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Seeing that, Lin Xi Xia smiled, and waved towards Yun Xie Yu. Seeing that, the latter immediately went up to Lin Xi Xia, and the fragrance from the woman's body made Yun Xie Yu confused.

Lin Xi Xia sneered in her heart, but she wanted this kind of effect. She lowered her body to Yun Xie Yu's ear and whispered something, only to see Yun Xie Yu's expression becoming more and more excited.

Finishing, Yun Xie Yu found it hard to conceal the excitement in her voice, "Is Third Aunt serious?"

Looking at Yun Xie Yu's expression, Lin Xi Xia understood in her heart. She smiled like the most beautiful cherry blossom in the early spring, "Third Aunt wouldn't lie to you."

Hearing that, Yun Xie Yu stood up from the stone bench, and bowed towards Lin Xi Xia, and said respectfully: "Then I'll be troubling Third Aunt."

She waved the silk fan in her hand and smiled. "Third Aunt will take care of everything."

Yun Weiyang sat in her room, reading the book in her hands. At this moment, Ina knocked on the door, pushed it open and entered, softly saying: "Mistress, Madam Jiang is looking for you, I've asked you to come over."

Putting down the book in his hand, Yun Weiyang's eyes flashed, she then stood up and said: "Then let's go!"

After about half an incense worth of time, Yun Weiyang and Yi Na walked back from Jiang Yuzhen's place, muttering as they walked: "Isn't this Madame Jiang just looking for trouble? He came to us at night for the sake of money! If she was really that kind, why would she treat the young miss like that in the past? "

Ina seemed to remember something: "I'm sorry miss, I was too quick to say anything."

Yun Weiyang waved her hand, and said indifferently: "It's alright." However, she had made up her mind. Jiang Yuzhen definitely wouldn't look for trouble. She had a reason for doing so.

Just as they entered the courtyard, a thick smell of blood assaulted their nostrils. Yun Weiyang was startled, and looking at Yi Na, the two of them went inside the house vigilantly.

When she reached the door, Ina abruptly kicked it open and saw a man covered in blood lying on the ground.

Hearing the noise coming from the door, the person lying on the ground crawled up from the ground and jumped towards Yun Weiyang unsteadily, muttering: "Save me, save me."

Ina, who had always been standing by Yun Weiyang's side, immediately stopped her upon seeing this. She then looked at Yun Weiyang and asked: "Master, how should we deal with this person?"

Yun Weiyang who was standing at the door frowned, why was this Yun Xie Yu in her room? With a thought, Yun Weiyang instantly understood what was about to happen.

At this moment, there was a burst of noise from the yard door. Lin Xi Xia led a group of people and walked in with great fanfare.

Looking at Yun Xie Yu who had his meridians pierced through, Yi Na frowned and asked anxiously: "Master, what do we do?"

Seeing this, Yun Weiyang laughed, and said: "What's there to be afraid of, we have to use force to block." After which, he slowly walked out.

Seeing this, Ina, who was behind him, secretly admired him in her heart. She had only seen such a carefree appearance on a single person before.

"Third Aunt, do you know what happened after you barged in so anxiously?" Ye Zichen looked at Lin Xixi with a smile that was not a smile. At this point, Yun Weiyang could just speak frankly.

Lin Xi Xia saw Yun Weiyang's indifferent expression and thought to herself: Let's see how long you can be so cocky for. She smiled with good intentions and said: "I came here by chance, so I wanted to come in and take a look." He pushed Ina who was blocking the door and walked into the house.

Ah!" A scream came out from the room that Yun Weiyang lived in, and then Lin Xixi rushed in front of Yun Weiyang with a frighteningly pale face, trembling as she pointed at the room and said, "No ?" Weiyang, why is there a corpse in your room?

Holding his hands, Yun Weiyang laughed as she looked at the frightened Lin Xi Xia, and said lightly: "Third Aunt doesn't know?"

"Nonsense!" Lin Xi Xia angrily said, "You have a body in your room, how would I know?"

However, a voice from the doorway interrupted their conversation.

The people who walked in were none other than Yun Weiyang's good father and the other rooms Jiang Yuzhen and Yun Ze Tian.

Seeing Yun Ze Tian, Lin Xi Xia felt like she had seen her savior. She quickly ran in front of Yun Ze Tian and grabbed his arm, saying, "Ze Tian, there's a corpse inside Wei Yang's house." After he had finished, he buried his head in Yun Zexian's chest and cried, "That was so scary."

Yun Sheng, who was at the side, frowned deeply, his eyes sweeping across Yun Weiyang, and asked sternly: "What exactly happened?"

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