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Feng Xue Han sat beside the bed and silently watched Yun Weiyang for a while. At that time, the moon had already risen half a day, and the not-so-soft, clear, and cold moonlight scattered into the room.

Seeing that the person on the bed had once again fallen asleep, Feng Xue Han's heart, which had been hanging in his chest all this time, finally stopped. Letting out a sigh, he got up and walked out of the house.

"Master?" Yi Na and Thousand Shadows looked at Feng Xue Han in confusion when they saw him coming out.

Feng Xue Han narrowed his eyes and said: "Go down and have a good rest."

Ina and Thousand Shadows were overjoyed when they heard this. Thousand Shadows trembled in disbelief, "Master ?" Master, master, have you awoken? " These few days, the only thing they had been hoping for every single day was Yun Weiyang to wake up. Now that Feng Xue Han had come out, she could not believe it for a moment, and was afraid of making a scene out of nothing.

Although Ina didn't say anything, she only bit her lips so tightly that it seemed as if she was about to bleed. At this moment, her pair of eyes that couldn't be considered bright were unblinkingly staring at Feng Xuehan.

Feng Xue Han's cold eyes lightly swept past the two people in front of him, then he nodded and turned around to shut the door again. He could almost imagine what would happen next.

Ina and Thousand Shadows looked at each other. They were silent for a moment before they suddenly hugged each other and jumped up and down. Tears flowed from their eyes as they cried out: "Ah! Master has finally woken up! Master has finally woken up!"

When the people waiting outside heard the news, they silently wiped the tears off their faces. This news was truly rare. Only the heavens knew how they had gotten here these past few days. Each and every one of them was as alive as a zombie.

Even a strong man like Chiger was crying like a child. However, at this moment, no one hated him anymore. Everyone's feelings were the same as Chiger's.

Lu Zizheng secretly wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes, looked at Xuan Ge and Bi Xian, and said with some emotion: "The day has finally come."

Mystical Song, with a tacit understanding, lifted his head and looked at the dark night with only a crescent moon, agreeing, "Yes, it's finally light!"

Yun Weiyang slept for another whole day before waking up once again. However, this time, she was much more energetic than last time. Her bright eyes were also shining brightly, and her face was no longer as pale as last time.

She first drank half a cup of water before letting out a long sigh. Looking to her left and right, she saw Yi Na, Thousand Shadows, Xuan Ge, Bi Xian, Lu Zizheng, Ziggy, and other siblings. The not-so-small Yu Xuan was now packed full, and everyone had bloodshot eyes and faces full of fatigue. Yesterday, she was too tired, so there were many things that she didn't have the time to ask Feng Xue Han.

"Master, it's almost fifteen days!" Ina whispered.

"Oh!" Yun Weiyang slightly nodded her head, and suddenly thought of something, and asked: "Where's Huangfu Zhuo?"

"Him?" Thousand Shadow said bitterly, "He's dead! Killed in one shot with a concealed weapon. "

"So that's how it is!" Yun Weiyang laughed bitterly, and asked again: "Have you found the killer's identity?" After pausing for a moment, she continued, "It's their mistake to not be able to kill me with such a great manpower. But fortunately, Dongfang Zi is fine, otherwise, with the help of a Crown Prince, we wouldn't even be able to wash away the Yellow River."

Finally, Xuan Ge whispered, "Subordinate sent the brothers to investigate the corpses left behind by the assassins. Other than the people sent by Huangfu Zhuo, they have no identification and no marks on their bodies. We can't even tell whether these assassins are from the Southern Dynasty or not for now."

Hearing this, Yun Weiyang's eyes narrowed, and said in a deep voice: "I'm not sure if the last group of black-clothed people were the ones who invited Yue, but I am sure of one thing, that is, so many people are definitely not one faction, but several factions. If they were from the same group, Dong Fang Zhirong and I would have already lost our lives." It seemed like the other party had hidden his identity very well this time, afraid that he would reveal even the tiniest bit of information. This was all for the sake of not giving his own side a chance to verify his intentions.

Xuan Ge nodded and agreed: "Subordinate also thinks so. The mysterious person who killed Huangfu Zhuo died along the way." At this point, Xuan Ge's face reddened. He said somewhat unwillingly, "The opponent's body is very strange. It's erratic. It's strange to see him disappear into the forest after leaping seven or eight times."

The light in Yun Weiyang's eyes deepened, and she asked: "Tell me, why is it so strange?"

Xuan Ge was silent for a moment, then organized his thoughts and said, "Master, you have to know that the roads in the forest are very complicated. Xuan Ge was silent for a moment, and then, he organized his thoughts and said," Master, you have to know that the roads in the forest are very complicated.

"Oh?" Yun Weiyang narrowed her eyes, a glint flashed past her eyes, and after a moment of silence, she faintly said: "That is a message." Suddenly, Yun Weiyang raised her head and asked: "How is Huangfu Zhuo doing?"

"This ?" Looking at Yun Weiyang's shining eyes, she said: "Right now, everyone in the imperial court is discussing this matter, saying that the entire matter is related to the master, and the goal is to seize the throne, and the Sixth Prince was killed because he found out about Master's conspiracy."

"Nonsense!" Yun Weiyang replied disdainfully, her bright big eyes looking out the window at the floating willow leaves. Looking from afar, it looked like flying flowers were falling snow. After a moment of silence, she asked in a deep voice, "Then what is the attitude of your majesty?"

Xuan Ge's brows chilled as he said in a low voice, "What can a single person do? Master is now in the limelight. Even if the Emperor protects Master, his strength is too weak."

Yun Weiyang took a deep breath, her fingers lightly tapped on the blanket, her eyes slightly narrowing, yet unable to block the terrifying light within.

Everyone was following Yun Weiyang, and seeing her like this, they knew that their master was thinking about something, so they all quietly stood to the side.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out from the courtyard and entered the house. Huangfu Haoran was running as fast as he could, shouting, "Weiyang, wake up! Why did you inform me only now?" Looking at Yun Weiyang, who was resting on the bed, Huangfu Ziran suddenly rushed forward and examined Yun Weiyang from top to bottom several times. Blinking his eyes, he asked in disbelief: "Weiyang, are you really awake?"

Yun Weiyang smiled faintly, like a white lotus blooming in the middle of a river, her calm voice sounded out, "Zi Ran, I heard your voice from afar."

At this time, Huangfu Mo, who had followed them in, suppressed his surging emotions. His hands under his sleeves trembled, but his voice was still calm. "Weiyang, if you don't wake up soon, you're going to tear down the palace."

Yun Weiyang sighed secretly, pretending that she did not see the trembling cuffs. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Huangfu Haoran, asking indifferently, "Is that so?"

Huangfu Haoran scratched his head in embarrassment as he said with an awkward expression: "Weiyang, don't listen to my second brother's nonsense. It's not that exaggerated!"

"Is that so?" Huangfu Mo said in a slightly boisterous tone, "I don't know whose palace this is, but it's filled with fireworks every day, causing those palace maids and eunuchs to not dare to approach it."

As Huangfu Haoran heard his second brother unceasingly exposing his background, his shoulders instantly slumped and he said powerlessly, "Second Brother, please leave me some face."

Seeing this, everyone burst out laughing, and the originally heavy atmosphere relaxed.

Yun Weiyang held back her laughter to prevent the wound from bursting out, and thought to herself: This Huangfu Haoyue is truly a clown!

Thinking of the matter that he was worried about, Yun Weiyang asked: "Huangfu Mo, how is Imperial Concubine Yu?"

Hearing this, everyone's hearts sank as they looked at Huangfu Mo one after the other. When the latter saw this, he said in a deep voice, "Not good, I have already cried to death quite a few times."

She clearly remembered that that time in Imperial Concubine Yu's palace, he had said that Huangfu Mo was her lifeblood, her everything. Now that her son was dead, even if this matter wasn't done by her, it had something to do with her. Thinking of this, Yun Weiyang's eyes glinted with a cold light. She had originally wanted to use Imperial Concubine Yu to restrain the Empress and the Crown Prince, but now it seemed that she could not keep this person alive!

At this moment, Yu Ze walked over, bowed respectfully, and said in a deep voice, "Master, Imperial Concubine Yu has arrived."

"She?" Thousand Shadows gawked and asked curiously, "What is she doing here?"

Yuze spread his hands, indicating that he didn't know either.

Thousand Shadow looked at Yun Weiyang, and asked: "Are you here to denounce us?" After pausing for a moment, she said, "Master, how about you don't want to meet her?"

"That's not right!" Yun Weiyang faintly said: "Since she is here, she must already know that I have awoken. If I avoid her, doesn't that mean that there is no equal in this place? Killing the Sixth Prince is a heinous crime that I cannot afford to shoulder." As she spoke, she looked towards Huangfu Haoran and Huangfu Mo and said, "Both of you, stay away for a while."

Knowing that the matter before him was no trivial one, Huangfu Mo looked at Yun Weiyang with concern, then nodded and said: "Alright, let's hide for a while."

Feeling a bit worried, Huangfu Ziran still decided to follow Huangfu Mo out in the end. He only left a sentence before he left, "Weiyang, you have to be careful!"

Raising his head towards the Rain Swamp, Yun Weiyang said: "Bring her here!"

"Yes sir!"

Not long after, Yuze walked in with Imperial Concubine Yu. Seeing the room filled with people, Imperial Concubine Yu was stunned for a moment, then walked towards Yun Weiyang as if no one was around.

Compared to the previous Imperial Concubine Yu, she looked much worse. Her face was as pale as a sheet, as if she had collapsed, yet was still pretending to be calm. Her extremely thin and weak figure looked like it could be blown away at any time by the wind.

"She's injured, so I hope esteemed imperial concubine can forgive my rudeness." Yun Weiyang slightly narrowed her eyes, and said lightly.

Imperial Concubine Yu did not say anything, she only stared at Yun Weiyang for a long time. After a long while, she finally shouted: "Weiyang ?"

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