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"How much is this dish?" Before Xuan Ge could finish his words, a middle-aged fat woman walked up to the two of them, pointing at the vegetables on the stall and asked.

"Ten words!" Xuan Ge said impatiently.

"Ten pieces?" So expensive? "Look, your food is already dried, and the color is not good either ?"

Xuan Ge's patience had already almost run out. Now that he heard this woman rambling on and on, he couldn't help but get angry. "Do you want to buy it or not? If not, get lost as soon as possible!" After staying in the market for the whole afternoon, he was still wearing his tattered clothes that gave off an unpleasant smell. No matter how good his temper was, it had been completely worn out.

The middle-aged woman raised her eyebrows. Just as she wanted to make a ruckus with Xuan Ge, Yun Weiyang secretly shook her head, stood up and smiled: "This big sis, I'm really sorry, this is the first time my big brother has come out to sell vegetables and he doesn't know how to talk. Please don't lower yourself to him, how about this, you pick any of these dishes and I'll sell them to you at a cheaper price."

Her smile was so warm that it could melt ice, coupled with her natural beauty, it looked like she had a good temper. The middle-aged woman originally had her hands around her waist and her mouth wide open, but after hearing Yun Weiyang's words, her anger was mostly gone, as she pointed at Xuan Ge's nose and cursed: "What kind of attitude is this, arrogant or something, why aren't you looking at yourself in the mirror, a peddler, what do you think you're so amazing about this, pui ?" Finally, under Yun Weiyang's persuasion, the woman grabbed a handful of vegetables and left.

Xuan Ge was so angry that his face turned red and white. When had he ever been scolded like this? If it wasn't for the Dark Wolf, he would have already picked up the kitchen knife and not allow the woman to scold him like this.

At this time, a pigeon flew over. Seeing the situation, Yun Weiyang quickly got up, took the paper slip from the pigeon, read the message on it, and then simply wrote: "The wolf is here!"

Yun Weiyang pulled on her collar, squatted down, and pulled a handful of Mystical Song along with her, as she said with a stern face: "Coming."

The Dark Wolf had indeed come. In fact, he didn't like places with many people, especially the noisy and annoying sounds, which made him unable to calm down. However, the corresponding situation was that having many people would also give him a sense of security.

He did not immediately enter as he stood at the entrance to the market. Instead, he first looked inside. When he saw so many people, his brows slightly furrowed as he considered whether he should enter or not.

The Dark Wolf moved quickly, but his personality seemed to be very slow. He stood there for five whole minutes, and just when Xuan Ge and the others guessed that he was about to leave, he slowly walked into the market.

Dark Wolf was very picky. Everything he ate had to be fresh. This was the main reason why he chose to cook at a restaurant. Every time he bought something, he would carefully pick it up and ask about it. In all likelihood, after smelling it again and again, he would put it back, causing the hawkers to scold him repeatedly.

He didn't care, didn't even look, walked to another place, half an hour had passed, he had only bought half a catty of mutton, when a voice caught his attention.

"Come, come, come! Good rice and flour!"

Quiet Wolf walked over after hearing the voice and looked at the person first. Seeing that the peddler looked like a simple and honest looking young man, he thought that this person looked familiar. He thought for a moment and remembered that this person should be the neighbor who rented his house. Relieved, he lowered his head and grabbed a handful of rice and placed it under his nose.

The young man asked with a smile, "Big brother, this is fresh rice that has just been harvested from the fields. It smells very good when it is cooked."

Ming Lang sniffed for a while, then shook his head. He threw the rice back into the bag and said, "Chen Mi."

The young man's face turned red, and he muttered: "If you don't want to buy it, then don't say it's Chen Mi! This isn't affecting my business, is it? "He pointed to another bag of rice beside him." That's fragrant rice.

The Dark Wolf rolled his eyes and stared at him for two seconds. Then he walked over and grabbed a handful of rice grains. He first looked at them and then pressed his palms together, causing each of the rice grains to turn into rice powder. He sniffed and nodded, saying, "I want one catty."

When the young man heard him, he said discouragingly, "I only asked for a catty after watching for half a day. Seriously ?" Oh right, big brother, there's even some refined flour here, why don't you buy some? "

The Dark Wolf followed his finger and saw that the color of the flour was indeed good. It was white and delicate. Just as he was about to grab it, the young man hurriedly stopped him, "This big brother, you can't catch this. It's not like rice. It can be washed even when it's dirty. How can I sell this white mask if you catch it?"

Dark Wolf was stunned, but he did not say anything. He bent down and lowered his head, his face close to the flour.

Habit can kill people, that's true. In the eyes of others, this habit of the Dark Wolf may seem insignificant, but after it was discovered by Yun Weiyang, it became a fatal wound.

When the young man saw him bending down, he knew that the chance had come. He suddenly slapped the flour sack.

This strike was quite powerful. When the light flour felt the external force, it was immediately sent flying in all directions.

Dark Wolf only saw his vision go white before it turned hazy. No matter how fast his reaction was, some of the flour flew into his eyes.

"Ya!" The Dark Wolf cried out in fear. He closed his eyes and kicked the bag in front of him in the direction of the young man. At the same time, he quickly retreated.

How could Yun Weiyang's painstakingly set up a trap for him to escape so easily? From the front, back, and back, twenty members of the Cloud Dragon Cult, who were all disguised as ordinary people, pulled out their sabers one by one. They didn't utter a single word, but instead shouted at the Dark Wolf with all their might.

Xuan Ge had already said before he made his move: hack the Dark Wolf 100 taels, cut his arm by 200 taels, and his head by 500 taels.

There will always be brave men under great rewards. This was a principle that had never changed since ancient times. In the blink of an eye, the sword shone with a threatening killing intent.

The surrounding crowd had never seen such a scene before. They ran outside crying as they were afraid that the bloody light would touch their bodies.

With a twist of his body, he took out his sword from his sleeve and dropped his palm onto the middle of his sleeve. With the help of the rotational force, he swung both of his arms at the same time, and with the sound of tinkling, a circle of sparks appeared around him. In the evening light, he looked exceptionally beautiful.

No one had time to appreciate it. Their goal was simple: to take the life of the Dark Wolf. The young man who sold rice noodles was hit directly by the flour sent by the Dark Wolf. He staggered a few steps back, his body was covered in white, he could not stand still and fell on his butt. He did not get up for a long time, every joint in his body felt as if they had been hit by a giant hammer and was in great pain. He thought of what Yun Weiyang had told him: "If you want to stick your head out, then chop off the Dark Wolf's head."

The youth clenched his teeth, and ruthlessly moved forward. He raised his hand and took out the blade Yun Weiyang gave him, slowly moving towards the Dark Wolf.

At this moment, the Dark Wolf was not easy to deal with. He was surrounded and attacked by more than twenty people with extraordinary skills. In addition to the fact that he could not see anything, he could not even unleash 30% of his power.

It was not easy for him to break out of the encirclement, but it was harder for more than twenty experts to defeat him. He did not use many moves, and spent most of his time dodging and defending. However, when he used his sword, blood always splattered in all directions.

The nether wolves were too fast for the members who had just arrived. They did not even have the chance to dodge. Although his moves were simple, the speed at which he was moving was frightening.

One of the men howled and raised his blade to chop at the back of the Dark Wolf's head. The Dark Wolf moved to the side, but before he could do anything, he had already floated away.

Before he could regain his balance, the man closest to him thought that he could take advantage of the situation, and stabbed him in the soft spot beneath his arm.

Just when everyone thought that Dark Wolf would have a hard time dodging the blade, he suddenly did something that was beyond their imagination. He bent his waist, like a snake, the blade's body brushed past his clothes, and the big man holding the blade was also shocked. The movements made by Dark Wolf were not something that could be done by a human.

Unfortunately, the Dark Wolf didn't give him the chance to think it through. He waved his hand and the sword light flashed away.

The big man subconsciously took a step back. He felt his throat turn cold and he could not breathe. He raised his hand and saw that it was filled with boiling blood. With a muffled cry, he fell to the ground.

The Dark Wolf's lightning-fast blade had already cut his throat into two. The hearts of everyone on the left and right went cold, and they felt an indescribable fear towards the Dark Wolf.

At this moment, two men dressed in black jumped out from the crowd, holding a set of three-meter long hemp rope. Taking advantage of the short moment when Ming Lang was blind, they stood to his left and right, the two of them looked at each other, nodded, and simultaneously started circling around Ming Lang. The hemp rope wrapped around the Dark Wolf's legs, and with a tug from their hands, the rope tightened around the Dark Wolf's legs.

At this moment, Dark Wolf finally felt that something was wrong, but it was already too late. These two men were different from the two men who had attacked him earlier. They were the true elites of the Cloud Dragon Guild, the sharp blades.

The two of them worked well together, and when the rope tightened up, they shook their hands, causing Dark Wolf to fall to the ground with a thump.

"Attack!" At some point, Bi Xian had appeared behind everyone and was shouting loudly.

Everyone felt as if they had awoken from a dream. Seeing Dark Wolf fall to the ground, this was a rare opportunity. They raised their sabers and rushed forward, as if they would mince him up into mincemeat.

Everyone moved faster, retreating even faster. In the instant that the Dark Wolf fell to the ground, he let out a humph. The thick hemp rope was actually broken by his two legs. He jumped up like a carp and at the same time swung his sword, forcing everyone to retreat.

Xuan Ge who was watching from behind could not help but sigh inwardly. With the power of the Dark Wolf, there was only one person in the world who could become the enemy of such a person. He wasn't sure if he should be happy or terrified.

With one hand pulling back his sword, and the other hiding the small crossbow box assigned to them by Yun Weiyang, it could be hidden in his sleeves. It was small and convenient, as long as he turned the hidden switch, the arrows hidden in the crossbows would shoot out.

"Dark Wolf." With a shout, Xuan Ge leapt towards him. At the same time, he waved the sword in his hand. The force behind the swing was so strong that it could split a mountain. Due to his great strength and speed, the blade let out a sharp hiss as it rubbed against the air.

"Underworld Wolf raised his eyebrows and raised his sword to parry." "Clank, clank, clank!" Sparks flew in all directions, and the sound of metal colliding with metal was deafening. The big man on the left and right could not help but retreat while covering his ears.

Xuan Ge retreated five steps. Half of his body was numb. The palm holding the sword trembled slightly. Blood flowed from his palm all the way to the sword's blade. Then, the sword fell to the ground.

Drip! Drip! "Drip! Drip!" Others might not be able to hear the sound of blood dripping to the ground, but it could not escape the ears of the Dark Wolf. He bent his body and shot towards the direction of Xuan Ge like an arrow.

At this moment, Xuan Ge only had one feeling: fast! It was too fast! He did not even get a clear look at how the Abyss Wolf had leapt up. All he saw was a blur before his eyes. The opponent was already in front of him, and the deadly sword in his sleeve was already pressed against his chest.

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