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It was hard to imagine just how strong Yun Weiyang was. If not for the fact that the other party had expended so much energy previously, just the subordinates of his would not be a match for Yun Weiyang and Dongfang Zi.

After another fifteen minutes of fierce battle, not only Yun Weiyang, even Dongfang Zichao had to go all out to fight him, the remaining ten ninjas in the arena were all sweating like the rain. Although their moves were still vicious, their speed had slowed down by a lot, and even the sword that Yun Weiyang had swung seemed to be somewhat weak and powerless.

Due to the extreme intensity of the battle, everyone's positions were constantly changing. When one of the ninjas standing behind Yun Weiyang looked at the back of the group, he suddenly had an idea, and realized the chance had come. Looking at his comrades who were still fiercely attacking Yun Weiyang, the ninja's eyes that were originally exhausted to the point of killing flashed with a dangerous glint, he quietly took two steps forward, the long blade in his hand suddenly flashed, and pierced towards the back of Yun Weiyang's heart at the speed of lightning.

With this move, the Ninja used his final trump card, preparing to directly take Yun Weiyang's life.

If Yun Weiyang died in his hands, then all the glory would be his. The current Yun Weiyang was at the end of her strength and there were ten people on her side, so if she let someone else kill Yun Weiyang, then all of her efforts would have been in vain.

This slash was too fast, coupled with the sneak attack from behind, by the time Yun Weiyang reacted, it was already too late to dodge.

She had no choice but to shift her body to the side to avoid the fatal blow. At the same time, she turned around and slashed at the ninja's chest.

"Puchi!" The Ninja's longblade was pierced out by Yun Weiyang's left rib, and the tip of the sword appeared in front of him, but Yun Weiyang's backhand sword had also cut a four inch long hole in his chest.

Yun Weiyang had wounded her opponent with a backhand sword, and one of the ninja's fists had also landed heavily on her lower abdomen.

Letting out a cry in secret, Yun Weiyang's entire body flew out, and just as she rolled on the ground, she jumped up, spitting out a mouthful of blood. As she lowered her head and touched her ribs, there was blood all over, and her protective clothing was damaged during the previous match, which also caused her to lose a layer of protection.

When Dongfang Zi saw that Yun Weiyang was injured, he increased the speed of his movements. After dodging the opponent's ace attack, he flashed forward and appeared right in front of Yun Weiyang. Looking at the wound on her left rib cage, his eyes sank, and he asked worriedly, "How is it?"

Yun Weiyang's face sank, she shook her head to indicate that she could still persevere!

"Yun Weiyang, give me your life." Yun Weiyang's injury greatly boosted everyone's confidence. The ten Ninjas let out a loud shout, raised their sabers and charged towards Yun Weiyang and Dongfang Zi.

Dongfang Zi's and Yun Weiyang's faces darkened as they endured the pain on their wounds. They picked up their weapons and clashed with each other again, and the two sides engaged in a fierce battle to the death. You slash me, I'll return the sword, you punch me, I'll return your kick, the scene became more and more bloody, and more people died.

Of course, the one who was injured the most was still Yun Weiyang. Her entire body was drenched in fresh blood, almost turning into a bloody person. At a glance, she looked like a demon that had just crawled out of hell.

Now that the staff had reached such a level, the two sides were no longer competing in physical strength and kung fu, but in willpower. Whoever had the stronger willpower would be able to last until the end.

Following the other party's slash, another wound appeared on Yun Weiyang's thigh, but when she turned around, the other party was also kicked until he vomited blood.

Just as he landed on the ground, the other side raised his blade and jumped towards Yun Weiyang once again, the blade in his hand hacking downwards.

A saber helps a person to show his might, while a person borrows from it.

Yun Weiyang's pupils contracted, with both hands holding onto her blade, she blocked his attack with her sword, and simultaneously let out a loud shout.

Yun Weiyang's sword had not only blocked the enemy's blade, but had also forcefully sent it flying. Before she could make a move, the enemy had already landed on the ground, suddenly hugging her and shouting, "Kill!"

How could the group of ninjas let go of this opportunity? Taking a step forward, he stabbed his sword into Yun Weiyang's lower abdomen, and Yun Weiyang did not fall behind, his small fist heavily smashing at her temple, while the other Ninjas followed up with three slashes that left bone-deep gashes in Yun Weiyang's chest.



The ninja who had held her was pushed back more than ten meters and heavily crashed into a tree. It felt as if its body had lost its strength and could not exert any more strength as it weakly fell to the ground.

The surrounding Ninjas were shocked at first and retreated in fright. Then, they all reacted and raised their long blades, rushing forward.

Yun Weiyang suffered many fatal injuries, if it were any other person, they would have long fallen to the ground. However, she was still able to stand with her chest puffed out, the sword in her hand drew a semicircle of silver light in the air, following the cry of shock, a few more Ninjas were pushed back, and with a flurry of punches and kicks, she pushed back a few more people behind her.

"Yun Weiyang, your time of death is up!" A ninja shouted as he raised his blade to stab towards Yun Weiyang's heart.

Yun Weiyang did not say anything, she did not even have the strength to speak, her blood was being drained at a rapid pace, her head was getting more and more dizzy, her body was also getting heavier and heavier, and the long sword she usually swung freely was now as heavy as a thousand kilograms.

She was no longer able to use her movement technique. Her body slightly shifted to the side, avoiding the opening in her heart.

"Puchi!" The opponent's blade stabbed deeply into her shoulder. Without a sound, Yun Weiyang raised her hand and grabbed onto the opponent's blade, preventing him from retracting. Following that, she raised her sword and slashed down.

So fast, it was hard to imagine that Yun Weiyang would be able to make such a fierce slash even after receiving so many heavy injuries.

However, he was still half a step too slow. The front of his clothes had been cut in half a foot, and the front of his shirt was wide open, the warm wind blowing through it. The ninja took a few more steps back before stabilizing himself. He first looked down at his clothes, then raised his head and looked at Yun Weiyang in disbelief.

The current Yun Weiyang had no less than twenty wounds on her body, and even if they were fatal wounds, it would still take her at least three to four wounds. With her current condition, even without fighting, she wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

He could not accept Yun Weiyang's vicious methods, but she was proficient in martial arts, a strong will, and a strong life force. He was sincerely impressed, it was hard for him to imagine that such a tough person would actually be a woman! The leader was secretly impressed.

One of the Ninjas held onto the wound on his chest, walked towards Yun Weiyang with difficulty, and said with an expressionless face: "Yun Weiyang, today next year will be the day of your and Dongfang Zi's death."

"Heh, heh ?" Yun Weiyang laughed, her laugh was weak and weak, she tilted her head and looked at the person in front of her, and said softly: "If you want to kill me, then don't hesitate to come!"

At that moment, he was not in a much better condition than Yun Weiyang. He wanted to go save Yun Weiyang, but he was powerless to do so, the ninjas beside him seemed to attack him wave after wave, and his body was covered with wounds, as though he was on the verge of death.

"Go to hell!" When the opponent was about five meters away from Yun Weiyang, he suddenly increased the strength of his body, his blade cut towards Yun Weiyang's neck like a gale.

Yun Weiyang raised her hand, sending the enemy's blade flying. Following that, she anxiously used her foot to kick at the opponent's lower abdomen, causing the latter to secretly grit his teeth and retreat backwards. Right at that moment, Yun Weiyang turned her hand, and pulled out the blade that was stuck in her shoulder, releasing a stream of blood. Holding onto the long sword, her wrist flicked, and with a swoosh, the blade turned into a bolt of lightning, shooting straight towards her opponent's face.

"Aiya!" The latter cried out in surprise and hurriedly shook its head. The long sword flew close to his face while at the same time, it left a two inch long gash on his face.

After Yun Weiyang threw out her long blade, she could no longer hold on. Her body swayed a few times as she leaned against a tree and slowly sat down.

"Yun Weiyang, give me your life!" The other party was embarrassed and angry, his face flushed red, and he raised his blade to once again attack Yun Weiyang.

Right now, Yun Weiyang no longer had the strength to strike back, let alone dodge. Looking at the incoming long blade, her eyelids twitched, and she finally did not have the strength to dodge anymore.

"Puchi!" It was the sound of the long blade piercing through flesh, but the pain on her body did not come as expected, she only felt a warm liquid splatter on her face. Yun Weiyang suddenly opened her eyes, and what entered her vision was the scene of the long blade piercing into Dong Fang Zhirong's chest, her pupils intensely contracting into a focus.

"Puchi!" The Ninja's neck was stabbed through, his eyes were wide open, and he fell to the ground at an extremely slow pace.

Yun Weiyang crawled up two steps, and hugged Dong Fang Zhiru's bloodied body. Perhaps because he had sensed Yun Weiyang's presence, Dongfang Zi slowly opened his heavy eyelids and gently said: "In the end, I have protected you one time."

Hearing this, Yun Weiyang's heart hurt. This man who had only known her for three times had helped her more than once, protecting her, and this time, he had been implicated by her to the point of losing his life. The pain filled Yun Weiyang's entire eye sockets, and he lowered his head to look at Dongfang Zichao's peaceful and satisfied expression, urgently saying: "You'll be fine.

"I know my own situation very well. Weiyang, you don't have to feel sorry for me, it doesn't matter if I die, you have to live well, and I, Dongfang Zichao, have lived for more than ten years without any worries, like a pool of stagnant water, and now I am very satisfied." As he said that, his bloodied hand gripped Yun Weiyang's hand tightly in his own, and he said in satisfaction: "Weiyang, I thank you. Thank you for letting me understand, I am still a human, but I also have such a crazy side to me." After he finished speaking, Dongfang Zi closed his eyes with a peaceful face, and the hand he was holding Yun Weiyang with, dropped powerlessly. Until the end, he did not tell Yun Weiyang his intentions, because he did not want to see her in a difficult situation.

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