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"Central'er, hold on, I'm coming!" A heart-tearing and lung-splitting shout pierced through the heavens, rolling up the curtains in the Cang Mu night sky, exploding into the endless dusk. Feng Xue Han's cold voice was no longer the calm it used to be, and his jade like face was filled with anxiety and pain. Spirit energy flowed from his palm into Yun Weiyang's body wave after wave, constantly shouting out Yun Weiyang's name.

Perhaps it was Feng Xue Han's shouting that had an effect, Yun Weiyang slowly opened her eyes, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she smiled: "Don't worry, I won't die yet, don't make too much of a fuss."

"Central'er, stop talking." Feng Xue Han painfully closed her eyes. When she saw him, the anxiety in her eyes quickly disappeared. The worry in her eyes turned into joy. The resentment in her eyes dissipated into the forest mist when she saw him.

A gentle smile, slowly bloomed on the corner of Yun Weiyang's mouth.

At this moment, she was still smiling. Was he okay? Was it because she was relieved?

Feng Xue Han's heart instantly tightened to the point of being unable to speak.

After a while, when he felt that Yun Weiyang's heart had finally stabilized, Feng Xue Han withdrew his palm. Looking at the pale man who had his eyes closed, he said anxiously: "Central'er, wake up." Feng Xue Han, who could not get a response, could not help but shout: "Yun Weiyang, I order you to wake up."

Finally, when the person in Feng Xue Han's embrace heard these words, his eyelids twitched, and after a moment, Yun Weiyang still opened her eyes, and looked at the person who felt pain in her heart, and could not help but be stunned. This was the first time she had seen Feng Xue Han in such a state, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help but twitch, as she muttered: "You're really noisy, I'm too tired.

Feng Xue Han, whose heart had been in his throat all this time, could clearly hear the sound of his heart falling back to its original position. He took out a few pills from his chest and fed it to Yun Weiyang, and said angrily: "Yun Weiyang, I will be scared to death by you one day."

Hearing this, the person in his arms smirked, and continued to rest with his eyes closed.

"Master, have you found Master?" The anxious voice of Thousand Shadows was especially clear in the silent forest. When the Thousand Shadows, who had arrived first on horseback, saw the person covered in blood in Feng Xue Han's embrace, his pupils immediately contracted to a focus. Without waiting for the horse to come running over, she landed beside Feng Xue Han with a light movement, and looked at Yun Weiyang who was still bleeding profusely.

After a short while, the people led by Xuan Ge also rushed over. When they saw the sorrowful cry and the glaring scarlet color from Feng Xue Han's body, they were all stunned, and did not know how they got off their horses. One by one, they staggered to Feng Xue Han's side, and when they saw Yun Weiyang, who no longer had any signs of life, all of their eyes immediately turned red.

"Mistress, we're late!" Xuan Ge fell to his knees on the ground with a thump. At this moment, the huge man was crying like a child.

When the people behind saw this, they quietly knelt on the ground and silently allowed the tears to flow.

Yi Na and Qian Ying were both women after all. Looking at Yun Weiyang's miserable state, they couldn't help but cry out: "Master, I don't want you to die. I don't want you to die. If you die, what will happen to us ?"

Yun Weiyang's current appearance could no longer be described as pathetic, her entire body was covered with wounds, and the fatal parts were in the shape of three to four, especially her chest and lower abdomen. At this moment, a red liquid was flowing out, and she looked like a bloody person.

Feng Xue Han's icy cold eyes swept across those kneeling on the ground and he coldly shouted: "All of you, shut up."

This shout caused the people kneeling on the ground to shiver, and at the same time, they recovered their wits. Seeing Yun Weiyang's chest jumping up and down, everyone sighed in relief.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at Huangfu Zhuo, who was hiding not far from him. He stood up from the ground and walked towards him with vigorous strides. He was able to walk towards Huangfu Zhuo in just a few steps. As for Huangfu Zhuo's men, when they saw Ziggy's hill-like body, they consciously made way for him before he even got close to them.

Walking in front of Huangfu Zhuo, Jigger lifted him up into the air like a chick. His scarlet eyes revealed an aura of a wild beast. The veins on his hand that held Huangfu Zhuo's collar popped out as he angrily said, "Today, I will avenge my master." As he spoke, a fierce gust of wind fiercely flew towards Huangfu Zhuo's head.

"Ah, Sixth Prince!" The subordinates that Huangfu Zhuo brought cried out. They didn't expect the other party to be so bold as to dare to attack the prince. In their shock, they didn't have enough time to stop him.

Just when everyone thought that the Sixth Prince was dead for sure, they saw Ziggy's hill-like body suddenly stagger back a few steps, and his grip on Huangfu Zhuo loosened.

Huangfu Zhuo landed lightly on the ground, looked at Ziggy, and said disdainfully: "Not only do you look rough, your skills are also extremely rough. Truly, any master will have their own subordinates, and in my opinion, Yun Weiyang will not be able to live as well.

"Damn it, Huangfu Zhuo, I will take your life today!" Lu Zizheng was so angry that his eyes widened. His handsome face, which usually had a mischievous smile, was now covered in a layer of ice. He held the saber in his hand and pounced towards Huangfu Zhuo.

Everyone's hearts were already miserable enough. After hearing Huangfu Zhuo's words, they became so angry that their blood and Qi surged. Xuan Ge and the rest wielded the weapons in their hands and stood up from the ground in unison.

"Zither, step down." Feng Xue Han's cold voice was like a thunder that had exploded on the ground.

"Master!" Lu Zizheng abruptly stopped moving and looked at Feng Xue Han with dissatisfaction.

Feng Xue Han narrowed his eyes and said coldly: "Step down."

Lu Zizheng looked at Feng Xue Han, then turned to look at Huangfu Zhuo, and dispiritedly kept his saber. In the end, he unwillingly returned to his own camp.

"Big brother Han ?" Huangfu Zhuo looked at Feng Xue Han with excitement and disbelief. He did not expect Feng Xue Han to actually stop his underlings from avenging Yun Weiyang. Did this mean that he still had a place in Feng Xue Han's heart? Does he still have a chance?

After receiving the message from Feng Xue Han, Yi Na and Qian Ying hurried forward and said: "Master!"

Feng Xue Han passed Yun Weiyang, who was in his arms, to Yi Na and Qian Ying, and reminded them: "I'll leave Central'er to you two."

Yi Na and Thousand Shadows' movements froze as they carefully took Yun Weiyang over, and said respectfully: "Master, this subordinate will protect master even if I have to die."

Feng Xue Han nodded, then he slowly walked towards Huangfu Zhuo and the others with heavy and forceful steps. Finally, he stopped ten steps away from them.

His cold eyes slowly swept across everyone in front of him, and Feng Xue Han spoke word by word: "All those who wanted to harm Yun Weiyang, listen up. If Yun Weiyang is fine today, if something happens to her, then take your family and pay."

The ice-cold voice carried an absolute killing intent and a savage bloodlust.

"Brother Han, that Yun Weiyang is about to die. Can you please wake up?" Huangfu Zhuo yelled, unwilling to give up. Feng Xue Han like this scared him, and it frightened him even more. He had never seen such a cold Feng Xue Han, and the one who caused all of this was that damnable woman.

"Ugh ?"

As his sleeves fluttered, he saw Feng Xue Han's hand tightly grabbing onto Huangfu Zhuo's neck. A red light flashed in his eyes that were not hot. Looking at Huangfu Zhuo who was still struggling in pain, he coldly said, "Do you really think I won't kill you?"

"Big, big brother Han ? oh, let go of me ?" Huangfu Zhuo was still in the air, struggling with his four limbs. His cheeks were purple and his eyes were white. He looked like he was about to lose a breath.

Suddenly, the force around his neck disappeared, and Feng Xue Han ruthlessly threw Huangfu Zhuo onto the ground. His cold phoenix eyes stared coldly at the person on the ground. "Cough, cough, cough ?" Huangfu Zhuo clutched his neck and coughed fiercely on the ground. After a while, he slowed his breathing, raised his head and stared at Feng Xue Han, and said solemnly: "Big Brother Han, you want to kill me?!"

"That's right!" Feng Xuehan's voice was as calm as usual.

Huangfu Zhuo pointed towards Yun Weiyang and unhappily asked: "For her?"

"That's right!"

Seeing such a straightforward Feng Xue Han, Huangfu Zhuo was stunned and unwillingly said: "Big Brother Han, since young, you have always doted on me the most. Why, how did everything change?"

Hearing this, the corner of Feng Xue Han's mouth rose in ridicule, and his gentle voice revealed an ice-cold tone. "You want to know the reason? "Then let me tell you this, because you are just a chess piece in my hands."

"BOOM!" Huangfu Zhuo's vision darkened and he staggered a little. He looked at Feng Xue Han in disbelief, and muttered: "What? A chess piece? "

"Who was the one behind you?" With Huangfu Zhuo's ability and courage, he simply could not think of such a detailed and perfect plan. Since it was impossible, then there was only one possibility, and that was that someone was controlling him from behind Huangfu Zhuo.

Huangfu Zhuo, who was sitting on the ground, felt his eyelids tremble as his gaze shifted, pretending that he didn't understand as he asked: "I, I don't know what you're talking about, who was the mastermind behind this?"

"Huangfu Zhuo, my endurance is limited, now I'll give you a chance. Since you've said it, I'll let you go immediately, if you don't tell me, I'll send you to hell and choose on my own, I'll count to three."



Without waiting for Feng Xue Han's three words to ring out, Huangfu Zhuo shouted, "I'll speak, I'll speak!" Seeing Feng Xue Han stop, he said carefully: "If I say it, will Big Brother Han let me go?"

Hearing this, Feng Xue Han's dark purple eyes flashed with a glint of light. He didn't say anything and only nodded his head.

"The person who ordered me to do this behind my back is ?" Before he could finish his words, Huangfu Zhuo's voice was cut off by a sharp voice that pierced the air.

Feng Xue Han's gaze darkened as he yelled, "Xuan Ge!"

"This subordinate will go chase them now." After he finished speaking, he disappeared into the forest.

Feng Xue Han bent down, looked at the red dot on Huangfu Zhuo's forehead, and then touched his carotid artery. He secretly sighed. One hit, one kill!

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