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Five days had passed since the incident with Yun Xie Yu, and during this period, the matter had gradually become clear. Towards Yun Xie Yu's disappointment, Yun Sheng's anger was released, and taking into account the injuries on Yun Xie Yu's body, the matter was left unsettled, and everything was as Yun Weiyang predicted.

Yun Weiyang laid on the recliner, letting the afternoon sun shine on her face in a sparse way. A few wide and emerald green banana leaves with colorful feathers were parked in the middle, and after a happy cry, they flew even further into the distance. Flying so high, they flew in the white clouds, and the brilliant sunlight scattered on the clouds like golden powder, as if they were a dazzling circle of gold.

This kind of time was undoubtedly peaceful and quiet. However, a sudden sharp sound completely destroyed this beautiful atmosphere.

"Weiyang ah, so you are here, I can easily find you!" The people who came were Jiang Yuzhen, Yun Sheng's side room, and her daughter, Yun Tingxue, followed by a few maids.

Jiang Yuzhen was wearing a purple robe made of the soft and thin sunset glow. She seemed to be wrapped in a cloud of smoke. The neckline was embroidered with only a few light-colored irises with tangled branches and leaves, and a beaded pleated skirt. A pink pearl hairpin with a few scattered pearl flowers, hazy as smoke, straight as a new willow flower, blooming in the spring.

Yun Weiyang, who was lying on the reclining chair, looked at the person out of the corner of her eyes and sneered in her heart. This Jiang Yuzhen was really good at dressing up, no wonder she could enchant Yun Sheng, otherwise the power would not have fallen into her hands.

Jiang Yuzhen, who was a few steps away from Yun Weiyang, stood on the spot and waited for Yun Weiyang to speak, but after waiting for a long time, she still did not make any sound.

Seeing this, Jiang Yuzhen was angered, and her pretty face became more and more ferocious. Although the matter from last time had nothing to do with her, but because Lin Xixi had threatened her, she had paid a great price. She hadn't thought that Yun Weiyang would be able to easily solve the matter she had planned.

Yun Qinxue, who had been following beside Jiang Yuzhen the entire time, saw that her mother was being looked down on, and took a step forward and shouted: "Yun Weiyang, my mother is talking to you! What are you pretending to be mute for!" Saying that, he raised his leg and stepped forward, and kicked towards Yun Weiyang's chair.

Being distracted by the clamoring voices, Yun Weiyang suddenly opened her eyes, narrowed her eyes and looked at Yun Qinxue. Then, she slowly stood up and walked towards Yun Qinxue, one step at a time.

Yun Qinxue was naturally not stupid. Seeing the dangerous aura flowing out of Yun Weiyang's eyes, her body uncontrollably followed Yun Weiyang's steps and retreated step by step, until she had nowhere to retreat to. Yun Qinxue hurriedly said: "You ? You... What are you doing? "

Jiang Yuzhen knew what Yun Weiyang was up to. Seeing that her daughter was in danger, she closed her eyes and stood in front of Yun Qinxue, pretending to be calm: "Weiyang, your sister is so stupid. Don't lower yourself to her."

Hearing that, Yun Weiyang did not reply, but her bright and beautiful eyes stared straight at Yun Qinxue. Seeing that, the people below, when they thought about how Yun Weiyang killed people without batting an eye, was just like how it was today, they all tensed up.

After a long while, Yun Weiyang suddenly took a step back and continued to lie on the reclining chair. However, when she looked at the white lotus blooming in the middle of the lake, she lazily asked: "Second Aunt, are you here today to chat with me?"

The repressed space disappeared, and Jiang Yuzhen took a deep breath of fresh air, her eyes filled with malice staring straight at Yun Weiyang, causing her to be unable to recover from this calamity, so she was unable to calm down for a day. Thinking about it, Jiang Yuzhen tried to curry favor with her: "It's like this, we discussed it yesterday, and felt that we have not given you much care and care over the years, and will definitely make it up for you in the future, so for tonight's dinner, you have to be sure to come!"

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