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Xuan Ge couldn't care less about his status as he rolled on the ground like a lazy donkey, rolling around for four to five meters like a wisp of smoke. Even so, his chest still had a gaping wound.

The nether wolf did not loosen its grip as it caught up to Xuan Ge once again. It closed its eyes and swung its sword towards Xuan Ge again.

Xuan Ge reacted quickly; he did not care about his chest injury and rolled to the ground. Before he could stop, he raised his hand and shot an arrow without hesitation.

If he had not been blinded by the flour, he would not have been able to hide the bow and crossbow hidden in the dark among the singers, and he would not have been able to dodge this arrow. But now, it was too late.

No matter how fast a human was, he could not be faster than this piece of hardware. Without any preparation, the sharp arrow instantly pierced through his knee.

"Crack!" For a moment, he heard the sound of his bones breaking, and then the pain in his leg came flooding in. The Dark Wolf was indeed a man, and could not be compared to ordinary people. Gritting his teeth, Xuan Ge didn't even make a sound. Afraid that Xuan Ge would use his hidden weapon again, he kicked off forcefully with one leg, sending his entire body flying backward.

The three or four burly men behind him were thrown into disarray by the impact. One of Dark Wolf's legs had already lost all feeling. Although he knocked the big men behind him down, he could not stand up. He staggered two steps and fell to the ground. He also let go of an arrow from his sleeve.

Coincidentally, the place where he fell was right in front of the young man who had ambushed him with flour. Without even thinking, the young man waved his hand towards the Dark Wolf's head and stabbed him with his blade. His speed was not fast, it was hard and powerful, but if it was under normal circumstances, the ten of him trapped together wouldn't even make Dark Wolf blink once. He steadied himself with one hand and swung his sword with the other to parry the young man's sword.

"Clang clang!" The youth's hand felt light as his sword spun in the air and flew more than ten meters away. The youth was so shocked that he took a step back.

"Clap clap!" He was slightly stunned, turning around to look, only seven or eight meters away from him, Yun Weiyang and Thousand Shadow were slowly walking over. The former was clapping his hands with a smile, but he could not tell if she was clapping against Nether Wolf or himself.

As soon as Yun Weiyang arrived, as if he had been injected with a heart-strengthening drug, the youth did not say anything. With strength that came out of nowhere, he grabbed a bag of rice with both hands and used his arm to lift the bag of rice, which weighed over thirty jin, up, and viciously smashed it towards the Dark Wolf.

"Hu!" Hearing that the evil wind was not good, the Dark Wolf didn't even think before slashing out with his sword.


"Hua ?" His sword was fast enough and sharp enough. With a single slash, the rice sack was immediately split into two. However, the speed of the rice inside did not decrease at all. The rice splattered all over his body.

The young man saw the opportunity and picked up a kitchen knife, waving it around.

In front of Dark Wolf, he was completely confused by the rain of rice, but then, the young man swung his sword randomly. Unfortunately, he didn't even have the chance to use his martial arts.

"Howl ?" The nether wolf howled into the sky. There was an indescribable anger and sigh mixed within. The nether wolf soared into the air and did not differentiate between the directions as it randomly fled. One of his legs could not exert any strength, but his movement technique was still astonishingly fast. Xuan Ge fired several arrows, but before they could even close the gap, the Dark Wolf had already disappeared into the darkness.

"Chase!" Anxious, Lu Zizheng pulled Yu Ze over from the crowd and loudly shouted: "You must organize my people to capture Ming Lang! I want to see his dead body! "

Yu Ze, who had been grabbed by Lu Zizheng, was unable to catch his breath. He hastily replied, waved his hand, and led his men towards the direction the Dark Wolf had disappeared to.

"Ha ha!" At this time, Yun Weiyang suddenly laughed, with her hands behind her back, she looked up into the sky and sighed: "I can see the stars, but tonight is a sunny day!"

Lu Zizheng was baffled. He didn't know that Dark Wolf was still in the mood to care about the weather after running away. Just as he was about to ask, Yun Weiyang said lightly: "A lame leg, a wolf with one missing tooth, there's nothing to be afraid of." After saying that, she smiled and pouted towards the ground.

Lu Zizheng followed his gaze, only to see a pool of blood mixed in the sprinkled rice, and an eye-catching missing arm in the pool of blood.

The more he saw the arrow in the palm of his severed arm, the happier he became. He took a big step forward and picked up the sword, and after looking at it repeatedly for a while, he gave it to Yun Weiyang and said emotionally, "The skill of the Dark Wolf is one level, his sword is also one in a million."

Yun Weiyang took the sword, glanced at it, and smiled, then said: "Having ten thousand men to defeat him is indeed scary, but without a good brain, he will never be able to be considered as anyone." After saying that, he threw the sword to the ground and walked towards the young man with a weird expression on his face, who was holding the kitchen knife. He patted the young man on the shoulder and said, "Good job, brother." Then she nodded to him and walked to the side. She stretched out her arm to help Xuan Ge up, then walked to the carriage that was already prepared.

Xuan Ge looked at the wound on his chest and said with a bitter smile, "Mistress, I can walk by myself. Don't let the blood stain your clothes. Besides, you haven't fully recovered ?"

Yun Weiyang was expressionless, the strength in her hands did not show any signs of lessening, and she said indifferently: "It doesn't matter, my brother's blood is the heaviest and most dazzling in my heart." A simple sentence was enough to cause a thousand ripples. Xuan Ge thought that his injuries were worth it!

The young man stared blankly at Yun Weiyang as her figure disappeared within the carriage. Very quickly, the carriage moved, disappearing into the endless night. Yun Weiyang's words were still resounding in his ears. Her voice was very soft, and her words were simple, but he knew that these words were enough to completely change his position in the Cloud Dragon Association.

The trap of painstakingly working for an entire day ended with the heavy injuries of the Dark Wolf. When he returned to the Duke of Qin's residence, there was already a doctor waiting at the side. By the time he returned, Xuan Ge had already slightly lost too much blood. He didn't dare delay any longer and called for a doctor to place him on the bed.

Although Xuan Ge's injury looked severe, it actually hadn't affected his muscles, bones, and internal organs. It was just a superficial wound, and after a short while, the doctor came out.

Yun Weiyang asked: "Is my friend alright?"

The doctor smiled. "It's nothing. I just lost too much blood. The patient will recover in a few days."

After both Yun Weiyang and Yi Na heard this, they also smiled. The latter thanked him happily, and generously took out a silver note from his pocket and placed it in the doctor's hands.

The doctor looked around and since there were no outsiders, he accepted the gift generously and said a few more polite words before turning around and leaving happily.

"Ai!" After the doctor had left, Thousand Shadows sighed and said, "Xuan Ge's injuries aren't healed in a day or two. The enemies hidden in the shadows are still staring at us like tigers stalking their prey."

"Yes!" Yun Weiyang nodded her head and said: "This matter cannot be delayed any longer." Leaving a few subordinates to look after them, the two of them walked out while chatting.

Xuan Ge's absence was tantamount to the loss of the leader. This was not good for Yun Weiyang, if the spies were unable to show any of their abilities, it would be equivalent to cutting off one of Yun Weiyang's arms.

Returning to the Rain Pavilion, Yun Weiyang sat on the chair and meditated on the inside. She leaned against the couch and heard the footsteps behind her. With a slight smile, she asked, "Is the matter resolved?"

Feng Xue Han did not say anything, lifting up his clothes and sitting beside Yun Weiyang, taking a sip of the tea that Yun Weiyang gave him, he then leisurely leaned on the soft couch, slightly narrowing his eyes, saying indifferently: "What are you so anxious about!"

Yun Weiyang's eyebrows slightly raised, she did not understand.

"They're just a few small fries, that's all. Let's see what grasshoppers will pop out of there. We'll clean them up together when the time comes, and play them all together. Only then will it be interesting, right?" Saying that, Feng Xue Han turned to look at Yun Weiyang.

She had never known that a man's voice could be so pleasant to listen to. It was clear, cold, and clean, mixing into one kind of extremely pleasant voice. That light and indifferent appearance as if nothing in the world entered his eyes, that high above, as if he was a god that did not eat the fire and smoke of the mortal world. No matter how complicated or dangerous the situation was, he would always be cold and indifferent, as if everything was within his grasp.

He looked out the window at the bright moonlight, and his nose noticed the faint fragrance of the osmanthus flowers flowing through the air. He said faintly: "It's time for me to pay her back, she must have been worrying that I would come up with some tricks to deal with her, and she probably won't be able to eat or sleep at night, especially when she knows that I'm still alive." After saying that, a crafty look flashed past her eyes as she laughed, "Mental torture is always the most painful."

"When do I make my move?" Feng Xue Han asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon!" With that, Yun Weiyang raised her voice: "Yi Na."

Ina, who was standing guard outside, immediately came in, bowed first, and then asked, "Master, please call me!"

"Yes!" Yun Weiyang nodded her head and laughed: "Yi Na, prepare an invitation and send it over to Princess Yue."

Ina smiled: "Yes, I'll go and prepare."

At night, the stars were like bright diamonds reflected in the lake. They were like galaxies, and the moonlight was bright and clear. It was as if water had flooded the ground, making it extremely soft and bright. At Jing Fu Palace, Chen Huidi, Yue, and Dongfang Zi were sitting in the main hall having their meal when a guard stood respectfully at the door with a card in his hand. He held it up to his head and said respectfully, "It's from the Qin Manor."

Dong Fang Zhirong, who was eating, still had a calm and collected appearance, but he was already feeling happy inside. This Yun Weiyang was really fast.

ChenHui Emperor put down his chopsticks and said coldly, "Bring it on."

"Yes sir!"

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