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Although the short elder's attention was focused on the long sword in the air, he had, after all, been practicing martial arts for many years. Although the short elder's attention was focused on the long sword in the air, after all, he had been practicing martial arts for many years, and his eyesight and hearing were out of the ordinary.

"You ?" The short elder laid on the ground with his eyes wide and round as he stared at Thousand Shadows in disbelief, his body still twitching uncontrollably.

Ever since following Yun Weiyang, Thousand Shadow had been practicing his throwing daggers day and night, and his accuracy and power were no worse than a top tier hidden weapon master. Thinking of this, Thousand Shadow gratefully looked at Yun Weiyang, because his master had once said that he could not use his throwing daggers unless absolutely necessary, and this was also to achieve an unintended attack.

Thousand Shadow killed the short elder with a flying knife. On the other side, Lu Zizheng and the thin elder had also seen the battle.

The miserable deaths of his companions caused the thin elder to be filled with grief. His attacks became fiercer and fiercer. He was anxious to find Thousand Shadows so that he could seek revenge. However, in a fight between two masters, the worst thing was to be impatient. Although the two's attacks were faster, their moves were very messy. They were a lot less of a threat to Lu Zither.

The more anxious the thin old man was, the more he could not hold onto Lu Ziguang, and the easier it was for the latter to fight him.

This was a rare opportunity, so how could Lu Zizheng let it go? He deliberately pretended to be caught in a panic, attracting the thin elder's attention.

He could afford to use up energy, but the old man could not afford to waste it, especially if he wanted to attack. It would take the most effort for the old man to do so, and even if the old man had the upper hand, he would not have much energy after a short time.

Sure enough, the thin old man's expression was panicked, as if he was beaten down to the point where he couldn't even fight back. He was immediately overjoyed, and his attacks became even more urgent, one after another, continuously attacking, with the posture of crushing Lu Ziqin to death in one breath.

Borrowing the agility of Lu Ziguang's movement technique, he moved around the thin old man. He could only occasionally strike back with one or two moves, but it wasn't enough to threaten the thin old man. The situation didn't seem too optimistic.

However, Thousand Shadows did not know that, seeing that Lu Zizheng's situation was precarious, he was afraid that he would make a mistake. With a wave of his left arm, he shouted, "Zither, move aside!"

Seeing this, Lu Zizheng instinctively ran out horizontally.

At the same time, the concealed weapons in Thousand Shadows' hands shot towards the old man.

As the Thousand Shadows Hidden Weapon shot out, the two of them moved at an astonishing speed, barely dodging the hidden weapons.

The fact that Thousand Shadows did not release her concealed weapon was still alright. With her actions, it was equivalent to forcing the two people standing together apart. Not only did it destroy Lu Zizheng's plans, it also gave the thin elder an opportunity to do so.

The thin old man let out a strange cry and gave up on chasing after Lu Zizheng. He threw himself at Thousand Shadows, and at the same time stabbed his sword towards her neck.

However, the Thousand Shadows Left Hand's proficiency was not as good as the Right Hand's, not to mention that in a situation where she was heavily injured, the thin old man used his nimble movement technique to sway left and right, and when the Thousand Shadows finished firing his concealed weapon, the old man thrust his sword towards her throat.

At the same time, he was also scared to the point that his entire body was covered in cold sweat. Even if he was fighting against this frail old man by himself, he would barely be able to tie the two of them in a draw. With Thousand Shadow's skill, even if he was seriously injured, ten of her together wouldn't be a match for him.

Thousand Shadows was indeed not a match for her, but she had her own methods.

When the old man was in front of her, she shouted. She forgot the pain from her spine as she used all of her strength to pull out the old man's body from the ground.

The thin old man was obviously not prepared for this. He didn't expect her to do this. It was already too late for him to stop.

With a 'puchi' sound, the sword stabbed into the corpse. Instantly, fresh blood sprayed out, spraying all over the old man's face.


The old man cried out in surprise and instinctively wiped the blood from his eyes. At this moment, Lu Zizheng, who was behind him, arrived. The saber in his hand turned into a bolt of lightning, piercing towards the old man's back.

Seeing that Lu Zizheng's saber was about to strike, the thin elder threw the corpse in his hand towards Lu Zizheng without hesitation.


The stab was so vicious that the tip of the snow-white blade stuck out a good part of the old man's chest.

The thin old man was scared to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat, if not for his fast reaction just now, this blade would have stabbed into his body.

Swish! Lu Zizheng lowered her body and took advantage of the momentum of the attack. Then, she turned around and appeared in front of the old man. At the same time, she stomped her feet on the ground and kicked him down.

He had already rolled far away, and jumped up from the ground. The old man's chest was heaving intensely, and his eyes were staring widely, the fear in his heart was causing the old man's face to twist into a distorted shape, and like a madman, he swung his sword and rushed towards Lu Ziguang.

The old man seemed to have lost his mind from his anger. He hacked down on the sword that was supposed to be mainly thrusting. It viciously hacked down on the forehead of Lu Zi's zither.

Sensing that the other party had lost his sanity, Lu Ziguang's fighting spirit decreased. He raised the saber in his hand to block the incoming sword as he coldly said: "If you continue to fight me like this, you will only die very quickly!"

How could the old man still listen to him? The death of his companion had sent waves of fear into his mind. The old man let out a strange cry and started to stab and chop at Lu Zizheng again and again.

After a few moves, Lu Zizheng lost all interest, seized the opportunity and kicked the thin old man out. At the same time, he coldly snorted and shook his head: "Truly disappointing! "It seems like the people sent by Chenguo are only mediocre!"

His words were like a steel needle that pierced the old man's heart. He stood up from the ground and rushed towards Lu Zizheng.

Killing intent appeared in Lu Zizheng's eyes as he sneered: "Since you want to court death, I'll grant your wish!" As he spoke, he suddenly leaped up to meet the old man's attack, and with a single stroke of his blade, he knocked the sword away, while the other blade went straight for the old man's ribs. The old man did not dodge nor avoid, and as he watched the blade come slashing towards him, he turned his hand and slashed towards Lu Zizheng's neck.

His upper body leaned backwards, and with the longsword almost touching the tip of his nose, the tip of his nose swept past. However, his blade had already left a bloody wound on the old man's left rib cage, with the skin turning inside and outside, revealing even the eerie white bones underneath.

AHH!"! "!" But whether it was pain and hurt, the thin old man roared and roared again.

After another round, Lu Zizheng was completely unharmed. However, another bloody wound appeared on the old man who had fallen into a semi-frenzy.

Not long after, there were five or six cuts on the skinny old man's body. The wounds were not deep, but they were very long. The old man's entire body was dripping with blood, but as if he did not know the pain, he still tried to attack Lu Zizheng.

At this time, in the face of such an old man, any other person would have to show mercy, unable to continue fighting, but Lu Zither did not feel that way, he only wanted to laugh, in his eyes, the other side was more like a bull, and he himself was a bullfighter, his task was not to stab the opponent to death, but to slowly wear him down, so that the opponent would be able to bring enough fun before he died.

Five minutes later, the old man's wounds had increased by several more. At this time, the old man, who had lost too much blood, couldn't even stand straight, but he was still waving his sword and desperately fighting with Lu Zizheng.

Firstly, Lu Zizheng's methods were too cruel, and secondly, now that they were in the arena, everyone from all over the country was watching. If this were to go too far and the emperor got angry, then their master would be in trouble! Thousand Shadows said from the side, "Zither, that's enough. If you don't kill him, I will die!"

"Oh!" Lu Zizheng responded with a hint of regret. Lowering his head, he dodged the old man's sword that was thrusting towards him. Then, his body jumped out diagonally and brushed past the old man's shoulder.

After standing still, he didn't look back. He waved the blood ball on his blade and returned it to his lower back. He clapped his hands, turned his head to look at the Thousand Shadows on the ground and said, "Alright, let's go!"

Just as he finished speaking, the thin old man who was still holding onto his sword suddenly dropped his sword, and then he fell to the ground, just as he fell, his head actually fell off, his bald head rolling for a long distance, a stream of blood spurting out from his body, the wound was as smooth as a mirror.

Qian Ying, who was standing to the side, was alarmed. Even as a swordsman, when she saw the wound on the old man's head, she could feel the speed of Lu Zizheng's blade.

After a long while, Thousand Shadows sighed and murmured, "What a fast blade!"

"Your blade is also very fast!" Seeing the doubt on Qian Ying's face, he raised his arm and pointed at the short elder who was already dead.

Thousand Shadows reacted. "You saw it?" When she killed the old man with the flying knife, Lu Zizheng was engaged in a fierce battle with him. How did he know that he had used a flying knife?

Lu Ziqin nodded and said, "Of course I saw it!" Pausing, he sincerely said, "I feel that your throwing dagger is even more threatening than your sword!" Even in battle, Lu Zizheng still maintained an extremely high level of vigilance. Being able to observe everything, that Thousand Shadows' throwing knife had made Lu Zizheng admire her even more.

Thousand Shadows smiled wryly and shook his head, not saying anything else.

Seeing that she was still lying on the ground and did not get up, Lu Ziqin raised his eyebrows and asked: "Are you still not leaving? The competition is over! " As if he had discovered something new in the world, he said in surprise, "Do you think that the beds here are more suitable for you to sleep in?" While talking about Lu Zizheng, he sighed: "As expected of a man's wife! Even your senses are so different from others! "

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