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After silently staring at Yun Zexuan, Lin Xixi sat on the bed and covered the Cloud Illusion Butterfly with her blanket. She got up and walked next to Yun Zexian. She leaned her body close to him and whispered, "Do you know what the Old Ancestor means?"

Yun Ze looked at his wife who had a mysterious expression on her face. He could not help but be curious, "What do you mean by that?"

Lin Xixi revealed a sinister smile, then she whispered a few words into Yun Zexian's ear.

"Is that true?" After saying that, Yun Zexian felt that something was wrong. He frowned and said softly, "But she is the wife that the current emperor has pointed out to the Prime Minister!"

Hearing this, Lin Xi Xia was so angry that she almost burst into laughter. She patted Yun Ze Tian's head and said, "The sky cannot predict the weather, who can predict what will happen tomorrow? Even if the Emperor blames him, he can only blame Yun Yang for not having a good fate and not the life of the Prime Minister's wife."

"So that's how it is!" Yun Ze Tian nodded and thought for a moment. Then, he said, "Then, are we?"

Lin Xixi shook her head. Her husband was very clear on what he was thinking. "We shouldn't use a knife to kill a chicken. That girl has offended a lot of people. Why don't we lend her to others?" After saying that, Lin Xi Xia smiled mysteriously, "Then, we can get rid of the suspect and the enemies, won't we kill two birds with one stone?"

A confident smile filled with anger appeared on Yun Zaitian's face. He embraced Lin Xixi with one hand and said with a smile: "I will leave this matter entirely to Madam."

In the spring, the scenery inside the Qing Hui Garden was the best. Famous flowers blew in the wind, beautiful trees flourished, and flying springs gushed with billowing green water. It was wonderful and serene, as if it were in a painting.

Entering Qinghui Garden, the lakeside lakeside lakeside, the branches extended new leaves, like new eyebrows, thousands upon thousands of green jade silk ribbons gently sway with the wind, the lakeside even a cool breeze blowing along with a gloomy green moisture, people relaxed and happy. The lake water rippled like water, and the water sparkled like water.

And in the center of the courtyard of Qing Hui Lake sat Lin Xi Xia with a silk fan. At this moment, she was shaking uncontrollably, and beside her was her close servant, Cui Zhu.

Looking at the sun, Lin Xi Xia asked: "Cui Zhu, is it the hour?"

"Madam, you're absolutely right. This is where the second young master must pass."

Covering her eyebrows, it was rare for Lin Xi Xia to have such a good temper as she continued to sit on the stone bench and wait. Today, she was going to wait for her second brother's eldest son, Yun Xie Yu.

Lin Xi Xia stood up from the stone bench and yelled at the person not far away: "Xie Yu?"

Today, Yun Xie Yu was dressed in a long purple robe with green embroidered patterns, and on the outside, there was a bright milky white jacket. From the two sides of the jade crown, it hung a light green silk crown with a flower knot tied at the bottom. Hearing the sound, Yun Xie Yu walked to the courtyard, gave a simple bow, and asked in an evil tone: "Third Aunt is becoming more and more charming now."

Looking at the beads beside her, Lin Xi Xia ordered: "Xiao Cui, you go down first, I have something to talk to Xie Yu about."

"Yes sir!" With a simple "En", Jade Bead lowered her head and walked out. As she passed by Yun Xie Yu, she was naturally taken advantage of.

Seeing this, Lin Xi Xia sneered in her heart. It was hard to create a climate! Seeing Jadeite Bead watching over the entrance of Qinghui Garden, Lin Xi Xia slightly relaxed. Seeing Yun Xie Yu's gaze on her servant girl, Lin Xi Xia lightly coughed twice.

Coming back to her senses, Yun Xie Yu laughed, "Second Aunt, your servant girl is getting more and more beautiful." With that, Yun Xie Yu came back to her senses and looked at Lin Xi Xia, asking: "Third Aunt, why are you looking for me?"

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