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Hearing this, Yun Weiyang's deep eyes sized up Jiang Yuzhen and her daughter Yun Qinxue, sneering in her heart. She had nothing to offer, it was either a thief or a thief. However, Yun Weiyang also did not want to expose them. Thinking about it, Yun Weiyang accidentally said: "It can't be a Hong Gate banquet, right?"

Jiang Yuzhen did not expect Yun Weiyang to be so direct, so she quickly explained: "How could that be? We are just sitting together for a meal."

"Oh?" Yun Weiyang turned her head and looked at Jiang Yuzhen, a glint flashed across her calm eyes, "Don't worry Second Aunt, I'll definitely be there tonight."

Seeing Yun Weiyang agree, Jiang Yuzhen heaved a sigh of relief secretly. Just now, she almost could not endure Yun Weiyang staring at her, it was as if she could see through her eyes, but after thinking for a moment, the other party was just a young girl, no matter how strong she was, it did not mean that she was stupid.

"Since that's the case, I won't disturb you any longer." With that, Jiang Yuzhen pulled the trembling Yun Qinxue and hurriedly disappeared from Yun Weiyang's sight.

As for Yun Weiyang, who was staring at Jiang Yuzhen's back, her lips curved into a faint smile, as if she was mocking the other party for overestimating himself.

"Mistress?" The one who spoke was Ina, she couldn't resist when Yun Qinxue kicked her master's chair. If it wasn't for her master telling her not to act rashly, she would have done it for him a long time ago.

Glancing at Ina beside him, Yun Weiyang's apathetic expression did not reveal any emotion, "If there is no audience for tonight's show, how can this show continue to be sung!?"

The sky gradually darkened like a pool of tranquil water, and the sky was filled with flying white and light catkins, like little snowflakes, gently falling with the wind, the warm and smoky breeze blowing by, like a hand slowly stirring the dense apricot flowers at the side, the light and thin petals floating point by point onto Yun Weiyang's body.

Stopping in front of the main hall, Yun Weiyang looked at the luxurious and grand building, and could vaguely hear laughter coming from the main hall. With a slight raise of her eyebrows, Yun Weiyang walked in without hesitation.

Yun Weiyang's appearance immediately caused the entire hall to go silent.

The first one to regain his senses was the Old Ancestor, he looked at Yun Weiyang with his blurry eyes, and laughed: "Weiyang is here, sit down."

Yun Weiyang, who was standing at the entrance of the hall, swept a glance at the people in the hall. It could be said that everything that should have come had already come.

With a sneer in his heart, Yun Weiyang sat down at the dining table expressionlessly, and said indifferently: "Such a large lineup, truly flattering me!"

The first person whose expression was unnatural was Yun Weiyang's father, Yun Shengli. In his subconscious, he still found it hard to accept Yun Weiyang's actions. Looking at the devastatingly beautiful face in front of him, Yun Shengli felt an indescribable bitterness in his heart.

Pausing for a moment, Yun Sheng sighed: "Weiyang, I owe you too much in the past, so I won't bring up the past anymore, okay?"

"Is that so?" Yun Weiyang looked towards Lin Xi Xia, blinked her eyes and asked: "Where's Third Aunt?"

Lin Xixi suppressed the hatred in her heart and covered her hands under her sleeves as she shivered uncontrollably. Even so, Lin Xixi's pretty face was filled with a warm wind, "Weiyang, third aunt has let you down. You can only blame Huan Die for being too willful and being ignorant, causing you so much harm. I hope you won't resent her in the future!"

Seeing that everyone's gaze was focused on her, Yun Weiyang understood and said: "If that's the case, then Third Aunt you better teach Yun Huan Die properly in the future, if this gets out, wouldn't it be a joke?"

The meaning behind Yun Weiyang's words was that Yun Illusory Butterfly had no manners, so Lin Xixi gritted her teeth in anger. Just as she wanted to flare up and felt the look in the eyes of the Old Ancestor, Lin Xixi could only suppress the anger in her chest and laughed dryly, "Of course, of course!"

Yun Weiyang raised her eyebrow, it seemed like the strong one was here!

Having said all that needed to be said, the Old Ancestor said: "Let's start the meal after talking for half a day!"

Just like that, everyone ate without knowing what was happening.

"Weiyang, don't you want to eat porridge?" Jiang Yuzhen looked at the untouched porridge in front of Yun Weiyang and asked.

Yun Weiyang looked at Jiang Yuzhen, then looked at the steaming hot porridge in front of her and did not answer.

The Old Ancestor put down the chopsticks in his hand and said calmly: "Weiyang, you're too skinny. Therefore, the Old Ancestor told Xue Yan, who had been cooking for an entire afternoon, to properly mend your body. If you don't drink it, then the Old Ancestor's efforts will have been in vain."

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