wound appeared where he had been lying on the ground.

The short elder broke out in a cold sweat. Raising his head, he saw that the one standing not too far away was Thousand Shadows.

One of her arms hung limply down, the other gripped her sword. Her face was frighteningly pale, and her swaying body seemed as if a gust of wind could knock her over.

"That damned little beast!" The pain in his lower abdomen made it hard for the short elder to stand up for a while. He grabbed the flag on the side of the stage and fiercely threw it at Thousand Shadows.

Weng! * The flag broke through the wind and spun in the air, flying straight towards Thousand Shadows.

Under normal circumstances, Thousand Shadows would be able to rely on her nimble movements to dodge the attack, but now, one of her arms couldn't move, and her body had been struck. Seeing the flag coming at her, Thousand Shadows steeled his heart, gritted his teeth, and turned around to use his back to protect his face.

Due to the strong force, the flag pole was shattered into pieces. Then looking at Thousand Shadows, he saw that the person with the power had already pounced out. Before he could even land on the ground, he had already spat out a mouthful of blood.

After falling on the ground, Thousand Shadow spat out another mouthful of blood. Although she had used her remaining Qi to protect her vital parts, the strength of the flag was too much for her to handle.

After throwing out the flag with all of his strength, the short elder's lower abdomen was in so much pain that it felt like it was being ripped apart. His shoulders were in so much pain that he couldn't even lift his shoulders.

On the field, the battle between Lu Ziguang and the thin elder continued without end.

"Master!" Ina clenched her fists in worry. The situation on the field was not a good one at all.

Yun Weiyang's eyes were gloomy, and she did not say anything as she pursed her lips.

After an unknown period of time, Thousand Shadows regained consciousness and let out a long breath. He wanted to sit up, but the moment he moved his body, a piercing pain immediately came from his spine.

She could not help but groan. Lying on the ground, she raised her head with much difficulty to look at the short elder who was also lying on the ground. Then, she looked around in search of the sword that she had tossed to who knows where.

Very quickly, she saw the sword five meters away from her. However, the distance between them was simply too far for the current her to cover.

Thousand Shadows was not a person who would easily give up. As long as she still had a breath left, she would definitely choose to persevere. Even if there was only a second left, she would still persevere.

The short elder noticed her movements and raised his head to look at the sword. Gritting his teeth, he cursed, "Damned woman ?" The short elder then touched around randomly, grabbing another wooden stick that fell to the ground after his body had been smashed. He held it tightly, took a deep breath, and then smashed it towards Thousand Shadows again, but this time, he only used half of his strength, not because he lacked strength, but because of the pain in his lower abdomen.

The powerless wooden stick rolled on the ground, and when it reached Thousand Shadows, the strength had completely disappeared as well. It was now pressing down on Thousand Shadows' back.

Even though it was just under pressure, Thousand Shadows still let out a grunt of pain. Beads of perspiration trickled down his face, and he nearly cried out in pain.

She did not have the strength to care about the wooden stick on her back. After a moment of rest, she continued to climb towards her sword.

Her tenacity gave the short elder an incomparable headache. In truth, his current situation was even worse than Thousand Shadows, and he wanted to rest a bit more than Thousand Shadows, but he didn't dare. He knew that once Thousand Shadows obtained the sword, he would be finished.

The short elder had no choice but to give chase. His movements were not much faster than Thousand Shadows', and like a worm, he wriggled on the ground, slowly moving towards Thousand Shadows.

After an unknown period of time, as if it had been a century, the Thousand Shadows finally crawled to the front of the long sword. He stretched his hands to the limit and slowly hooked the long sword back with his fingertips.

When she finally grasped the sword in her hand, her face lit up with joy. She turned around and pointed the sword at the short elder behind her.

However, after Qian Ying clearly saw the situation behind her, the smile on her face disappeared.

The short elder held onto Thousand Shadow's foot as he said fiercely, "If you dare to attack, all of your martial arts will be wasted."

Seeing that Thousand Shadow was only staring at him and did not make a move, the short elder thought that his threat had worked and laughed coldly, "How is it? "You don't care about that either?" With that, he tightened his grip and shouted, "Quick, throw the sword in your hand over."

Thousand Shadows' face was gloomy and unsightly. They stared at each other.

As the saying went, time was short. Thousand Shadows felt the same way.

If it was a normal day, she would not be afraid of the opponent's threat at all, but right now, she was weak and heavily injured, making it impossible for her to fight back against the opponent. Furthermore, even if she was to sacrifice her own cultivation, the opponent would not let her go.

The expression on her face alternated between dark and light. The short elder could not wait patiently. After all, the sword was in her opponent's hand. What if this woman was crazy and wanted to take her life? Therefore, his life was in danger at any moment. He once again increased the strength in his hands, clenching his teeth and shouting, "I told you to throw the sword over, did you hear me?"

"Catch!" Thousand Shadows flicked his hand and threw the sword in his hand at the short elder.

The short elder's face lit up. He let go of his hand and stretched out his arm to catch the sword that was thrown over by Qian Ying.

Just as his hand touched the sword, a silver light flashed. Before the short elder could understand what was going on, he felt a cold sensation on his neck, and then all his strength seemed to have been sucked out as he collapsed to the ground.

A shiny silver knife stabbed deeply into his throat.

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